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11 Aug

The very first post here at Jambernews was ‘Amber Heard Jan 2014’ Click Here and today the most recent post is entitled Strategies.  It’s telling. From the get go, it appears Amber Heard had a “strategy” (TACTICS) In my opinion it started long before 2012. It may have stretched back to Amber’s teens. Why not another well known actor or famous individual? I believe the ‘target’ aka person they(AH) eye, has to have certain qualities, and characteristics. In other words the perfect victim for a narcissist to manipulate. Johnny Depp has those qualities.

It’s also my opinion there was never love between the two. Photos have a way of showing things that words cover up. You can say someone is sweet, sharp as a tack, good for you, but the pictures don’t lie. Unhappy, miserable, and the actions backed up the photos. The words merely tried to hide the truth.

We will never know WHY Depp allowed this woman into his life, but I doubt it was love, or even mere infatuation.

We have went from one red flag to another in the past 4 1/2 years. It started with Amber wearing Depp’s clothes long before they officially split from their partners, to having so many common interests with Johnny, all the while it was clear from an outside vantage she had done her homework before she ever met Johnny. Taking his interviews and making his likes, her own. (Blues, cars, who knows what else) Yet we see she was hell bent on being famous, and a household name before she ever left Austin, Texas. Leaving the trouble she caused in Texas “behind” under the rug, and trying her skills in a place that would give her ample opportunity to get what she wanted no matter the cost. Those “skills” would be deceit, manipulation, betrayal, lies, and tactics that ensnared people.

Johnny Depp was a somewhat easy target if she could just get to him. Letter after letter she sent, advocating for herself to audition. Perhaps there were other hands, and thumbs trying to get her an audition, but regardless it happened. She auditioned for The Rum Diary.(2008)

When Jambernews opened a few commenters compared her to the character Chenault the character she played in the movie The Rum Diary. I can’t help but think of one thing – according to the movie- there’s one thing about Chenault Amber Heard didn’t have. Chenault was okay was “trading down” something Amber Heard was not about to do.

Throughout the  900+ posts here at the blog it’s been documented time, and again the tactics she used. The lies, the transparency of her agenda. It’s still there in all the archived posts. (see bottom of right navigation column) I have gotten many thank you’s in the last two months, and I appreciate them all, but it’s not necessary. Not at all. What’s important to me is knowing that sticking to your gut feeling, and being brave enough to call something out is not, and will not win a popularity contest. I knew going in, I would have the most hated Depp blog/website on the internet. I wasn’t here for pats on the back. It’s important to do the right thing. To me, this was the right thing to do. Even if on my own.

The point of this post? Strategy. It started out showing Amber Heard’s tactics, and it’s come full circle showing those tactics failing.  She had an agenda, and so did I. Jambernews had strategy. Wasser has strategy. Amber Heard didn’t have a strategy, she had tactics of manipulation.







Scared For Her Life

9 Jul

She stated she was abused their entire relationship yet…


A video from last year at Haneda Airport, Japan. Johnny wanted to greet his fans, but his (soon-to-be-ex) wife pulled him back, so he had to ask for her permission by pointing to a little girl that was waiting for him in the crowd. She has been a woman who can’t question her husband’s authority in entirety of their relationship, yet she can decide whether or not her husband can give his autographs to fans.



Kimmel, Depp, No Meet and Greet

16 Jan

Johnny does not meet and greet at the Kimmel show.

Johnny Depp doesn’t seem to do very many meet and greets any longer. Since the entrance of Amber Heard he just doesn’t take the time he once did to sign autographs or shake hands. I guess one star struck fan (Heard) is enough for him to handle. Sad that he isn’t the same kind of guy so many came to love and respect.

Russians Who Hate Heard

8 Jul

Big Surprise. Big. Most of Amber Heard’s fan base is in Russia. She has a few fans there, and they have been the ones that seem to “get the new photos” of Amber the fastest, they are always the ones that photos get sent to, photos taken in the USA – yet Russian sites are the first ones to get them and post them up.

Yet apparently there is a new website of Russians who detest Amber Heard. This was a great find and welcomed. Just to know that the very place that seems to give her a lot of attention from “loyal” fans, there are many, and I say again many from Russian who do NOT like her at all. I’d like to extend an invitation to those at the new VK anti amber heard website to join us at ink and rage forum. Please register and after you register send me an email letting me know what username you registered with. Would love to see you at our forum.

1. Register


2. Send me an email with the username you registered with


Look forward to uniting and conversing with each of you!

What Fans are saying about Depp – Take 2

17 May

Also, he looks like he uses patchouli instead of bathing. I defy you to find a picture of him that doesn’t look like it’s a scratch n’ sniff.

I’m quite glad he finally let the deep-tortured-soul thing go and just embraced his shallowness.

I’ve always been Team Vanessa Paradis and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Have you seen her latest haircut? She is undoubtedly and completely out of fucks to give about Johnny Depp.

There goes my last ounce of respect for Johnny Depp. Just kidding, that’s been gone since Pirates2.

Maybe she’s been mistaking Depp for a middle aged lesbian, like I have for the past couple years.

The Met

Oh man. I did see this and immediately think “Mr.Peanut forgot his monacle”. When does this nightmare end? I once loved Johnny with the fire of a thousand suns, I can’t even bear to look at him now.

Johnny never used to attend events like this, never wanted publicity, and now he’s everywhere. I have to think this is all Amber’s doing so she’ll be seen and have her photo taken.

Are Johnny and Amber going coffin shopping afterwards? Yikes.


I’d rather hang out with Kim and Kanye just for shits and giggs, than these two. I find them so insufferable.

Hot. All. Gone.

*sobs* I know.. Oh Johnny what happened to you?!?!?!

God his clothes. Does he know how stupid he looks? I wonder if he ever looks at pics of himself online? He can’t right? Because if he did he would stop dressing this horrible.

nothing to see here folks. just an eccentric older man taking his granddaughter to a bookstore. move along, move along.

JD’s Hat of Doom is on the town again. Maybe he thinks it has magic powers. It certainly has the power of Fug.

Wow. I never thought I would think him be the man that tries too hard and loses himself.

So what kind of transformation are the fans referring to? this…. before and after Amber Heard



Johnny’s Fans on Amber Heard

19 Mar


The fans have spoken. Following a recent poll in the IBTimes article “Johnny Depp Warned By Angelina Jolie Not To Marry Amber Heard, Advised To Get A Prenup: Report,” in which we begged the question: “Is Amber Heard marrying Johnny Depp for the right reasons?” fans of the veteran actor have since stepped forward, accusing his fiancée of using Depp for her own personal gain with some even going so far as to call her a “gold digger.”

As of Wednesday morning, a whopping 73 percent (540 votes) agreed that Heard, 27, is just “using” the 50-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” film star. Only 27 percent (205 votes) participants voted in favor of the “3 Days to Kill” actress, claiming that they believe she “loves” Depp and is marrying him for all the right reasons.

“I think Depp is going through a mid-life crisis and that this union is doomed to fail,” said one fan, later adding, “Nothing good can come from this.” “The ONLY talent [Amber Heard] has is for f–king Johnny Depp,” said another colorful poll participant.



Depp Fails to Gain Ground…

18 Oct

He’s been in London since Oct. 1st and there are no accounts of him greeting any fans. Not surprising he hasn’t done it in some time. Some of his fans aren’t that keen on liking him at this point anyway. They’re a little tired of white make up and silly characters. Besides that fact he’s dating his newly adopted daughter. He’s just becoming a real loser to some of his fans. They had him all wrong. They thought he was a nice guy, well meaning, always taking time for his fans. In fact that’s the way he use to be.

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélop...

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélope Cruz to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every since he hooked up with his new red riding hood, he’s been going downhill. Even The Lone Ranger tanked. It wasn’t just due to critics. Johnny Depp has a large fan base and that didn’t even save the movie. Maybe they are just tired of what Johnny has done and is doing.  He’s in London and he’s basically not given any time to his fans. There hasn’t been one photo surface online in any forums or social networks of Johnny signing autographs. He promised the fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel he’d be back and instead he drove away.

Nice. It’s amazing what a man will do for a piece of young ass. Good Luck Johnny Depp fans.

English: Johnny Depp at a ceremony for Penélope Cruz to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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