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Johnny Depp’s “secret”

14 Mar

We can’t really call it a secret. It’s been pretty obvious that Depp drinks, and drinks a lot. I don’t think it’s fair to say he was totally sober during his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. I don’t buy that. I think he may have controlled the demon a wee bit more, but I think it was still an issue. They spent quite a bit of time apart and during those times apart filming, the drinking escalated.

Enter Amber Heard. She likes to drink and party. Perhaps in her delusions she felt that he would stop or maybe she didn’t care if he did or didn’t.  When a person has a problem with drinking, if you care for them you don’t continue to drink around them. However I can see her as the type of person that thought Johnny would ditch the problem because of her. The attitude of, “Men will do anything for me.” “Look at me, if I tell him I’ll leave him, he’ll stop”

Johnny was filming POTC5 in OZ, and had an accident. Whatever that accident was, it caused an injury to his wrist/hand. He decided to fly back to the states to get it treated.  Connecting all the dots the last few months people are speculating he may have been a tad bit inebriated.  Maybe.  You can’t blame people for wondering due to Johnny’s public drunkenness.  He was away from Amber Heard when the accident happened.  —– like when he was away filming from Vanessa.

On the other hand he could have been sober and a freak accident occurred. Shit happens. You don’t have to be intoxicated for bad things to happen.

Keep an eye on the patterns. (history of behaviors) because actions speak louder than words, and tigers don’t tend to change their stripes.


Johnny Injuring his Hand

12 Mar

Johnny left Australia after injuring his hand. Now word is out he hurt it in a go karting accident. His assistants wife, also was treated at the hospital for something…no confirmation on if it was the same accident but it’s suspicious that she was in the hospital at the same time this accident happened to Depp. Maybe they were both hurt in a go kart accident? Strange.

I’m not buying the go kart accident being put out on the internet. Sounds like a story to cover up what may have really happened. I don’t believe he burned himself either. That takes more than two weeks off work to “repair” skin grafting, surgery, etc.  No he probably broke a bone(s), or got a bad cut.  Besides he had two marks on the right side of his face (seen in pictures of him at the airport leaving Brisbane)

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