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“A southern belle and sweet as can be, and very good for me.”

3 Apr

Okay now that I’ve stopped laughing.

A southern belle –

This is about a girl who said she couldn’t wait to get out of Texas, and who poses with her legs and mouth open in photos. We are talking about Amber Heard right?

Southern Belle Definition: The Southern belle (derived from the French word belle, ‘beautiful’) is an archetype for a young woman of the American Deep South’s upper class.

Texas is not deep south. I thought Amber Heard said in one of her interviews when she was growing up they had nothing. (Even though she was in private school) Maybe Johnny is ignorant of the true definition.

“Sweet as Can be”: For someone that dates someone and then drops them when they find another (Tasya dropped for Johnny) and someone who admires Ayn Rand who made racist remarks about Native Americans, I guess this statement is subjective and perception is everything. (psst don’t forget she’s sweet as can be, because she didn’t give a shit about moving in on a man who was in a relationship for 13 years. – real sweet there Amber)

“Very Good For Me” – yes if very good means, ruining your family man image, being seen as a middle aged mid life crisis man in action, and for a while there ignoring all your fans. Not to mention when you, Johnny, hid in the floor board of your SUV at Petty Fest when the paps caught her getting into your SUV. OR if you mean all the times you’ve looked miserable while out with her then yes she’s good for you.

Too bad every since you’ve been public with her your movies have “tanked” that’s good for you yes? Maybe China and Russia will pull transcendence out of the toilet, because I don’t see the United States giving you accolades for your “Southern Belle” behavior. Guess that ring that was too big, wasn’t good enough so she had to get a bigger more gaudy one. Yeah. Sweet as can be.

Cowboy Up because “sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love”



Fans are Getting ill, turning

3 Apr

Well, some of them are. Everyone knows Johnny Depp has millions of fans, but there seem to be many of them online who are disgusted and just plain sick over how he’s completely changed since Amber Heard has entered the picture. They are all for him being happy, but it seems he’s went from a good family man, to a total sell out. Typical middle aged man. One who needs a young thing on his arm to make him feel alive again, which is what he said at his engagement party. He stated that Amber made him feel alive again. That’s code for, “Young again”

Fans are extremely disappointed. Maybe not all of them, but he’s not gaining any points. Let’s see how his movie Transcendence does. The numbers (what the movie makes/grosses) will tell us a lot about how fans are feeling about the “NEW Johnny Depp”

Johnny confirms the engagement……kinda

31 Mar

Johnny vaguely confirmed the engagement by saying he was wearing a chick ring so it was hard to miss.

What happened to a simple yes instead of the rambling answer.

“Yes, I’m engaged”

A chicks ring, because it was Amber’s first engagement ring so it didn’t fit and now he’s wearing it. That’s what a source told US weekly.

Uhhhhh why not have it resized?? Nope, she’s got a boulder now. The new ring is a gaudy thing and it still doesn’t fit.

C’mon guys!!!

Will They Marry?

29 Mar

Amber Heard said not long ago in an article that she didn’t want to be forced into a wedding dress and that traditional things made her uncomfortable, but she’s not having a problem flaunting all the engagement rings she has.

Newest gossip states she felt pressured into accepting a proposal. Why? Is her friends and family making her feel the pressure because Johnny would be a good catch? Does she feel pressure to cinch the deal because it brings more recognition to her name? Maybe. Maybe those are reasons and somewhere deep inside she wants to be free and not tied down. She did state that even gay marriage was something she thought and felt should be allowed but for other people, not for her.

Why the change of heart now? Or has it really changed? Will she go through with it? Maybe and how long will it last before she realized that indeed she didn’t like traditional things and being forced into a wedding dress.

“I would always prefer to shoot the gun than wear a wedding dress,” Heard said at a Beverly Hills press conference to trump the film, in which she plays a spy – opposite Kevin Costner – who’s got her fair share of trigger-happy predilections.

“It is far more interesting to me,” she explained.

and there’s more anti marriage quotes from Heard but I’ve posted them before and it gets rather boring.

The Rock Giver- serial proposer

13 Mar

While the world sits waiting, watching to see if Johnny Depp or Amber Turd announce that indeed they are engaged, miss heard has treated us to some “natural caught in the moment” with her ring photos. You know, casually brushing her hair back with the engagement hand, whil,paparazzi are going picture crazy? In other words she’s doing well at “accidentally” showing it off.

Now on to Mr. serial proposer. Depp has been married once in the 1980s, engaged a handful of times, and lived with his last girlfriend, mother of his children for 14 years. What makes anyone think he’s going through with an actual wedding this go around?

Lets explore some reasons why he would get engaged:

1. He’s 50. He may feel this is it. Now or never.
2. He has no intention of marriage, it’s more to show commitment.
3. It was a “shut up” ring. As in maybe the bitch will shut up if I give her a ring for commitment
4. Depp has a gum all machine full of these rings, and he’s owned it since 1983

Depp’s had some enormous change of heart though hasn’t he? He went from hiding in the floorboard of an SUV at petty fest, not wanting to be seen with Amber, to engaged. Strange man.

The ring, there have been four of them. That’s right four engagement rings. The first was seen ay AGO restaurant, then a concert, then ambers movie premier,then her award In Texas. It’s loud, obnoxious, and screams look at me, much like the wearer of said ring.

Good thing engagement rings are an extension of the bride.

In this time, Depp has went from looking miserable to be around Amber in late 2013, to looking -slightly- more relaxed around Amber. Maybe a small grin?? Again, Strange man.

Maybe this is the perfect relationship for Depp. Perhaps Amber is okay with Depp having fun on the side, ….like some say she does. (Some say he does too) Maybe it’s an open relationship. Finally a woman that will allow Depp to dabble.

Thing is, amber did a 180 for Depp. She used to talk and smile for photos, now she hides and says she’s private. Shhhhhhh. Depp is wearing all kinds of t-shirts that show support for things Amber feels are important. Depp used to say he believed in something after death, after this life. Now he says it’s just dirt and worms. Typical atheist view. Just like Amber Heard.

So am I changing my mind about the relationship? Nope.

I still think it’s not the real deal. They aren’t in love. It won’t last. Some bodies gonna tire out soon enough. Might not be soon, but I just don’t see loud and obnoxious, look at me, I wanna be a star, making it 14 years.

Depp’s a strange man, dumb too to get messed up with this fruitcake. Heard? She’s just fame hungry. This is her ticket by George.


Amber Heards Secret.

28 Feb

Now I wonder how long I’m willing to sit and wait on this little tidbit…..

Not long. Before the latest news hit about Amber cheating in Johnny with her ex Tasya, I began to wonder just why Amber Heard goes to Melrose Trading so much. directly after the Lone Ranger tour she was spotted with Tasya there. Then after myself, and some researchers started to dig, we found that Amber Heard has used the last name Van Ree many times, matter of fact when she incorporated her business. She is listed as Amber Van Ree, not Amber Heard. That’s current into 2014 boys and girls.

Anyone can find the information, it’s online. Did you know if you get married in the state of California you can register confidential and no one can find out about it? Truth.

Heard has been using the last name Van Ree since at least 2008 . Anyone remember what happened in California summer of 2008? Gay marriage was allowed.


Amber heard on marriage and tradition

22 Jan

“I don’t imagine myself, my work, or my life, fitting into any kind of standardized path,” she said. “In fact, the idea of there even being a standard freaks me out a lot.” “People want to put me in a wedding dress and make me the object of affection, but I’d much rather shoot the gun and save the world.

“I’ve always fought against what was expected of me as much as I could.”

-amber heard

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