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Ibiza- 20 Days

5 Sep





Amber WITH Arthur Wybrands (PHOTO)

5 Sep

Amber said, “I’ve never been in any relationships that overlapped.”

While with Tasya Van Ree, Amber was seen with Arthur Wybrands. Secretly engaged is what they said, however Arthur Wybrands PR camp shut the rumors of engagement down. Arthur is a French-American producer.  Here is the proof.

First photo is of Arthur at the 40th International Emmy® Awards Gala. (Man on Left without glasses)



Magazine cover lower left- bottom (Click to make larger)



TRUTH always comes out.

Amber – Angelina GOTTA see this!

26 Aug


Remember during the Public Enemies premier Amber stopped for pictures RIGHT IN FRONT of the P.E. poster with Johnny on it for photos? (yes I realize there are certain places they have to stop for photos) but this one …..this is hilarious. Since Amber stated she wanted to be like Angelina.



Amber’s New Movie Says It All

5 Jun

Amber Heard photographed May 29th 2013 – afternoon.  Going to the gym

I’m guessing that evening or the next morning she left on that road trip with Johnny. Anyway she’s by herself and hiding from the paps. This is so different than her reactions and actions towards the photogs just a few short months ago. Now she has done a 180 and is pulling this B.S.  I don’t know who suggested that she change her interactions with the photogs but it’s strange. Especially considering she isn’t a A lister. *photo below*

Now we have a trailer for her movie “Paranoia” if you notice the guy in the movie is made to “Look the part” he has to change in order to make it in the big world. He also makes a statement that he wants to sleep his way to the top.

Oh we are the company that we keep. Every actor takes on roles that feel strong about in one way or another. We know Amber has stated she chooses her roles. Funny how it’s the guy character in this movie that is going through some of the same motions Amber has went through in the last several years.


Trailer for upcoming movie Paranoia

New Photo of Jamber in New Mexico

4 Jun


After posting this article I reviewed the photo. It looked strange. The face and eye shape looked different from Johnny’s. I thought it could be the lighting but I thought I’d do some research. There is a Johnny Depp impersonator by the name of Alex Mazieri who lives in the Morongo Valley area. Also what struck me is that the tattoos on the left arm of the man pictured look too fresh. Very black and shiny. Shiny being key here. I could be wrong and in time we’ll know but for now I’m not convinced it’s Johnny Depp.

End update:

Thank you to viewer at this blog for sending me a copy of these photos.

It was taken in New Mexico. Here is the story. Johnny was driving on his way to Albuquerque. He stopped for gas, and the attendant working there let his daughter know that Johnny Depp was at the station. His daughter got her picture taken with Depp. Thing is… get ready for it. The man said a tall, drop dead gorgeous blonde stepped out of the car. Guess that would be Amber Heard??

#1. She hasn’t been blonde for a while, so let’s wait and see if the next photo surfacing of Amber shows light hair or her darker ombre look that she’s been trying to look good with. Her ombre color is not what a person would call blonde.

#2. Amber is no where to be seen in the photos. Disappointing isn’t it? I don’t know why not!  Again she isn’t seen with Johnny. I do understand the girls at the station  just wanted to take a photo of him and not her. Believe me I understand, but gee we’re still waiting for Johnny and Amber to pose together AND it be something other than a red carpet event. One would think (with all the circus about their relationship) a photo of her on a road trip with Johnny Depp in New Mexico would surface, or would have been taken. Oh well -shrugs-  She’s still hiding or being hidden. Who knows why.


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