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What is this?

20 Jul

Ok some were saying Amber was wearing black. Even I thought she was sitting between Jack and Lily at the restaurant in Berlin. However here is a picture of her getting out of the car. She was wearing white. She doesn’t take anything in that looks big enough to have a change of clothes in. Then again, why would she be changing in a restaurant. Weird. So she isn’t sitting at the table or is completely blocked and we can’t see her.



WAIT, but this is Amber in the restaurant because you can clearly see she has on that huge ass ring she wears. Now she is wearing black, and the black striped skirt from earlier at the museum.



And…..what’s up with these pants? Does he have a turd in there or what?



Johnny Is STILL Drinking

20 Jul

Alas, maybe this is the answer we needed. WHY is Johnny acting so different. Kids in public view for photogs, Amber only 13 years older than his own daughter the list goes on. It was said that Thad enough of Johnny’s drinking. Apparently Amber is more than okay with it. He was seen drinking in Russia. Now again in Berlin. This is picture of the man who said recently he had not had a drink in 18 months.

Lies. Thanks Mr. Depp.


Here She Is, but Where Is She?

20 Jul

Amber Heard has been seen in airports and out on the street. Going into restaurants with Johnny and of course touching his children acting motherly.(which is just disgusting but I’ll post on that later) however…

Why isn’t Amber seen on the red carpet with Johnny during all of this “LOOK SHE’S OKAY WITH MY KIDS!” photo carnival? Armie had his wife with him. Will Amber be on the carpet with Johnny in London? I’m not quite sure why the man would be okay with her putting her arm around his kid but he won’t show her off on the carpet. It’s clear from the video of Johnny talking to the paparazzi in Berlin that he’s in a time warp and thinks it’s Kate Moss again.

I feel sorry for these kids. It’s as if they are being seen to send a message of “everything is okay”  OH and we love how Johnny feels safer in other countries showing Amber off then here in the United States. Maybe that’s because our paparazzi are a little less respectful and call things how people see them.

One thing is for sure, Johnny is doing his best to make sure everyone knows that things are okay. He has went from secrecy to LOOK, in a matter of two weeks. Less actually but..

He is feeling the backlash from the movie not going well. He made a comment about that when asked. He either really DOES read things said about him or someone is telling him what’s going on.  Seeing how this(Amber, kids, etc) is making some people view Johnny it’s amazing his PR team hasn’t said something. Then again maybe they just want to push the family man image again regardless of what has to be done.(children exposed) but that doesn’t make any sense does it? Considering Johnny has always been so protective of his children. I guess Depp is changing. It’s either that or he’s letting his true colors finally show because…what does he have to lose?

Johnny and Amber visit a museum together

20 Jul

We’re hoping he was going to try and find his old self. I don’t think that’s what was happening. During his outing he took his children, Amber, Brittany, and the dark haired girl seen in the photos April 2012, boarding Johnny’s plane to a restaurant. He stops to talk to the paps while everyone else gets inside safe. As if Johnny is back to protection mode again. (the very dark haired girl is rumored to be related to his bodyguard) It appears Johnny is trying to get in touch with his old self… back to the days when he was approaching the paparazzi except this time he didn’t appear to have a 2×4.  AH youth, he’s not enamored with Amber’s, he’s still trying to find his own. Well Johnny you can dress and try to act like you did in the 90’s and early 2000’s but you’re still nto fooling anyone.


You can see more photos here:


Amber in Berlin

19 Jul

Reports from German sources said when the plane landed, Amber came off the plane first, followed by Brittany, then Lily-Rose. Last Johnny followed with Jack behind him.  The photos so far don’t seem clear photos/clear quality. So it appears they did not know or see anyone that was taking photos. I don’t know for sure, but the pictures may have been taken with a camera phone.

So much for the mothering, I suppose Amber didn’t see a photo op opportunity?  Amber came off the plane with her “friend” Brittany. The children were behind her. Johnny was between the kids. He turns to either talk to, or make sure Jack is okay. You can’t really come down the plane stairs side by side, but it’s interesting to note Amber sure wasn’t concerned about the children exiting the plane on the landing strip in Berlin. We’ll have to wait and see if Amber returns to being motherly when cameras are going off in a “controlled” setting.



Now what’s up with Brittany taking photos with the children in a window? WHY is she posting this on her Twitter? It’s no where else. So who took this picture? Splash news. Okay. WOW how things have changed with Johnny’s kids. One is left to think that because they are older maybe Johnny isn’t so careful of them being photographed. It seems like they are using those kids in a big way. Just to get the idea across of a family image. They must have to really be pulling out all the stops to make sure Amber isn’t looked at as a home-wrecker. News flash for them. TOO LATE.

BPfQmUwCEAEHifh.jpg large

Almost like they are saying ” LOOK Vanessa is okay with this, so it’s okay, Amber’s okay, she’s liked.” Again. Too Late.

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