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Let It Die

9 Oct

The last few days of BS articles rehashing the divorce is pitiful,especially PEOPLE mag. 

Listen, no one cares about Amber Heard, no one. Depp?  To be frank, except for devout fans (find them online at Depp fan sites ) No one gives a shit where he’s at or that Jack Sparrow was a no show in the first trailer for POTC 5

No one cares! Let it die! The more Amber Heard gets talked about, the happier it makes her. Let her fade out.  Let JAMBER fade away completely.  As if she never…..existed. 


Turd Sighting

20 Sep

Out with Cara D, fashion week, London. Looks like she has a new or borrowed shirt. Never seen before. There, that’s my contribution to fashion week. 

AH looks bad. Almost worn down. She doesn’t look happy at all.  Karma. 

 In other news Johnny Depp is being commended for his charity work- the ones he’s supported and donated to for years quite possibly before amber Heard was born. 

Photo of the Day

19 Sep


Bad Pattern

19 Sep

Amber Heard. Marries Feb 2015

Cara Dunlikenopeen dating / engaged March 2015 

Cara is dating then engaged to St Vincent. Not nearly partying as much. Starts a healthy diet, gym, calms down, handles her depression. 

Amber Heard ends relationship with Depp May 2016 

Amber,Margo and Cara start hanging out. Cara starts up with her wild behavior again 

Cara and St Vincent split. 

Ambers motto must be “all good things must come to…..I must destroy. 

Lots of similarities in HOW the victim goes downhill. 

Photo Of The Day

16 Sep



15 Sep

Kim McGuire 

“Hatchet -Face”. Cry Baby


The Louisiana-born McGuire also appeared on TV shows such as Dream On, On the Air and New York Undercover after her strong debut in front of the cameras in Cry-Baby. She moved on to a career as a lawyer in the late 90s after she was finished with Hollywood.
Naples, Florida native Suzy Hixson, a friend of McGuire and co-worker of Piotrowsky, set up a GoFundMe page to help the widower with funeral costs and other expenses stemming from his wife’s unexpected passing.

Clearing This Up

14 Sep

After numerous emails I want to address a question that I’ve been asked through emails. I’ve gotten this in over 30 emails now

“Andy, who are you really?”

Then the speculations in the emails follow, so here it is.

I am not a friend of Johnny’s. I do not know him. I am not Johnathan Shaw. He’s been kind enough to share some of Jambernews on his FaceBook, and to comment here, however we are not one in the same.

I am just like the rest of you. No one that’s in “the know”. ¬†As you’ve probably figured out Andy Steris is a pen name. I would never use my real name and write a blog with this content. Absolutely too many nut jobs that could be psychos and locate my family.

So there you have it. The question answered publicaly.

Now please, try to have a great rest of the week and don’t worry about who I am. It’s irrelevant.

P.S. Styrofoam is evil.

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