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Bogey and Bacall – SLIM Unveiled

10 Jul


ALRIGHT – “Slim”  The mystery of that tattoo???  Slim a character from Of Mice and Men. Bogart didn’t call Bacall “slim” he called her by her nickname ” The Look”  So where is this Slim? Howard Hawks knew Bogey and Bacall. He trained Bacall to speak in a lower register. However his wife worked with Bacall too. Howard’s wife was named SLIM. Slim Keith. She and her friend were the thinly veiled inspiration for characters in Truman Capote’s novel answered prayers. Remember the editor of Marie Claire tweeting that she and Amber spent time together recently talking about Truman Capote? This may be our answer to SLIM. Go to this link and read/scroll to the  “personal life” area.  – or Johnny’s tattoo could still just be from literature he loves as well.



Info on Bogey and Bacall

Bogie and Bacall – The two actors seemed like the perfect couple and I’m sure they really did love each other, but, did anyone really think that Humphrey Bogart could be totally faithful to Lauren Bacall, who was wife number four? In Bogart’s case, it appears that the saying, “once a dog, always a dog” rings true.

Verita Thompson, in her book, “Bogie and Me: The Love Story of Humphrey Bogart and Verita Thompson,” details the long running affair the two had during the 1940s and 1950s. Thompson, a wig maker to the stars, first met Bogart in 1942 at a wrap party for Casablanca. At the party Bogart and Thompson danced and drank the night away. It was the “beginning of a beautiful friendship” – or maybe “beautiful” isn’t the appropriate word.


Bogart would continue to see Thompson after that night. When Thompon’s husband at the time, Robert Peterson, was away on military service, Bogart would stop by Thompson’s home in Burbank. The home was conveniently located near the Warner Bros. studio where Bogart worked, so afterwards, Bogie could visit Thompson without his then third wife, Mayo Methot, ever knowing.

What is surprising is that, after Thompson divorced her husband and Bogart divorced Methot, he would go on to marry Lauren Bacall just 12 days later. Though this didn’t stop Bogart from seeing Thompson. In 1949, when Bogart left Warner Bros. to form his own production company, he hired Thompson. Thompson was a wig maker and Bogart wore a toupee. It made perfect sense for Thompson to be working for Bogart.


September 2010- Article

On the silver screen he was tough, cool and sophisticated; in real-life, one of Hollywood’s legendary lovers.

Sexually voracious and habitually unfaithful, Humphrey Bogart had three unhappy marriages before he met the love of his life, Lauren Bacall.

Now it has emerged that before marrying her in 1945, Bogie had bedded an estimated 1,000 women including Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Ingrid Bergman – but still feared he might be gay.

The extraordinary claim is made in a new biography of the actor, best known for the movie Casablanca.

It suggests that during his second marriage to American stage and film actress Mary Philips, Bogart became riddled with uncertainty that made him impotent and question his sexuality – and even drove him to consider suicide.

The biography’s author Darwin Porter, a journalist who worked in Hollywood in the 1960s, says Philips insisted on openly maintaining her previous relationships, even spending the night before their marriage in 1928 with a friend of Bogart’s ‘as a farewell gift’.

According to the unflattering new book, Bogart told another friend: ‘If only Mary didn’t make it worse. When I can’t perform she mocks and ridicules me. I should never have married her.’

He is said to have confessed to another confidante to thoughts of killing himself. ‘But I never get beyond the thinking stage. I just can’t see myself taking a razor to my throat,’ he reportedly said.

The book, Humphrey Bogart, the Making of a Legend, due out next month, is based on unpublished memoirs and interviews with some of the actor’s contemporaries.
It suggests his mental turmoil stemmed from his childhood. His father, who was a surgeon, beat him and split his lip, then stitched it up so badly that Bogart was left with a permanent lisp.

He ran away to Broadway, where during the 1920s he found fame and fortune – and began his incredible catalogue of sexual conquests.

‘When Broadway had around 120 theatres, there were four actresses for every available actor. No one has estimated this before, but it’s likely Bogart slept with 1000 women, mostly at this time,’ Porter said.

Bogart married his first wife, actress Helen Menken, in 1926. Porter claims she had ‘a lot of lesbian affairs’ and he was ‘keeping score with her’ – and even that they were sometimes both chased by the same women.

Joan Blondell, an on-off girlfriend of Bogart’s, said: ‘The zipper was invented in 1926. Bogie demanded one be sewed into all of his pants – sex was a lot faster that way.’

Some of his seductions were brief affairs. At a party he was marched upstairs by Dietrich, it is claimed, and his first attempt to seduce a young Bette Davis was interrupted when her mother threw him out of their house, calling him ‘a slave to your genitalia’.

Bogart’s marriage to Menken lasted only a year. His second marriage ended in divorce in 1937.

The next year he wed wife number three, Mayo Methot, who once stabbed him with a butcher’s knife. They were known as the ‘Battling Bogarts’ during their seven year marriage.

Bogart found what Hollywood magazines called ‘true love’ with Lauren Bacall on the set of To Have and Have Not in 1944, and made her his fourth and final wife. It was a happy relationship, although he conducted a long affair with his hairdresser, Verita Peterson. Bogart died of cancer aged 57 in 1957.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315409/Humphrey-Bogarts-fears-gay-drove-suicide.html#ixzz2Ycq9NUY2


And one last quote from Howard Hawks who knew Bogey and Bacall all too well.

Bacall meanwhile was 19 and practicing lowering her speaking voice under Hawks’ tutelage. As Hawks later said, “Bogie fell in love with the character she played and she had to go right on playing it for the rest of their marriage.”

Let’s hope Paul and Chenault wake up soon.

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