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Hurricane Matthew

6 Oct

Karma can sometimes phone up a few friends.  Not even nature likes Amber Heard, and her selfish, evil, manipulative ways.

Hurricane Matthew is a dangerous storm – and from all appearances we can now rest assured Johnny’s island has been sanitized of Amber Heard. Right down to the sand. Matthew came in, and left nothing of her taint upon the island.

For the rest of those people in the path please stay safe. It’s a deadly storm. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you WHY it had to happen.  It’s just nature taking care of itself.


Yacht For Sale Again

13 Sep





6 Sep

What are your predictions for Johnny Depp over the next year, and what are your predictions for Amber Heard?

Serious replies.


1 Sep

The reason Amber loves London? It’s the only place that gave her decent attention. The paps follow her there and take her photos more. She has some friends that are a big deal in London and it gives her more attention to be seen with them. London also keeps her from getting booed at as much, and yelled at by pissed of people that know she’s a liar.

She’s probably already back on North American soil. I would love for her to take up residence somewhere else, but that’s like dumping your trash on your best friends door.

She needs to get ready. She won’t be getting near as much attention after the first of the year. She’s sinking back to where she’s always been D List. Face it, Depp was the only reason she got papped half the time.

It’s getting ready to get quiet for her.

“Love” is When

26 Aug



This next one – and to add, HE doesn’t look happy and IN love either.



We are hard pressed to find any photo of them looking IN LOVE before  2015- before the wedding. The man looked MISERABLE not doting and awe struck





HERE is a very bad day for me getting tired and sick of watching a grown man get taken advantage of – 2013




Johnny was sober,(not drinking excessively at least) until he and Bruce Robinson filmed The Rum Diary.

Once production began, he was away for a year, in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Hollywood. “When I started filming with Johnny, he said, ‘Do you mind me drinking?’ I said, ‘No, but I’m not going to, so why don’t you try not drinking on the movie?’ Johnny didn’t drink at all, on the film. He looks the best you’ve ever seen him – radiantly handsome.”

Then one day, Robinson recalls, “We were in a place called Fajardo. It was 100 degrees at two in the morning and very humid. Everyone’s drenched in sweat. One of the prop guys goes by with a barrow-load of ice and Coronas. I said: ‘Johnny, this doesn’t mean anything.’ And reached for a Corona.”

“And then?”

“Some savage drinking took place.” – Bruce Robinson

We have Amber Heard getting a bicycle and peddling around Puerto Rico drunk, hardly able to stay on the bike.

Folks, to this day, engagement, wedding, divorce done; I still do NOT believe either one of these two loved each other.  Actions speak louder than words, and it was NEVER there. You can believe he was in love simply because it helps you explain WHY he didn’t walk away from her, but that’s the easy way out.

We’ll never know all of the reasons but LOVE wasn’t one of them.  The only thing we do know that kept him around her? She’s an enabler. She didn’t care that he drank excessively. He did NOT have to be accountable, or responsible. Sometimes for a person struggling with demons, that’s all it takes. That’s all that matters.Combine it with a bat shit crazy who wants to manipulate you in your weakness and May 2016 happens.

Back to Partying

19 Aug



Right after the divorce, Amber is back to partying. (drinking, like she did the entirety of her relationship with Depp, all the while filming him for drinking and being intoxicated. AKA she is an enabler)

She’s out partying with one of the girls she was seen with numerous times in hotels, while married to Depp.

Cara Delevingne.

Amber was joined by Margot Robbie, Margot’s boyfriend Tom Ackerley, Cara Delevingne and many more as the group went to a Rolling Stones exhibition before grabbing a bite at the Ivy Kensington Brassiere.

The pals attempted to enter a nightclub in Marylebone, according to an eyewitness, but were not allowed in for whatever reason.


Divorce Timeline

16 Aug

May 20-21 Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer passes away.

May 23 Heard Files for Divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She asks for 50,000 a month in spousal support, the penthouse, and the range rover.

Depp’s attorneys have not had enough time to get all of his financials together. Until they have more time, they can not agree to Amber Heard’s demands.

May 27 Heard Accuses Depp of Abuse, obtains a restraining order, and states she;s been abused for 4 years by Depp, and that he has a long history of substance abuse. She claimed Depp threw an iPhone at her on May 21st, photos are released showing a facial mark caused by the iPhone. The police that arrived that evening (May 21st) state they did not see any marks on her , nor any thing in the home that was disturbed.

May 29 Friend Says Depp Was ‘Manipulated’ By Heard, Doug Stanhope states Heard is blackmailing Depp with her abuse claims. “Johnny Depp got used, manipulated, set up and made to look like an a–hole. And he saw it coming and didn’t or couldn’t do anything to stop it,”
The last week of May, Depp’s lawyers send a request to Amber Heard’s lawyers for a gag order, given the couple are public figures, and it’s a high profile case. They receive no answer from Heard’s team.

June 1- 10th – Amber Heard does not attend her deposition due to having a costume fitting for the latest film she’s in. This Proved to be false when she is not in London for the fitting, but is seen driving away from a hotel in Los Angeles. The deposition is rescheduled.
Again for the second time, Amber Heard does not show for the rescheduled deposition and claims she’s at a friends(Raquel Pennington’s) engagement party.

June 14 Amber Heard withdraws Spousal Support Request, In court documents, Heard stated that her initial request was “being used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence.”

Last week of June Wasser and Team send another request to Amber’s lawyers requesting a gag order, receiving no answer, Wasser files it with the court. 100,000K fine if anything is leaked.

July 1 Depp Changes Tattoo from “Slim” to ‘Scum’

AUG 6 Heard Arrives Late to Deposition, (3rd time depo is on the schedule) . Amber is 90 minutes late for her scheduled deposition at Wasser’s office in Los Angeles on August 6. According to court documents filed by the actor’s attorney on August 9, the actress “refused to testify despite repeated requests from Johnny’s counsel and instead sat with her lawyers, cried on the telephone, yelled, screamed and paced in a separate room.”

August 10th, Depp’s attorney’s and Heard’s attorneys have filed their exhibit list (evidence that will be presented in court.) They had these ready BEFORE the above deposition. The attorneys may have discussed the evidence. It may have been one reason Amber Heard did not want to be questioned /deposed on Aug 6th. Depp’s team had over 100 pages of texts between Raquel Pennington(Amber’s BFF and neighbor) and Elizabeth Marz(make up artist), an incriminating photo, and Depp’s housekeeper that made a discovery in April 2016.

August 13 – Amber is finally deposed. Sits for deposition, and is said to have arrived with an agreement in hand. She finally wanted to settle. It appears she does NOT want to go to court over the domestic violence charges. Settlement at this time is offered for 8 million dollars.

August 14-15 Alleged Fight Evidence Emerges Online, Heard states she didn’t leak the video, though it did belong to her. TMZ posted a video on August 12 (filmed by Heard) of a man who appears to be Depp slamming kitchen cabinets and smashing a wine glass and bottle. The video never shows Depp becoming physically abusive with Amber Heard. It never shows him insulting her, or throwing anything at her. He’s simply been drinking, and in a bad mood.

The video was obviously heavily edited and Amber Heard is heard saying ” I said I was sorry” but it’s never shown why she was sorry. Only that it was before the video recording. ( Depp had no idea he was being filmed )

Many people flock to Lily Rose Depp’s (Depp’s 17 yr old daughter) instagram and start harassing her, saying vicious and horrible comments to her.

TMZ posted photos and an accompanying account of a reported March 2015 fight between the couple, in which Depp is claimed to have cut off his fingertip by accident after slamming multiple glass bottles and windows. The website claimed that according to the actress, Depp had dipped his bloody finger in paint and used it to write “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on a mirror after allegedly accusing the actress of cheating on him. A photo of the mirror was leaked. Blue paint was seen, no blood could be seen. A private photo, taken within a medical facility was leaked showing Johnny Depp’s finger.

August 16. The morning of the 16th, a settlement was reached. Amber Heard received $7 million which included attorney fees. The Domestic Violence charges were dropped.

None of the video or photos leaked to the media by Amber Heard or any other party ever showed Depp abusing Amber Heard physically.

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