Why Amber Isn’t Liked

Why don’t we like Amber Heard? Her actions and quotes and interviews are full of reasons. She’s selfish, she manipulative. She admires people that have made racist remarks. She complains about her career not going to better places due to her good looks. She is known to have wanted to meet Johnny Depp and date him since she was a teenager.  She doesn’t have any talent, but more than that. She knew Johnny was with a woman for over 13 years. She knew he had children, and she still made it a point to do whatever she had to do, to meet him and potentially date him. She, from there took it to the next level. She paid no attention to the feelings of 13 years of “marriage” and we have witnessed not only her antics, but we’ve seen Johnny become a huge disappointment, and driven further into his own nightmare. . She blackmailed him, video taped him without his knowledge, tried to make him out to be a monster, and viciously lied about him.

Amber Heard seems to be a narcissist, and I don’t think it’s over. Johnny Depp was suppose to be her stepping stone to fame and money. It didn’t work out. In the end she had to donate all of her divorce settlement money to charities just to try and look legitimate/truthful.

What’s her next move?

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