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Tribeca, Adderall Diaries

17 Apr


HEM those fucking pants.

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More from Flare Interview

31 Jul

Keeping her love life out of it has been a bit more irksome. For those who don’t get their news via TMZ or UsWeekly, Heard has been dating her Rum Diary leading man, Johnny Depp. She won’t discuss him directly: “It’s not part of my professional life,” she says firmly. “I want to be an artist. I don’t want to be a celebrity.” While she’s certainly not the first of her ilk to deliver the “Woe is me, I’m famous” speech, with Heard you get the sense that she might actually mean it: “You can find pictures of me [on the Internet] pumping gas, picking up dry cleaning, walking my dog,” she says, “but nowhere are you going to find pictures of me hanging around at some nightclub.”


Rasputins (Gay) NightClub Jan. 2013

About Syrup:

The movie, based on the 1999 Max Barry novel, is a modern-era morality tale about the advertising industry. Heard plays Six, the living embodiment of the “sex sells” concept

So much for a different role for Amber Heard

At dinner, most of her makeup is gone, the shoot’s elegant winter pales swapped for a more comfortable rocker-chick uniform of a black cotton tank, dark skinny jeans, leather booties and a few chunky rings. Heard is not keen to talk about her appearance, since doing so always seems to backfire, she says: “Someone will ask me a question about my looks, like something about my hair, and then in the magazine it sounds like I came in and said, ‘You know, what I’d really like to talk about is my hair.’”

No it’s okay because you usually just talk about how “gorgeous” you are.

Rappaport says he knew he had found his leading lady when he noticed Heard at a mutual friend’s birthday party. “She was holding court and there was this entire group of people, older people, who were just hanging on her every word,” he recalls. Heard was having a debate about the shelf life of female actors in the movie business. “Of course we can all name the exceptions,” she says, getting out in front of my knee-jerk reaction to cite Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon and…Kate Winslet in 10 years. “We are both probably thinking of the same five women right now. Maybe not even five.”

WOW. Again she loves the attention. Still doesn’t sound smart though.

She launched a short-lived modelling career in New York, and hated it. “No one was interested in my opinion,” she says.

Awww. That’s too bad. They didn’t hang on your every word??? For shame!

Heard’s two new roles have her usual intelligent edge. Paranoia is a sleek, corporate espionage thriller about two rival tech companies. Heard plays Emma, a sarcastic, cutthroat Ivy Leaguer. “Paranoia was an interesting script. I loved how you’re dealing with a lot of old themes like greed and power, but it’s such a modern story. My character basically had to be smart enough to manipulate Liam Hemsworth’s character. Yes, there are sex scenes, but it wasn’t like she was falling at his feet.” When I ask her if her characters use their beauty and sexuality as a form of power, she says it can be a challenge to find just the right role—especially in a Hollywood that is all too quick to typecast

Dealing with themes like greed and power. We speak about that which we know.

Does she find this funny or just annoying? “Well,” she says, “I’m laughing at you, aren’t I?” Such defiance could come off as bitchy, but Heard’s candour and quick wit are appealing.

No it’s bitchy. She was being a bitch. Nice save Mr. Journalist.

Heard can hold her own, and doesn’t seem so removed from everyday reality that she can’t empathize with the plight of a magazine journalist who has to at least try to get the goods. (It’s easy to see why He Who Must Not Be Named, himself a bit of a wild pony, would be drawn to her.)

Oh no, wait. That’s a new thing Mr. Journalist. She was all mouth and dropping hints, talking about whatever  a year ago. Don’t let her fool you, she’s just doing it because he who must not be named does it.

Heard says the scrutiny can be frustrating, but it’s totally out of her control. She shrugs: “I guess I could not hold hands with who I want to, but what kind of life would that be? I don’t want to change just because people are watching. I’ve always been the person who says what she wants.” Let the bloggers post and tweet all they want: Like her classic muscle car, public displays of affection are, for Heard, non-negotiable.

Well you can come here and read the truth anytime you want Amber, and you have changed. From photos to speaking with the media. So now you’ve been caught in a lie. Remember..once upon a time you didn’t hide your face. Nice try though. About the non-negotiable displays of affection? Yeah we believe that, after all Johnny looks very uncomfortable in most of the photos with you, so I guess it was do it Johnny or else. I’m sorry Amber you still don’t have a magical Vagina. Johnny will find that out soon enough.

Heard is often seen in retro high-glamour fashion shoots, so we had stylist Erin Walsh tap into her looser, ’70s side instead: “soft colours, very Sharon Tate.

Ahhh so we’re doing a time period that has more in common with your beau. Of course Amber would be alright with that. Lesson: them dressing Amber up in more “mature attire” doesn’t fool anyone either.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, was up-to-date: Heard hand-selected The Black Keys, Jay-Z, Franz Ferdinand and Lil Wayne tracks, and lipsynched along between takes. Then, the near-unthinkable happened—the shoot wrapped a full hour early. The rare occurrence had a lot to do with our cover subject herself. “I didn’t have to tell her anything,” says Kurt Iswarienko, our photographer. “I just followed her around with a camera.”

There ya have it. She’s so use to the camera she didn’t even need help.

“but nowhere are you going to find pictures of me hanging around at some nightclub.”

More on Brittany

30 Jul

Hmmm… This is from 2011.  No hat or Tasya look in this picture or any other photos of her before being around Jamber.  I did see her wearing glasses but not the whole ensemble. Curiouser and Curiouser


Park City, UT- January 25, 2011 – TAO Park City, renowned for its high energy and DJ‐driven atmosphere will have a satellite at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift. Since its opening, countless celebrities and influencers have descended upon this hospitality hot spot, making it the hippest and most popular nightclub in the United States. Monday Night was especially amazing as Chris Masterson celebrated his birthday alongside his brother and tons of friends.

Juno Temple, Emile Hirsch, & Britney Eustis

Into The Woods (This is creepy)

25 Jul

Oh why not go ahead, and start the discussion. A couple of readers here have mentioned it to me.

We all know Johnny will be playing the wolf from Into The Woods. The thing with that is this:

Has anyone heard or seen the wolf’s part? I, we, have a feeling when the world hears him do this part they are going to think of his private actions. (dating a woman who is closer in age to his daughter than himself) The wolf is singing about the little girl’s flesh ( because he is hungry and wants to eat her), however it does sound rather ….lustful too. I again have a feeling that anyone who is a Johnny fan, or who has an idea of the Amber Heard ordeal will think it’s rather amusing, and might even feel a tad bit embarrassed for Depp. Take a look. Watch the wolf wipe his lips.




Photo of Amber Will Skyrocker Her Career

13 Jul

Hey after taking a look at this photo from her Bullett Magazine photoshoot I’m sure Amber Heard’s career will skyrocket in the near future. This photo shows a lot of depth. It really shows her well rounded, versatile abilities.

~ end sarcasm~

“Prick or Bush?”


Amber Heard 20ish Questions Interview

12 Jul






Amber said it with her own mouth. Using sexuality to your advantage is fine. It pretty much sounded like she admired the playboy club women of the day. Amber stated above she had successfully avoided being stereotyped. Now in Bullett magazine she said the opposite. She stated in this interview she didn’t have any problems in Hollywood or with her career about being gay/bisexual. Yet her Bullett interview she said when she “came out” her agents/PR “the adults in her life” had a big problem with it.  Also take a look again at what she said about The Rum Diary. It’s more than just drugs and alcohol. It’s about love , life and disillusionment and capitalism and the American Dream. Nice job Amber and making that happen in the truest form. Using your sexuality to its advantage, and now the relationship between her, and Depp is a disillusioned mess – but he does have money(capital).

Maybe I’ve missed something

2 Jul

Usually tabloids are gung ho right? They will take something innocent and turn it into a mountain? Let’s say that Amber and Tasya went to Melrose Trade Post on the 30th. (yes they did we know this from the photos) and let’s say they are still friends. Nothing more.(If they are or aren’t we don’t know)  That is prime material for the tabloids both online and in print to take advantage of.  Can’t you read it now> “Amber Heard Cheats on Johnny Depp Again!”

Do you know how  strange this is? They haven’t picked up that story at all. (Tasya and Amber being seen together.)  Not only that BUT I have not found the full photo stream of Amber out at Melrose with Tasya at any of the main tabloid or celebrity websites. That picture is just mysteriously not there. Talk about wanting to make some money! Maybe Amber seeing Tasya on the side doesn’t sell as many magazines as Amber and Johnny being the new hot couple.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t seeing each other on the side, and they are still good friends. (Johnny let’s his new girl hang out with an ex she banged for 4 years??) It’s still very weird that the media didn’t run with it. OR Johnny holding a drink in Moscow.



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