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Johnny’s Being a Bastard

23 Mar

So Johnny and Amber arrive at their hotel in NYC. Jerry his bodyguard is with them, there are photographers and one in particular was taking a photo and Jerry had to make him move back. He wasn’t paying attention to Jerry and thus Jerry physically touched him to make him move, and once the photographer was touched he said, “Oh Sorry” and moved, poor dude, he accidentally hit Jerry’s left arm as he was moving, and Jerry rushed him. The guy kept saying “Sorry Sorry” over and over again and finally had enough and said “Don’t FU**ing Touch me, you FU**ing Dickhead!” Which Johnny Depp, who is known for his honorable and clean language told him, “Watch your language man.” Yes Johnny Depp who has never dropped the F bomb reprimanded the guy. And his voice sounded as if he was intoxicated or on something, I have no idea but it’s clearly obvious.

I’d laugh if It were really a joke, but it’s not.

ALSO, This statement coming from a man, whose girlfriend was on Chelsea Lately and dropped the F bomb which was bleeped out.

Advice: Johnny, you made the mess, deal with it and practice what you preach. Fucking Lame. Epically lame.

Video of the ordeal below:


Johnny cussing read before the video below it, that shows johnny’s reprimand.

Though barely any of Depp’s teen magazine-reading fans ever saw the movie, the right people obviously got the joke because that same year (1990) Depp was cast in the highly sought-after role of Edward Scissorhands. “I didn’t even want to meet Tim Burton [who was just coming off Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice],” Depp recalls. “I wanted to but I thought it was pointless. Tracy [Jacobs, Depp’s agent] forced me to. I just said, ‘No way, it’s embarrassing.’ You know, something you want so badly and he’s never gonna see me as that, never. He’s gonna think, ‘Aaw, fuckin’ TV actor shit.’ Everybody wanted that fuckin’ role, so I just thought, ‘Hell, why would he give it to me?'”

I went to set, and I’m thinking, ‘Fuck, this is the last time I’m gonna see this guy,’ you kow, this is it, this is the last time. It was like saying goodbye. It fuckin’ made me cry, it was weird, it was bizarre. I really, really, really miss him.”

Did you know there’s a porno called Edward Penishands?
“Yeah, I’ve seen it,” Depp says. “It’s great, it’s really funny. It’s the same deal, y’know, Edward, the fuckin’ hair and everything, and the suit, the black thing, but instead of scissors for hands, he’s got these massive fuckin’ penises, just huge dicks on each hand–huge, though. He’s real timid and all that stuff, and girls come to him and really like him a lot, and, y’know, he can fuck three women–he’s got one here, one here, and then he’s got his own.”

Watch Amber drop the F bomb. watch from 35 seconds in

and the reprimand


Paparazzi MORE PROOF

10 Aug

AGAIN, more proof Amber has changed drastically in front of the paparazzi. This was posted shortly after the official split announcement from Vanessa Paradis. Nice way to get yourself seen there Amber..


Amber use to LOVE the Paparazzi and Attention

4 Aug



Actually wait,  I thought that transcript quoted her saying “It’s way easier to deal with a woman who is compliant and nice and sweet and sunny and non-confrontational and whatever.”


The whole thing is funny.  I new this role was made for me by the second page.(probably cause it was thanks to lover boy) Every couple seconds she has to keep remembering to do the fake smile.  He ask her a question about himself, the smile drops and she’s like disgusted he ask her something that doesn’t pertain to her.
@ 6:55 is where it gets good.  I especially like the part where she wipes the side of her mouth with her thumb. Hello coolio!  She acts likes its HER movie.  Like its WATERWORLD in the making.

Why Amber Heard looks so glum

10 Jun

I’ve dug up some old photos of Amber dating other people. I wanted to see how many times she looked glum and not happy when she got photographed with other ex’s. To see if there is a difference between the old flames and how she looks when she’s out with Johnny Depp. Let’s start with Valentino Lanus. An ex boyfriend.




There aren’t many photos of these two together but the ones that have been taken show Amber smiling. If the photographers caught her straight faced, she’s certainly not holding her head down.

Of course 90% of the photos with Tasya she looks happy.


Pictures were taken of her and Marie back in January. When she was with Marie in Paris she looked happy. She also looked happy before January when she and Marie were out driving around in Amber’s mustang and leaving places together in LA. Amber looks fine here(below) too (taken in california). (Marie is far right with the gray sweat jacket on) However – in Paris while photographed with Marie in the airport and around the city this is the first we see of Amber putting her hand up in front of her face or dropping her head.


On New Years Amber went riding with some friends. (horseback riding) Marie is with Amber. I’ll post later showing how during this time Amber wore Marie’s clothes for weeks. …….curious.



We still have a mystery as to why Amber has changed but it does seem that she had no problem looking happy, smiling, keeping her head up for photographers up until Johnny Depp and Amber started went public.



Why did Amber change in front of the paparazzi?

6 Jun

Why? Why did Amber Heard pose and smile and talk to the paparazzi for a couple of years and then Johnny and Amber go public and she is the exact opposite. She holds her head down, she puts her hand up in front of her face and no she hasn’t talked to the photogs like she use to. So why? Did Johnny say something to her and she decided to change her mind on how she acted around paparazzi? Instead of just two or three photographers are there now more than that? It’s baffling. She enjoyed the attention before as seen by her actions during picture taking, but now she acts as if they are a bother. Why two different reactions? The only thing that changed is she went public with Johnny. When she’s with him her head is down, she hides for most of the photos, when she is by herself at least her head is up, but no smiles and no talking anymore. Weird.

When they hide their face is that a sign they are “getting larger than life” because if so, she’s doing it too soon. She’s nowhere near that status yet. OR since we’ve read here at this blog so many other occasions and things she’s done to place herself around Johnny for many years….did she finally find something pertaining to Johnny that she may have missed? We know Johnny doesn’t like paparazzi. At all. Period.  While Amber was trying to make her way to the big time, smiling at the photogs and talking to them, did she miss one important thing? She had to know that Johnny didn’t like paparazzi but you can’t hide your face in the beginning of your career if you want to make it as a star. Does she feel secure now that she is going to make it, or did she come across this finally?

“I’m still sort of dealing with [living with the paparazzi]. I don’t think it’s anything you ever get used to … for many years I could never sort of put my name in the same sort of category as the word “famous” or anything like that. And I just found it very uncomfortable … if you get used to it, then something must be wrong. There’s got to be still a part of you that – somewhere in there that pines for anonymity.” (Source: Larry King Live, October 16, 2011)

Either way it’s odd.


Amber’s New Movie Says It All

5 Jun

Amber Heard photographed May 29th 2013 – afternoon.  Going to the gym

I’m guessing that evening or the next morning she left on that road trip with Johnny. Anyway she’s by herself and hiding from the paps. This is so different than her reactions and actions towards the photogs just a few short months ago. Now she has done a 180 and is pulling this B.S.  I don’t know who suggested that she change her interactions with the photogs but it’s strange. Especially considering she isn’t a A lister. *photo below*

Now we have a trailer for her movie “Paranoia” if you notice the guy in the movie is made to “Look the part” he has to change in order to make it in the big world. He also makes a statement that he wants to sleep his way to the top.

Oh we are the company that we keep. Every actor takes on roles that feel strong about in one way or another. We know Amber has stated she chooses her roles. Funny how it’s the guy character in this movie that is going through some of the same motions Amber has went through in the last several years.


Trailer for upcoming movie Paranoia

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