Stalling – Yes She Is.

26 Jul

Amber Heard reuses to sign a confidentiality agreement about the divorce, you know one of those legal GAG order kind of things to keep your mouth shut. She had since May to sign. Not once, but TWO times it was sent. 30 days apart.

Amber, and her friends have been leaking information, and lies to the media. SO Johnny’s attorneys wanted a confidentiality agreement in place. THEN he would hand over his information ( financials)  her team need to settle the divorce.

In the meantime word gets out that Johnny’s lawyers filed the above (divorce docs are public in California – TMZ got them) and the world found out Amber didn’t want to sign.

NOW Amber and her team say Johnny and his team are stalling. It’s HIS fault. Leaked to the media – that he is the one making the divorce take forever – ALL THE WHILE SHE WON’T and HAS NOT signed the agreement given back in May and June.

Who’s the real stalling here?

As usual Amber Heard gets caught in her own lies and “manipulation”

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