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Depp Fails to Gain Ground…

18 Oct

He’s been in London since Oct. 1st and there are no accounts of him greeting any fans. Not surprising he hasn’t done it in some time. Some of his fans aren’t that keen on liking him at this point anyway. They’re a little tired of white make up and silly characters. Besides that fact he’s dating his newly adopted daughter. He’s just becoming a real loser to some of his fans. They had him all wrong. They thought he was a nice guy, well meaning, always taking time for his fans. In fact that’s the way he use to be.

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélop...

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélope Cruz to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every since he hooked up with his new red riding hood, he’s been going downhill. Even The Lone Ranger tanked. It wasn’t just due to critics. Johnny Depp has a large fan base and that didn’t even save the movie. Maybe they are just tired of what Johnny has done and is doing.  He’s in London and he’s basically not given any time to his fans. There hasn’t been one photo surface online in any forums or social networks of Johnny signing autographs. He promised the fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel he’d be back and instead he drove away.

Nice. It’s amazing what a man will do for a piece of young ass. Good Luck Johnny Depp fans.

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélope Cruz to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London Fields Movie with Amber Heard

17 Aug

So it’s been said Amber Heard will be in the  movie London Fields and that movie will start filming FALL 2013… that’s right around the corner.

HOWEVER Into the Woods also films FALL 2013 and isn’t that being filmed in LONDON too?

Look what was said earlier this year about London Fields…


Eva Green??? (Dark Shadows)Christian Bale??(Public Enemies)

The thing that is curious, IF both of these movies are filmed in London at the same time is this: Why would Johnny and Amber have to be in the same part of the world at the same time filming or working? It’s a bit overkill.  If one was filming and the other was staying in the same city that’s understandable since they are dating but wow talk about the loops to go through to make sure both are filming in the same city at the same times.  Whatever. That’s on the odd side as well. Is she that clingy? Nah. Is he that controlling? :shrugs:  I’m sure it will get a bit more weird before things are said and done.

One thing is for sure if I were in either of their shoes I’d be keeping a close watch on the other as well. History repeats itself because people don’t learn from their mistakes.

Johnny Depp Seduces 10 Yr Old Girl

12 Aug

I told  you this was going to happen in a post from earlier on Into The Woods. Here we go, it’s starting.



Into The Woods (This is creepy)

25 Jul

Oh why not go ahead, and start the discussion. A couple of readers here have mentioned it to me.

We all know Johnny will be playing the wolf from Into The Woods. The thing with that is this:

Has anyone heard or seen the wolf’s part? I, we, have a feeling when the world hears him do this part they are going to think of his private actions. (dating a woman who is closer in age to his daughter than himself) The wolf is singing about the little girl’s flesh ( because he is hungry and wants to eat her), however it does sound rather ….lustful too. I again have a feeling that anyone who is a Johnny fan, or who has an idea of the Amber Heard ordeal will think it’s rather amusing, and might even feel a tad bit embarrassed for Depp. Take a look. Watch the wolf wipe his lips.




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