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Yacht For Sale Again

13 Sep





First Appearance Since Settlement

23 Aug


Amber Heard tries to get into a strip club to celebrate her divorce (typical down town for a victim of domestic violence) and Johnny Depp has been having some down time and celebrating his divorce in Ibiza, seen twice now boarding a Saudi Prince’s yacht. The same yacht Leonardo Dicaprio was on back in March.

It’s nice to see that Johnny is relaxing and taking some time away. We know when the media gets crazy he prefers to hide out. The Prince however is known to throw lavish parties providing beautiful women, and lots of alcohol.

I’m sure Johnny doesn’t give a flying fuck with anyone thinks, as proven by “Let’s  settle, and fuck going to court.” I don’t think that mind set has hanged over the last three months. WE don’t care what he does, he’s a adult, and has to make his own decisions, and if he wants to drink excessively we don’t care – (yes we do) – BUT unfortunately there’s that “public opinion” thing that looms about, and social media carries news faster than Ebola travels through an African village.

What strikes me as “What the fuck dude?” Is the plain fact  when your alcohol issue has been paraded to the masses, getting on a fucking PARTY BOAT isn’t a great idea. This is not to say he’s getting liquored up. He may be dry as a female that says. “Get off of me you disgusting leprechaun!” and he might be taking the time to relax having  a great time, BUT that is NOT what everyone will assume.

His world doesn’t need to revolve around what other people are going to think, YET he needs to be realistic here, and note his actions, and decision to climb aboard the “We’ve got it all party cruise” isn’t the best idea.  Common sense tells a person that regardless of if videos, and photos allege you are an alcoholic, or you aren’t, the best thing to do is CERTAINLY NOT sail around  on a floating bar, and party pad.

Johnny Depp goes a bit classier, and is vacationing on a yacht. Amber Heard gets turned away from a titty bar. Amber Heard hasn’t changed at all, still doing the same things; more lesbian than bisexual activities. Notorious for taking in live sex-type shows, behaving as though she’s entitled. Johnny Depp is out of site as usual, and is on a  yacht known for lavish parties, with much liquor.

History repeats itself, but with such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done.

“We can not solve our problems with the same logic we used to create them.” – Albert Einstein


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