FORUM Please Read

10 Aug

Comments will be off  for WordPress maintenance. Mandatory – I’m sorry it comes at this time of busy posts, but I’ve found some issues in the comment area of the blog and a few other issues. I thought it would be just a few hours, but it may be longer.

To get your fix and to interact until the blog is back up. Go to
Click -on register
Click- I agree to these terms
Fill out registration form ( You MUST use a real email address)
Password must contain upper and lowercase letters and a number

Hit submit when you are done.
An activation key will be sent to your email. ALSO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. It may go to your spam instead of your inbox.

Follow the instructions and you’re done.


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  1. Fabisa August 11, 2016 at 1:03 pm #

    Hi ! I saw a comment on a dailymail article on AH. This person wrote she was at school with her ans that she had a similar ‘attack’ on two boys…

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