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Amber Heard Movie Clips

1 Sep

I’m not trying to be a bastard but if this is any indication of her acting abilities she’s in trouble.

And we speak about that which we know and have apparently used.


I just cringe because it’s so bad.



LOL Amber and Richard

29 Aug

Now listen, you can see this as Richard being a bit out of it if you want to, but I seriously think he was trying to GET A POINT ACROSS.  “This is where the ACTORS come ”  Hello? Anyway this is priceless. Have a watch.

Amber on Chelsea Lately


Amber is gutted by Paranoia flop

22 Aug

Amber Heard Begging Johnny Depp For Career Help After Paranoia Flop

Amber Heard Fails To Impress

11 Aug


Amber Heard Paranoia

23 Jul

The networks are now airing the trailer for Paranoia. Harrison and Gary look great. Like I said in another post, Amber Heard hasn’t gotten any face time even in the trailers I’ve seen here. Only a shadow of her (putting her arms around some guy) it’s like 2 seconds long.  She’s doing her ever typical role. At least that is what they are showing in the trailer. Girl trying or about to bed a guy. Someone’s “to be girlfriend”  in a movie.  Well, we know what Amber would say about that. She didn’t and couldn’t get a better role because she is both smart and beautiful.”  Try,  you can’t act.


She’s trying to act for several movies. This is painful to watch.


Ambetr Stomps her foot and gets what she wants

16 Jun

Is this true? I don’t know. Looks like rumorville to me. This is the second time we’ve heard something similar. The first rumor was Johnny Depp fired two of his assistants on the set of The Lone Ranger when they didn’t do something Amber Heard wanted done. Now we have Johnny getting Amber a new trailer when she complained about the one she had on the set of Paranoia.

All I can say is this, there’s always a LITTLE bit of truth to everything and if this is true? I’m laughing my ass off and thinking. “Let me ask you if it was worth it dude.” In 10 years time.




Amber and Marie swap clothes

11 Jun

Looking back over previous posts we know that Amber Heard was out, and about with Marie de Villipen back in the summer of 2012. Around the time the first rumor hit that Amber, and Johnny had a break up. Shortly there after we hear that Johnny sent a months worth of love poems to Amber and she took him back.

During the summer Amber was seen around LA with Marie (driving, and going to an acupuncture clinic) Marie was with Amber when Amber was seen wearing Johnny’s T-Shirt.(acupuncture clinic) Here is a pic of them last summer having some fun on a previous day.


After this picture we later have the photos of Amber wearing Johnny’s T-Shirt. That would be during the first part of October. A little later we see that Amber keeps wearing the same sweater over, and over again for a few weeks.(the last of November all the way up through January)  Dec. 17 – the photos of Amber looking as if she had been crying. (during this time another break up rumor surfaced, and shortly there after Amber leaves the united states and is photographed with Marie in Paris.) Alright let’s clean this up for timeline purposes

Amber is seen Dec 17, 2012 – notice the sweater


Dec, 27, 2012 Amber visits her parents home – again sweater


New Years 2013 Amber goes riding with friends – notice sweater and scarf

Marie is behind her in this photo


Amber wears the sweater off set during filming Paranoia


Marie was seen in a previous post to be wearing a grey zip up jacket while on a boat with Amber and friends. Now Amber wears it.

Amber Heard out and about

Amber goes with Marie to Paris. Jan 2013

Amber is still wearing the zip up jacket, Marie is wearing the sweater now.


Marie is now wearing the scarf


Can’t say that Marie was a decoy during the “breakup” between Johnny and Amber in December/January. (some people said they did it on purpose so the media would stop following and getting pictures of Johnny and Amber. To fool them (media) so to speak)

Can’t say I agree since Amber was not only wearing Marie’s clothes since late November 2012 – but she, and Marie were seen together all the time. Girls borrow friends clothes we know that,  but they don’t wear them for weeks on end. Amber wore that sweater all the time! Then Marie wears it, and the scarf.

Something looks a little suspicious. At least during that time.

Maybe not. Maybe since Amber got herself into a movie with Charlize Theron who starred with Johnny in The Astronauts Wife in 1999, Amber just happened to see Marie – having the same job/role as Johnny and decided “Eh, this will work. It’s similar.”

0032-Marie de Villepin enters capsule Kopie


Photo from movie: “Whatever falls from Heaven you can have”


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