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What Fans are saying about Depp – Take 2

17 May

Also, he looks like he uses patchouli instead of bathing. I defy you to find a picture of him that doesn’t look like it’s a scratch n’ sniff.

I’m quite glad he finally let the deep-tortured-soul thing go and just embraced his shallowness.

I’ve always been Team Vanessa Paradis and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Have you seen her latest haircut? She is undoubtedly and completely out of fucks to give about Johnny Depp.

There goes my last ounce of respect for Johnny Depp. Just kidding, that’s been gone since Pirates2.

Maybe she’s been mistaking Depp for a middle aged lesbian, like I have for the past couple years.

The Met

Oh man. I did see this and immediately think “Mr.Peanut forgot his monacle”. When does this nightmare end? I once loved Johnny with the fire of a thousand suns, I can’t even bear to look at him now.

Johnny never used to attend events like this, never wanted publicity, and now he’s everywhere. I have to think this is all Amber’s doing so she’ll be seen and have her photo taken.

Are Johnny and Amber going coffin shopping afterwards? Yikes.


I’d rather hang out with Kim and Kanye just for shits and giggs, than these two. I find them so insufferable.

Hot. All. Gone.

*sobs* I know.. Oh Johnny what happened to you?!?!?!

God his clothes. Does he know how stupid he looks? I wonder if he ever looks at pics of himself online? He can’t right? Because if he did he would stop dressing this horrible.

nothing to see here folks. just an eccentric older man taking his granddaughter to a bookstore. move along, move along.

JD’s Hat of Doom is on the town again. Maybe he thinks it has magic powers. It certainly has the power of Fug.

Wow. I never thought I would think him be the man that tries too hard and loses himself.

So what kind of transformation are the fans referring to? this…. before and after Amber Heard



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