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The Truth Coming Out?

13 Sep

There is no way to prove if this is true or not. It was posted as a comment on a tumblr account, but it seems interesting.


iO Tillet-Wright has proven herself to be a fraudulent, self-serving and machiavellian individual.

Depp brought his brief friendship with her to a swift close after she took it upon herself to include his then 16 year-old daughter, Lily-Rose, for a campaign she was running, in order to boost its profile. She did not consult the parents and hence Depp, together with many close family and friends, were furious with Wright for her thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour. And so, Wright was ostracised by Depp over a year before these recent erroneous allegations came to light.

This came after Wright had spent over six months, rent-free, in one of Depp’s properties, receiving groceries and maid services, hosting numerous parties and befouling his ornate home on a regular basis. Furthermore, in order to assist with a book deal, Depp helped to raise the author’s profile so that she might benefit, only for Wright to eventually usurp Depp and accept a better offer elsewhere. And now, here, she is further profiteering from Depp, by exploiting her flimsy association with him to advertise this book.

Personally, I find it to be a crying shame that she behaves in the lamentable manner that she does, for she brings the genuine and important causes she chooses to represent into grave disrepute.

And these are just a few examples that come quickly to mind. As anyone can see, Wright is a person of highly dubious character (and remarkably selective memory), who regards the truth as a tool to mould and subvert in order to serve her own disingenuous agendas.

Readers should take great caution with her words.


And a little something from Stephen



Sunday Time – iO

12 Sep
Possible Sunday Times article from AH/Brasil:
(Ran it through Google translate & this is what it spit out — Portuguese to English)
The iO Tillett Wright writer lived with the troubled Hollywood couple and witnessed first-hand their volatile relationship that ended in divorce and accusations of physical abuse. He talked Giles Hattersley magazine The Sunday Times about why he had to speak out against his former friend, Depp.Later this month, the extraordinary book iO Tillett Wright’s memories of his difficult upbringing as the son (and sometimes daughter) by fierce dog that has left the New York bohemia of the 1980s will be published. It is incredibly unfortunate: drugs, domestic violence, burlesque and so gender fluidity, you practically need a paddle to go through it. Fortunately, it is also excellent and put Tillett Wright, an activist of LGBT rights and author of the first trip, who now lives in Los Angeles, in several lists of “best autumn” next to new books of Zadie Smith and Marina Abramovic.There is another reason for 31-year-old to be getting so much attention: its intriguing friendship with the most secret artist of Hollywood, Johnny Depp, and his ex-mulherAmber Heard.
He lived with the actors for a year before the couple married in 2015. When, earlier this year, they spectacularly parted, he was front and center of the story. In May, it was Tillett Wright who called the police because of concerns that Depp had physically abused his wife; he was listening to a fight between the couple, while talking on the phone with Heard. Since then, she said it will not pursue Depp. But was this call that gave the kickoff to the public unfolding of one of the most heavily guarded relationships in Hollywood.The situation was very difficult. During the divorce proceedings, Heard appeared in court with a wounded eye, claiming that Depp assaulted her repeatedly during their relationship. Tillett Wright was even named in your divorce papers, which described an apparently horrible incident: “As my call to iOestava in speakerphone, Johnny snatched the phone from my hand and started screaming profanities and insults at iO. I heard iOgritar me to leave the house. Johnny then grabbed the cell phone as a baseball pitcher and threw the phone at me, slapping my cheek and my eye too hard … So I yelled at iO ‘Call the police’, waiting for him to hear, since he was still on the phone.
“As previously characterized, difficult situation. Last month, Heard agreed to a $ 7 million Depp, she decided to donate to domestic violence charities and sick children, and said it would not pay criminal charges against her ex-husband. But it is a city of industry, then the scandal was still seething when Giles Hattersley found Tillett Wright for lunch at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, just next to the old house of Depps. Before things get nasty, iO was a great friend of Depp and still have a fondness air about it: come stylish and still a little confused with an “emotional support dog ‘cuddly white man named Leo in her arms as they do not He managed to find a guide. There was blood on his shoes where he cut renovating their new home in the California desert, though its scent is French and expensive, and jeans and white shirt were untouched.It was through your busy network NY / LA boho types – artists, actors, “creative” – that iO met Heard.
They are a group of independent people: Before Depp, she dated a woman, the photographer Tasya van Ree, for four years, but after she married a movie star, the three – Heard, Depp and Tillett Wright – developed a strong bond. He and Depp became especially close, “as brothers,” he says. Tillett Wright even lived with them when I was going through a mental breakdown three years ago. But in the days after Heard go public with his allegations of domestic violence against Depp, iO decided to publish an online post that began: “I called 911 (police) because she never could …”.Now, the post has been removed from the internet, but it, iOafirmou that Depp had physically assaulted Heard during their short marriage ( “a kick in a private plane,” “covered with blood pillow”) and drew attention to “the culture of victim blaming “, who saw his friend marked as a shrew – a gold digger that was aiming for fortune $ 400 million Depp. “This situation was so public,” striking up during the interview. But he felt he had to say something. “I’ll never be one of them – I will never be a celebrity. But I chose to get involved in this situation because it was imperative for me to say what I thought was right. “He was stunned by the way how events unraveled. Even after she donated her huge gain by divorce settlement to charity, Heard has been defamed and discredited the Internet for daring to tarnish the name of one of the most beloved of Hollywood actors.
Tillett Wright nods. Apparently, he says, the $ 7m according to Heard eventually accepted was only about one-sixth of what it could have achieved. “And she paid all his own legal fees,” so actually to leave Amber Depp, cost him money.Money, of course, is a matter of risk, in the best of times. Tillett Wright says that after his collapse Depp offered to help him financially, but he rejected the offer. He felt that Depp had been generous enough helping him to rise again, and knew that accepting the money would bring the risk of poisoning friendship. Depp apparently has trouble trusting the motives of people.As Heard, Tillett Wright also suffered at the hands of online trolls. Though your post was incredibly sympathetic to Depp, given the circumstances – “We all love you,” it read – he received an actor devotees hate tsunami. The most poisonous corners of the internet presented him with the lovely nickname “Toilet Wright” and called it a “feminist cancerous”, “dyke enemy” and “p *** liar gender fluid.” Who knew that Pirates fans Caribbean would be so angry?”You know what I did on the day that [the blog] out?” IO said. “I was flying to New York and gave my assistant the password to my account on Instagram and told him to go deleting all the comments. I deleted the Twitter application and did not look at Facebook for three days.
I shut down the internet and happened this amazing thing: I have not experienced anything. I learned long ago that if you look at the comments on YouTube or TMZ, the humanity of slags go there to write things they feel about themselves directed to you. So I do not do it. “He sighs. “I do not mind being famous or being in the tabloids.”His friendship with Depp and Heard could endure the consequences? “Yes.” Pause. “One of them. Amber is one of my best friends. “And Johnny? He sighs again. “It’s a difficult thing. My attitude about it is the same as the attitude of my parents. People are very rarely bad people. People have things happen to them, and people have pain that they are trying to overcome. “In this case, Tillett Wright is talking about the long documentation problems Depp with drink and drugs, and that the actor also buried his mother this year. Notoriously sensitive, years of insane fame and mega wealth would have left Depp isolated and prone to paranoia. “Everyone is trying to dance with your pain and is sometimes, in whom you give stab in the process?” Says iO. “It’s what you do for stabbing them that makes the distinction between the people you can have on your life and the people you can not have.” Apparently, he is unable to have Depp in your life right now, because, so far, the actor did not apologize in public. Nor in particular, it seems. It’s sad, because at some point, at least, Depp seems to have been a stabilizing force in the lives of Tillett Wright. He told Giles about a devastating separation now and how, feeling suicidal, he had gone back to New York to face a former girlfriend. “I had some friends here [in Los Angeles] who were very well off and were kind and generous.
They said when I left, ‘You should not go to NY. If you want to return, you pull the rope and we will bring you back before you could say our names. “These names are Johnny and Amber? He shakes his head. “I called them and was like, ‘I pulled the rope, pulled the rope, pulled the rope,’ and they put me on a plane. They saved my life, “he says,” one hundred percent “. After that, he lived with both for a year and it was then that he began writing seriously his memoir. At the insistence of Depp (with an irony that, in retrospect, it’s a bit depressing), he joined a 12-step program for friends and family abused by addicts, was the meetings “every day for six months just to understand my own psychology. “After the article was published by The Sunday Times, iOdemonstrou their shock and disgust with the matter on his Twitter page, since the focus of the interview was his book, not the relationship of Amber and Johnny:”So deeply upset with the media now. Manipulation of information and sources by tabloids botched first. “”I’m shocked. I never sat down to discuss my friends or your marriage. I said I was out of bounds. I was fooled by @GilesHattersley “”@thesundaytimes @TheSTMagazine This is terrible and disgusting manipulation. I never agreed to discuss this with you. They correct it. “”I agreed to discuss my book, and @GilesHattersley changed to be me talking about them to benefit me. Totally disgusting. integrity 0 “
-Thanks Havana

Photo Of The Day

11 Sep


Should’ve Been

11 Sep

FUN new game here at Jambernews!

Here is the info:


Should’ve been:

I am not surprised. I NEVER sat down to discuss my book, or it’s release. I never said talking about other people was off limits. I was “tricked” by #noone


More Info:


Should’ve Been:

I agreed to discuss Amber and Johnny and I did it to benefit myself. I am absolutely disgusting and have 0 integrity. #coattailing


iO Wright Trying For 15 More Minutes

11 Sep

She Just  can’t shut her mouth.  It’s impossible. What fuels it? Not activism, not an  I must do what’s right!” It’s probably fueled by “I was, and am in love with her”  HER actions speak louder than “I’m just doing what’s right and being supportive.

iO Tillet Write has this idea in her head,  because she lived on the same property with Johnny and Amber, ON the same property not IN the same house, she is the end all be all on Amber’s “beatings”

iO ALWAYS  arrived to the scene of the horrrrible alleged whippings, and Johnny was already gone.  That’s how it happened with iO, and that’s how it happened with Raquel – (The yoga porn star of the Eastern building.) They were always called once Johnny had left. (Not during the time she was allegedly getting her ass beat, and needed help) No, AFTER it allegedly happened so Amber could show them the “crime scene”  “Look this is where he beat my ass for being such a manipulative brat.”

I knew it wouldn’t be long until iO HAD to get her name out there and today was not a let down. She’s running her mouth again. I’m going to back her up….into a fucking corner. I don’t give a fuck. It’s on.

1. I don’t give a fuck what iO feels like she is today. Male, female, dog, it, gerbil. She has a vagina so today I will be referring to her as the chapstick + lesbian that continues to want her 15 minutes.

2. iO was NEVER EVER EVER Johnny Depp’s friend BEFORE she knew Amber Heard. Stop  fucking lying. Enough is enough. iO met him through Amber – and she’s used his name to further her own career / fame.

3. The only person who stabbed anyone was the three brats. Amber, iO, and Raquel. Depp hasn’t stabbed anyone. Do you see his ass out there talking it up?? NOPE. The ONLY people doing that is iO and Amber.  iO just won’t STFU about it, Period.  The restraining order was dropped, as were the domestic abuse charges and yet iO is still trying to push those lies on the general public. Sorry iO Amber dropped that shit like a hot potato after Depp, and his attorneys brought their evidence, and threw it down for Amber, and her shit for brains attorneys to see.

4.  Publicity is dying out, isn’t it iO?  Amber isn’t getting much publicity, and I KNOW iO isn’t. Get  a little money for the article that was published today? Still using Depp’s name for money??  YESSSSSS.

5. Neither iO nor Amber want to  go on, and “Live their happy lives since the divorce” because they both keep talking. iO with this article, and Amber calling the paps to remote places in London they rarely photograph persons at.

Here’s a huge hint. NO ONE CARES in the end iO. We are aware – the world is aware you came to know Johnny through Amber, who you care for deeply. (“My Love Amber” IG)

Now go on with your lives, and do it the old fashioned way. EARN IT.



Trying to keep the fame:

How stupid do you think people are? They(the journalists) tricked you? WHY did you say anything at all to them about Amber and Depp? Right. If you didn’t want it published you would have said nothing at all. LIAR.



Photo Of The Day

7 Sep



7 Sep

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Thanks to everyone that has signed up. It finally looks to have some “meat” on there. Great conversations ( I read through them all today)

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