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That “REHAB” Story

16 Jun

From Article today:


Hmmm, bad idea.

After a complaint from the star’s representatives, the magazine determined that the information could not be verified. Martin Singer, Depp’s attorney, denied that Depp had left the movie’s set for an alcohol-related issue.

“The only rehab he went to was for his hand,” which had been injured, Singer said in an interview.

The story wasn’t just inaccurate and potentially defamatory, according to people at People. It posed another legal and financial issue as well: Movie producers pay handsomely to insure their productions against disruptions — such as the unexpected illness or departure of a key player — and disclosure of an addiction problem could prompt an insurance company to raise its rates or even refuse to issue a policy for a troubled star.

Great, so after reading the above we have no idea if rehab was real, along with getting a finger repaired, or if it wasn’t real. Sounds to me like his reps wouldn’t and don’t want the truth out there. With the raising of insurance and all.

I don’t think he went to rehab because he’s been sighted, and photographed drinking with buddies. After last Novembers show, he seems to need rehab. Being toasted, and blitzed on stage? No, it Doesn’t matter if others were drunk, everyone was drinking at the Hollywood film awards. Sure, but Depp likes to drink a lot, and stumble and fall out in public (pubs clubs etc) November, it happened to be on stage, he was clearly more intoxicated than most, and honestly no one should have let him go onstage like that, but still………..he should have known better too.

It is strange that after PEOPLE Mag…having a set way to do things, screwed this up. Mistakes can happen, but if there were always so careful with A listers and Jenner, WHY would that have been a fast mistake? Sounds like the Johnny camp wanted it pulled. Maybe because he DIDN’T actually go to rehab. Why would he? LOL

Read that whole article above here



Send Her Packing

19 May

If not to L.A. at least off set. LMFAO – well that sounds about right, we’ve heard before she’s just SHOWN UP on other sets. Here’s the latest from Star

Looks like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard may be looking for more than treasure.

They may need some relationship help instead! These two once-upon-a-time lovebirds seem to be bringing their arguments and relationship problems to work and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales producers aren’t on board with that. Star reported that after Johnny Depp’s broken hand healed, the film finally resumed in late April after it was put on hold for weeks. But Amber and Johnny’s drama brought a whole new set of problems for the producers this time around.

“Finally, enough was enough, and producers politely asked Johnny to send Amber home as soon as possible. Right now, everyone’s primary focus should be wrapping up this film,” a spy on set said.

Without hesitation, Johnny, 51, approached Amber, 29, and asked her to leave the set. “He didn’t want to upset her, so he gently explained the situation, and she understood,” says the source.

Remember – THINK – UPDATE

14 May

Amber Heard is fully aware of laws regarding pets in different countries. Some countries will allow a waiver for quarantine.  Why not get your dogs groomed Before you go to another country? She’s dumb, but no one is that dumb who has experience going to other countries. Besides she knows the drill because there are times she has left the country and the dog(s) stayed behind with someone. (Tasya, etc etc)

NO – this was her ticket OFF the coast.  A deliberate way to ensure she could leave. Remember, it wasn’t until she was out partying, drunk, with iO that she was forced to show up with Depp, appearing like a couple without issues.

Sources say iO is in Los Angeles and just returned(she had still been in NYC). NOW Amber is heading back to Los Angles too.

I don’t know why Depp would leave on a plane with Amber when the dogs are taken back to the states. I think the media is using “They are leaving with the dogs”  very generally. I don’t think he will due to filming, BUT if he does…..For those that are leaning towards a PR nightmare, involving the staged relationship aspect.(pretending) this could be Depp’s big rebellious FUCK YOU to those that have pushed this nightmare “hookup” between Depp and Heard.  A big fuck you, “You wanted February? Well try keeping the filming schedule etc on time, adios”   Depp pushing back. He’s not a stupid man.

Interesting indeed. No no, she’s not “getting in trouble”  this was, and is her ticket back to her girlfriend(s)


Where is my proof that she did this on purpose to get back to her significant other???

She could have applied for a PET PASSPORT, which should have been done a long time ago – way before a trip to Australia, which means……SHE HAD NO DESIRE TO EVER BE IN AUSTRALIA, she was MADE to go. Else she would have followed these steps and all would be well (quarantine waived)


P.S. Gina’s instagram went private last night, probably to avoid comments about this shitstorm.

Fruitcake, Bats, Grooming, and Work

12 May

Johnny Depp has sat around eating fruitcake (with his father in law – when did he get to Australia?), adopted a bat, and Amber Heard got her dogs groomed. Both the yorkies are her dogs, one named Pistol, one named Boo. Just so everyone knows, Lily Rose does NOT own the second yorkie that’s been spotted in the past. It’s Amber’s as well.

Nothing was said about Amber having fruitcake with her father and Johnny. LOL I wouldn’t want to be mentioned eating that either considering everyone already thinks she’s a fruitcake. Nice subliminal message there Johnny.

Also it’s said Johnny adopted a bat. NO surprise. Again something that screams, “BAT SHIT CRAZY”

The cast and crew and production was bitching and screaming for Johnny to get back to work.

Sooooo… when is he actually working?



OH and Johnny still looks pudgy/ chunky (check out those cheeks  and gut) Finger is still healing too.


Things to Keep Amber Busy Down Under

26 Apr

The title…….no pun intended. LOL

Get ready – Amber has to be kept busy and supervised while Daddy is working on set.

Things to keep her entertained:

McDonalds. (Happy Meal Time)

The Local Park

Craft Time

Reading Time:

Fun at The Beach!


Johnny and Amber Live Separate Lives PEOPLE MAG Article

20 Apr

People Magazine pulled this article. I REBLOGGED it (posted it again for people to read that didn’t get a chance to read it before it was pulled)

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been spending more time apart than together ever since their winter wedding.

Depp, 51, and Heard, 28, tied the knot in intimate ceremony at his Los Angeles home Feb. 3, 2014, jetting off to his private island in the Bahamas for a more traditional celebration that weekend.

But a source tells PEOPLE their busy schedules cut the honeymoon period short: They only spent a few days together before Heard headed to London to shoot The Danish Girl and Depp returned to L.A. – and they haven’t even been photographed together since the nuptials.

The source says the stars had issues even before saying “I do.”

“It’s not surprising that they haven’t spent much time together, because they seemed to have a lot of relationship problems in the months leading up to the wedding,” the source says. “When the wedding finally happened in February, it had been postponed several times. … Amber had her wedding dress for months before they settled on a wedding date.”

And Depp’s time in Australia for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales apparently also put a strain on the couple.

The actor arrived Down Under in February to shoot the fifth movie in the Disney franchise, but he hurt his finger while on location, forcing him to fly back home for surgery.

“As soon as Johnny arrived in Australia, he was partying hard,” another insider tells PEOPLE. “After he got injured, no one was surprised. He didn’t seem to care at all about filming and was all about partying.”

Production was scheduled to resume Wednesday, but the insider says Depp never showed up – and there’s been no sign of Heard by his side in L.A., either.

“The set has been told that as of Friday, Johnny was still recovering in Los Angeles,” the insider says. “There are rumors on the set that he was in rehab. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see what will happen this week.”

Calls to reps for Depp and Heard were not returned.




Rumors of Trouble in Heardville

8 Apr

and it begins……………nothing new. It happens to all celebrity couples with the exception of a very few. Now we see more information being leaked, that may or may not be true, but it sounds similar to “getting into an argument over the phone and punching a glass door.”

Here is the small article:

“They’re barely talking,” a source close to the couple exclusively shares with In Touch, adding that Johnny’s love of drinking, and broken promises that he’s going to stop, has put their marriage in jeopardy.

“Amber is constantly worried about him,” says the source. “He’ll go days without calling or texting her.”

According to the source, Amber, who is currently in London gearing up to film The Danish Girl, has made several frantic calls to the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales looking for Johnny. “He parties and it’s caused huge fights with Amber. It’s been hard for them.”


Remember her words: “Good Afternoon my beloved Tonto man. This blonde Texas bitch will eat you alive. I want. I need. Give me what’s mine!!!”

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