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The Truth Coming Out?

13 Sep

There is no way to prove if this is true or not. It was posted as a comment on a tumblr account, but it seems interesting.


iO Tillet-Wright has proven herself to be a fraudulent, self-serving and machiavellian individual.

Depp brought his brief friendship with her to a swift close after she took it upon herself to include his then 16 year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, for a campaign she was running, in order to boost its profile. She did not consult the parents and hence Depp, together with many close family and friends, were furious with Wright for her thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour. And so, Wright was ostracised by Depp over a year before these recent erroneous allegations came to light.

This came after Wright had spent over six months, rent-free, in one of Depp’s properties, receiving groceries and maid services, hosting numerous parties and befouling his ornate home on a regular basis. Furthermore, in order to assist with a book deal, Depp helped to raise the author’s profile so that she might benefit, only for Wright to eventually usurp Depp and accept a better offer elsewhere. And now, here, she is further profiteering from Depp, by exploiting her flimsy association with him to advertise this book.

Personally, I find it to be a crying shame that she behaves in the lamentable manner that she does, for she brings the genuine and important causes she chooses to represent into grave disrepute.

And these are just a few examples that come quickly to mind. As anyone can see, Wright is a person of highly dubious character (and remarkably selective memory), who regards the truth as a tool to mould and subvert in order to serve her own disingenuous agendas.

Readers should take great caution with her words.


And a little something from Stephen




6 Sep

What are your predictions for Johnny Depp over the next year, and what are your predictions for Amber Heard?

Serious replies.

UPDATE: Case Dismissed

5 Sep

Case against Doug Stanhope dismissed. With so many questions in the comments I went, and retrieved the record for myself. Along with a link to look it up for anyone that wants to check the validity.




Can be found here






Thanks J!


1 Sep

The reason Amber loves London? It’s the only place that gave her decent attention. The paps follow her there and take her photos more. She has some friends that are a big deal in London and it gives her more attention to be seen with them. London also keeps her from getting booed at as much, and yelled at by pissed of people that know she’s a liar.

She’s probably already back on North American soil. I would love for her to take up residence somewhere else, but that’s like dumping your trash on your best friends door.

She needs to get ready. She won’t be getting near as much attention after the first of the year. She’s sinking back to where she’s always been D List. Face it, Depp was the only reason she got papped half the time.

It’s getting ready to get quiet for her.

“We Speak About That Which We Know”

30 Aug


Abuse victims, and perhaps especially genuine male victims of abuse, exhibit humility and shame.  They are far more reluctant to open up about what has happened to them.  They will not insist that they have lots of people who believe them!  Real abuse victims, you see, often lack allies.  It is the abuser who has them!

Most of us recognize that men experience verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of women, less well accepted or admitted is the fact of physical abuse. In our society, we think of women as the victims and men as the aggressors in physical abuse.  The fact that women are more likely to be severely injured in domestic violence adds to the problem of recognizing male abuse.  Nevertheless, it happens – frequently.  In fact, men are just as likely to be seriously injured when a woman becomes violent because women are more likely to use weapons in the course of an assault.  If a male client indicates that his girlfriend or partner assaulted him, believe him.  A man will find it harder to discuss his pain with you than will a woman, and even harder to admit to being a victim. It is easier to attribute an injury to a sports mishap or workplace accident than to admit to a doctor or police officer it resulted from domestic violence.



  • Our justice system often takes the word of the woman above the word of the man in abuse cases. It is just more believable that the aggressor was the man, not the woman.
  • Men are more likely to tolerate the pain of abuse than women. They “grin and bear it” more. And again, many are ashamed to seek medical help for abuse.
  • Unless a woman uses a weapon, she usually does not have the strength to inflict injury.?

Why did Johnny wait 24+ hours to seek medical attention?

Deflection: a turning aside or off course : Deviation

Which is what I believe Amber Heard does. She deflects, and she also places the blame for her actions on Johnny Depp.  The last statement that was released said their relationship was volatile.  We also heard that Johnny’s bodyguards had to physically remove her off of Johnny. She would get physically violent. In other words “We speak about that which we know.”

“He grabbed my hair, he threw a glass at me, he tried to smother me.” It could be just as likely she did those things to him, and turned it back on him.

Abusers will Discourage your relationships with family and friends, especially those family and friends that have a tendency to see through an abusers bullshit, the people who have the balls to mention something isn’t right, OR the people the abuser feels will be a threat. Yet we never saw Amber Heard away from any of her family or friends. Johnny hasn’t seen some of his closest friends in years. Keith Richards, Bill Carter, etc. It’s as if once Amber came into the picture his relationships with his oldest friends stopped.

ABUSERS Prevent you from working.  Johnny couldn’t get to set (POTC) because of fighting. It was rumored Amber became such an issue she wasn’t allowed on the set of POTC 5.  Johnny wasn’t able to make a press Q&A for Mordecai in Tokyo because he claimed he was attacked by a chupacabra.

Abusers can “Track” all of your time? TIFF – Amber was calling Johnny who was at a downstairs restaurant, constantly. He was getting up to go and check on her the entire time.

Amber said Johnny got furious in Australia and accused her of cheating with Billy Bob Thornton. Yet at the  TIFF a huge argument erupted on Sept. 14 when Amber saw Johnny chatting with a young woman. “She stormed over and tried to butt in,” the insider said, and when Johnny kept talking, Amber “looked livid” and pulled her husband away. “She talked to him like a child. Johnny smiled awkwardly and seemed to calm her down, because the next minute they were holding hands again and she was all smiles,” the source added.

Amber released texts, allegedly between herself and Johnny’s assistant. Note the text said Johnny didn’t remember the alleged altercation that happened. (where Amber claimed Johnny  kicked her) she said she remembered it in full.


She also led the world to believe Johnny took ecstasy (MDMA) in Australia. Did you know you can get slipped ecstasy unknowingly?  Did you know that If you drink alcohol it can have some bizarre effects. You may lose time. Not know what you’ve been doing, who you’ve been doing. It may not matter, but there could be stretches of time you simply cannot remember.

Abusers often deflect,  to look as if they are the victim. It’s part of their plan the entire time.





According to the CDC, one in seven men age 18+ in the U.S. has been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in his lifetime. One in 10 men has experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner.

If you are male and need help:


May I suggest you read:

Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence














Trouble With Latrine Fields

30 Aug

The movie which reportedly sparked a big blow out between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is nearing release after a legal battle left the film in limbo.

The former couple teamed up onscreen last year (15) for London Fields, in which Amber played a femme fatale opposite Billy Bob Thornton as a terminally-ill, struggling writer.

The thriller, based on the 1989 book of the same name by Martin Amis, had been due to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada last September (15), but it was pulled from the schedule after director Matthew Cullen filed a $1 million (£762,000) lawsuit against the movie’s producers, accusing them of using “fraudulent efforts” to rework the movie without his knowledge.

The legal action halted the big screen release of London Fields, prompting bosses at original distributor Lionsgate to pull out, but now filmmakers are working on a new deal which will finally bring the project to theaters by the end of 2016, reports the New York Post’s Page Six column.

It’s not yet clear whether producers Chris Hanley and Jorden Gertner have resolved the Cullen lawsuit. He sought damages and a declaration banning them from using his name to promote the picture without his approval.

Representatives for the film have yet to comment on the release news.

Amber and Johnny’s romance blossomed after meeting on the set of The Rum Diary in 2011, but they had a rather different experience as they shot London Fields together, during which the actors reportedly argued non-stop.

One particular fight was detailed in court documents filed as part of the former couple’s acrimonious divorce, suggesting Depp flew into a rage as he accused his then-wife of sleeping with Thornton. The papers go on to state the actor lost the tip of his forefinger after smashing a plastic phone against a wall of the villa he and Amber were renting in Australia.

Thornton subsequently denied the allegations, telling TMZ.com they were “completely false”, but a set insider claims Depp, who features in just 18 minutes of the film, had to be kept away from the leading man.

“(Heard and Depp) were fighting constantly on the set,” the source shares with Page Six. “The crew tried to keep Johnny and Billy Bob away from each other.”

Amber filed for divorce from Johnny in May (16), after 15 months of marriage, and accused the actor of abusing her throughout their relationship. The warring pair had been heading for a court showdown in its dispute, but managed to settle the case on 15 August (16), when the beauty accepted a $7 million (£5.3 million) payment to walk away and drop a restraining order she had obtained against Depp.


The Donation – Facts

29 Aug


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