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You know…I never started this blog thinking so many people would flock here. I thought I’d get a few people who saw it, and it would be a blog that people would find years later, or when shit finally hit the fan with Johnny and Amber.  A blog that would just catalogue all the inconsistencies, lies, and red flags. I am not a professional writer, and it shows. I am not a ‘fluid’ writer – and I’m not perfect. I was prepared for…..

The few who may find it early on. They wouldn’t be nice – because what I was saying didn’t sound nice. Many thought  I was a woman who was jealous of Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend. I was not. What I did see was something wasn’t right. I had no idea why it was happening. Mid life crisis, a short fling, I didn’t know. Yet I noticed signs about Amber Heard that screamed, “RUN LIKE HELL”  Something inside of me felt compelled to dig a little deeper and document it.

I was not a Johnny Depp fan. I had only seen a few movies he was in. Didn’t even know what his life had been about. I just didn’t read on him, I had nothing to go off of, except some uneasy feeling. I knew nothing of Amber Heard, and did NOT want to misjudge her. That’s unfair. Thus, why I had to dig a little. When I found the first inconsistencies – tshirts, dates and times, etc.  THEN I  went back to see what was on the internet about HER.

I found a few interviews she had given. Watched a few videos to get a feel. THEN I went back and started with Johnny’s early interviews and it dawned on me some of the things he said, she repeated years later. The connection of pieces started. It grew from there. Lie after lie, and so forth. You know the rest.

During this time I was not soft on Depp either. I was baffled as to why there was a sudden – what seemed to be change in him. WHY could he not see the lies? Was he really that oblivious? Someone that others stated had a very good bullshit radar? WTH?!

During that time a few months after the blog opened I made my rounds to the other Depp fan forums. I read all the things they said about Jambernews. The author of Jambernews was jealous, the author is crazy, lying, disrespecting Johnny Depp, hating a woman that had done nothing wrong. I do remember one comment on another Depp fan site, and it was in reply to  another poster/fan. The comment was “This relationship won’t last” and the administrator/moderator said in reply “No relationship lasts, some people break up, hell some people die in a relationship. SO they all end. Be respectful.”  I always remembered that comment, and how it seemed everyone refused to see the truth. That Amber was bad news.

Depp fans only want Johnny to be happy, and I agree. To watch an individual seemingly dissolve, and slip deeper into a kind of funk is difficult. Believe it or not, I am the same way. I don’t like to see a person destruct. This blog started not because it was Johnny Depp, and his new girlfriend, but rather due to Depp being a public figure….. it was easy for myself and others to SEE something was off here. I simply felt the need to document it. NOT because he was well known, but because another human being seemed to be in, or headed for trouble. Contrary to my own image- gruff self-  I do give a shit about people.

I was – concerned – sometimes downright afraid this man was going to die. I didn’t know if it would be from self destruction, or enabling from his new flame, or both…I didn’t know but I knew she wasn’t helping.

Five years later – (now) – the “relationship” has blown up – I don’t know – how to feel about that on certain days. I had a blog but my hands were tied. I had to accept that if anything horrible happened at least this blog would be here for others to read long after I had stopped posting due to being disgusted, and disheartened that it -the relationship- went so far. It just shocked me – irritated me, no one saw the danger signs??

I am glad nothing happened to Johnny that took his life. I am thankful that he is still here for his family, friends, and fans because there were days I dreaded the internet for fear it would be horrible news.

As far as I know, he could take one look at these blog writings and think I’m the biggest fucking asshole ever. I’ll take that. As long as he can now find some peace, happiness, and all that he desires. It was worth the backlash. It was, and still is.

I have met some incredibly caring fans, loyal to both Depp, and this blog when everyone tried to get this place shut down  literally, and also by word of mouth (don’t go there, it’s ridiculous, and negative)

I’ve also met some fuckers that really were/are nut jobs. The internet can be a sanitarium for a lot of folks.

I’ll stop rambling now. This was just a shit post to let others know why I started this blog. I’m a lone person out there in cyber-land, and in my opinion saw, and felt something wasn’t right. I was hoping it would do something for the good of a man that has two children, and a life that’s worth something. You can’t be that blessed/lucky to be placed in front of others, and be given so much,…… and have no one give a damn.

Even a gruff lone nobody can give half a shit.



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  1. swansta July 3, 2016 at 4:24 am #

    Thanks for sharing. I like Jambernews very much. #IAmWithJohnny

  2. katedruana July 3, 2016 at 5:03 am #

    Andy Wrote:

    “I was – concerned – sometimes downright afraid this man was going to die. I didn’t know if it would be from self destruction, or enabling from his new flame, or both…I didn’t know but I knew she wasn’t helping.”

    Hi Andy, hope this post isn’t too long. It’s just that writing was so amazing and so spot on that I guess I went on a bit of a tangent lol. Oh well… 😛

    There have been many times I’ve wished I’d known about this blog all along, since the start of that hideous relationship. Even the first time I heard AH’s name, I cringed. Then I was told that he’d proposed to her. Something in me just felt angry and sad…and I hadn’t even seen her yet! Later, when I saw her, and saw them together, my first thought was, like you, WTH? What is up with this man’s radar here? This girl…something ain’t right here. She’s plastic. She’s phoney. Lmao, you get the gist.

    What quoted from your article was my fear exactly, especially after he married her. My heart would be in my throat every time I would refresh Johnny’s Google news page(where I usually keep up on his news, but lately I am finding more news comes out that is not posted there unless it comes to places like HERE first. More on that later…) At any rate, I did fear for his life, I was terrified he would do something to purposely take his life, a la Hunter…or die of alcohol abuse or a car crash related to drunk driving. You said it best…he was falling slowly apart and yet seemed more and more smitten with her especially at the end of last Summer and September during the Venice Festival and so on.

    It was absolutely puke-inducing lol.

    I do have an affinity for Johnny, I admit it. I don’t like to call it a “crush” because that to me implies that I’m only attracted to him for surface reasons, i.e. his looks, “rebel” nature, whatnot. I see him as a human, yes, one I never met, but the more you spend time reading about a person, there are just subtle little ways you can “kind of” know them even if you’re not talking to them all the time and they’re confiding in you, etc. There’s just a “sense” of the person the more you take him in. Sure, I’ve had my share of being called “obsessed” and “Infatuated,” and I’ve shot that down too. Those words, like “crush” seem to describe a teenager coming of age figuring out what she/he want in life, and looking to famous people who do amazing things(and maybe look good doing them…:D ) and are attracted in a big way. To me? Crushes, infatuation, obsession…they are about a young person growing up.and figuring out what kind of man or woman they might like as their ideal partner. Crushes are a growing-up thing. Yes, I’ve heard accusations at other women my age, and me too, that maybe we’re having a “midlife crisis” of our own and “re-living” teenagehood, by indulging in fantasy lol. NATURALLY, say these bashers, people like me would hate Amber Heard. Of course I would. I’m jealous, I’m poor, I’m not all statistically thin and young like she is…bla bla bla lmao.

    Thing is…I always, always adored Vanessa Paradis. And I loved Johnny the same as I do now when he was with her. Vanessa…she’s just classy. He always looked so happy with her. I was so thrilled with Johnny and how he seemed to come out of a rocky spot following the Kate Moss drama. Seeing Johnny talk about his daughter’s birth giving him “new life” and the movies he chose that were geared to children…it was just powerful. He was really on top of the world then.

    I adored Winona Ryder earlier on too. I saw a beautiful love between those two and it was sad to see them split up. I thought Johnny was totally self-destructing when he hooked up with Kate Moss, not that I read everything about them. But I read enough to see a lot of self-destructive behavior on both of their parts. I liked Kate, for the most part, I thought she was gorgeous and had a certain edgy quality about her that worked for her. She and Johnny, when they got together,were both in similar spots in life, and it just was what it was. And Kate,at least, unlike Scumber, LOVED Johnny…so much, it took her years to get over him. Even with all the hard partying, fights and drugs, there was definitely love there, passion and the like. But he did need to get away from that…or he might have, frighteningly died during that time too, in any number of ways.

    Bottom line? Amber is trouble and I would have seen the signs even if she’d been with someone else. There are other celebs I look at and I just get creeped out. The Kardashians are one example, but you know what I mean. There’s a lot to be said about energy, and what people exude through their pictures, interviews, even movies, when they’re supposed to be playing a different person. I have never seen Amber act in a movie. I don’t want to. I will never watch The Rum Diary, especially now…regardless of the fact that not only is Johnny in it, that it was meant as a tribute to Hunter. I saw Fear and Loathing, and loved it. Hunter was a smart, deep man that has this quality of–just BEING. He didn’t do or say explosive things just for the sake of being “nuts.” He was what he was, and there were more layers to him than some on the outside looking in would get. Hearing Johnny discuss Hunter, you KNOW he saw a multitude of layers to that man. It’s sad that Johnny wanted to do Hunter’s novel as a tribute to him, a novel that had never been published…but then, Ambitch was in it, and look what came from that. Et. Al.

    Like you, I was pissed at Johnny when he’d praise Ambitch, especially that gushing drunken speech at the Danish Girl premier, when he went on about what an afficionado she was of the blues, was a bookworm, “kinda brilliant and beautiful” and he’s a “lucky man.” And let’s not forget, “We connect on so many levels,” bla bla. It pissed me off because on Oprah in 2004 when Johnny was read that beautiful article Vanessa wrote about their relationship…sure, Johnny seemed to be blinking back tears. But when Oprah asked him what he loved most about Vanessa, Johnny clammed up and was like, “Oh–well–she puts up with ME, that’s a good point in her favor.” Something like that. Then he gushed about her being such a great mom. That was it. What made him fall for Vanessa? What was the kizmet? Her back. He saw her back as she rose from a chair, wearing a dress that obviously revealed a lot of that. Wow. Her back…and instant kizmet. Amber? Bla bla, blues, bookworm, brilliant, connect on many levels. I would yell “Shut up, Johnny!” every time he’d do that. LMAO!

    But now that things have revealed to be deeper than it looked at first…with the narcissism involved, and the psychosis/sociopathy? Oh yeah. It makes sense. I’ll close with this…it was not fun to watch, but I think Amber was some kind of karmic “test” for Johnny. He had to do something with his life, something more than just have kids and settle down. He had to shed old habits that don’t help him anymore. It seems like now…he’s on the brink of something amazing. I don’t know what, but more will be revealed. I look forward to seeing the process, meanwhile, as Johnny continues to Make Haste, Slowly. 😀

  3. Debster July 3, 2016 at 5:10 am #

    You write very well Andy and im not a big responder to anything you were absolutely correct in everything you wrote. Spot on. . I must tell you when shut down your blog I missed it very much. You should write a book.Thats how well I think you write. Happy 4th to you and your family.

    • Andy July 3, 2016 at 7:17 am #

      Lmao. Any book I’d write would be too offensive. Trolls would try to find my house if I did that. I’m sure there would be a fire involved, police, take out from the Chinese restaurant and other sketchy shit with them on my property.

      • mud6352@gmail.com July 3, 2016 at 7:23 am #

        Your great

      • goawayjamber July 3, 2016 at 9:45 am #

        Andy, I said the same thing…you should write a book, Your the best!! Happy 4th….

  4. mud6352@gmail.com July 3, 2016 at 6:36 am #

    Thanjs Andy for Jamber your the best lucky that i found it

  5. Ps July 3, 2016 at 7:09 am #

    I’m typing with the foot, because your hands are busy cheering! Beautiful
    text justification.

  6. serenity15 July 3, 2016 at 7:23 am #

    I appreciate every thing you said and I get what you are saying and doing with this blog. This is my first post, btw, but I have been visiting for a while now. You have done a great job. It is an excellent journal of a NPT’s characteristic traits, and patterns of destruction. This blog might help someone else caught in a NPT’s trap.

    My 23 y/o daughter and I are both Depp fans. I feel like I kind of grew up with Johnny cause we are so close in age and I watched him evolve over the years. No, I do not know him personally but I feel (and I could be wrong) that I have a pretty good idea of the kind of man he is (good and bad but mostly good). Even though he has so much fame and fortune, he seems to be humble. He seems to remember where he came from. He has a heart and a conscience. He is one of those men who is just lovable and sweet.It didn’t matter if most of his movies flopped because he was loved anyway. He seems like an ordinary guy who got lucky in Hollywood but didn’t let it go to his head.He has made thousands of fans very happy.

    Why am I here?

    Both my daughter and I have been burned by NPT/Sociopaths. We are both empaths and we can recognize one a mile off. Once you have been burned, you don’t ever want to experience that night mare again. Unfortunately, I have a father and a sister (both Sociopaths and possibly even psychopaths), as well as other relatives who are NPT. A NPT/Sociopath latched onto my empath daughter in 10 grade and it was sheer hell.The only way I could protect my daughter was to threaten a RO and to save face, the school board intervened and threatened to expel the NPT and not allow her to graduate. She was forbidden to say anything to or about my daughter. The school even monitored her Facebook page. That didn’t solve the problem but it did give my daughter some relief while at school. I could write a book on NPTs. I can be in a room with a stranger and feel the hair on the back of my neck stick up and know I am in the presence of an NPT.

    We recognized the signs in AH. My daughter was so upset when she heard he was marrying her, which we both knew was a huge a mistake. Johnny seems to be too trusting and too giving. We felt Johnny was not emotionally equipped to protect him self from the train wreck that was clearly going to happen. Like you, Andy, we saw the train coming and there was nothing to be done except wait and watch the wreck. It is frustrating when you know hell is coming but there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    I am amazed at how she was allowed to get so close to him with all the security and handlers around him.
    We wondered it it was some kind of PR stunt because they seemed so awkward together. She was clearly all about being famous and he clearly is not. I wonder, if his mother had been in better health, could she have stopped it.

    I come here not to hate on AH but to keep up with the progress that Johnny is making in extracting himself from a NPT. Also, it helps knowing that you are all thinking the same thing we are thinking. We are not crazy. I’m seeing the same signs that all of you are seeing. You get it. I get it that you get it.

    The last thing I have to say is that I have learned that there really are many people out there who can’t or won’t see the signs, even if you place them right in front of their faces. I have heard it all, “Oh, but she is such a nice person, You are just jealous because she is so pretty, Your such a negative person, You must have misunderstood, Everyone makes mistakes, What makes you so perfect”……bla, bla, bla……They are asleep and they don’t want to wake up because they have been charmed and manipulated by the NPT. It is like these people are in a different dimension or like the speak a foreign language. You try to warn them but they don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. It takes being burned by a NPT for some people to get it. Once burned, you don’t ever forget it.


  7. Tanya July 3, 2016 at 8:08 am #

    Andy, I was one of those fans who tried to be respectful to the bitch out of my love and respect for Johnny. I wish I had found your blog sooner. It wasn’t until she started her shot storm on the heels of his sweet mom’s passing, that I saw her true colors and found your blog from the fb group. You had all this crap predicted and you’ve been right down the line correct on all of it. Thank you for doing it. I hope now that Johnny will be happy as he deserves.

  8. Mariadv July 3, 2016 at 8:28 am #

    Hi Andy,and everyone! i’m writing from Portugal. I used to read the blog before all this happen, even before JD and AH got married, and i loved it because i found a place where other people were putting into words the same thoughts i had about her/their relationship…i could see this was a disaster from the beginning …like i use to say she has a “neon” above her head saying FAKE! everyone can see that, why JD didn’t see??!! marry her?? make tattoos related to her?? i just don’t get that…specially if you pay attention to the other women he was involved with…even Kate Moss… You were right all the time! we were right all the time! and i just hope that Johnny have learned the lesson and from now on that he focus on those who really care for him.
    Thank you for the blog and thank you form sharing your thoughts. All of you.

  9. BB July 3, 2016 at 9:08 am #

    I wish I would have known about this blog sooner. I only found it after the divorce was announced and the shit hit the fan.

    I saw it coming. I could never warm up to her. There was something in her body language and her eyes that put me off. I remember remarking to my husband that she put me in mind of a cold fish.

    A friend told me once that I had the gift of discernment, as I can usually pinpoint a person’s character. I am rarely ever wrong, and I was hoping I was wrong with her.

    I never said anything on many of the forums on Tumblr or FB for fear of being flamed beyond belief, so imagine how happy I was when I finally found this place. I just wish I had found it sooner.

    Andy, I have written professionally in the past and still do, and while your blog is often grammatically and syntactically imperfect, it really doesn’t matter. You get your point across in a relaxing, flowing and conversational manner. In addition, you provide a service as well as information to so many people.

    I could have written this blog today, because you shared exactly how I have been feeling all along.


  10. dkstevens327 July 3, 2016 at 10:06 am #

    Andy, the wonderful thing about blogs is every post does not have to be a piece of perfect writing. But you are a better writer than you seem to think you are. And you get your point across.
    My “introduction” to Amber came the Sunday after JD’s mom died. I’d always liked him but wasn’t particularly a fan. I saw the pictures of Amber on instagram (since removed) showing her full unblemished face and wondered what party could be more important than being with her husband after his mom died? That same unblemished face then filed for divorce Monday, with no mention of d.v. and… you know the rest of her stories.
    Using d.v. as an excuse is what made me Anti-Amber. When that woman was posting here the other day about people being jealous and accusing you of being obsessed, I wanted to say something but you responded beautifully — something about “going in dry” Lol
    I found your wonderful site thru a Disqus comment (TMZ or People) and was amazed at how early on you “caught” her and called her out for what she is. It takes bravery and guts, not to mention dedication to find her arrest records and put the dates of her zigzagging timeline into coherent form (as much as one can with her various stories). I get the feeling that, like so many of us, you felt / feel that nobody deserves someone like her in their lives and had she leeched onto someone else, the posts would be similar. The fact that JD comes off as such a nice guy makes it that much worse.
    Blessed Be.

  11. K July 3, 2016 at 10:15 am #

    I am a Depp fan, not a fanatic. I’ve NEVER commented on a ‘celebrated’ related blog before this one.

    I discovered Jambernews about 2 years ago, viewed it off and on but starting seriously following it just before their wedding. I was relieved to find it as I felt as though I was the only one that saw through her BS.

    While I now believe her to be evil, at the time I just saw fake. Yes, I get it that many actors are fake, but there was something disturbing about her.

    I believe she is extremely immature and thinks that she is better than everyone else. When she doesn’t get her way she throws major tantrums. She threw a well documented public fit at TIFF when JD was taking to some friends and she wasn’t getting enough attention.

    I believe that when they’d argue she would get violent – he’d have to protect himself and calm her down. During these tantrums, she (and he) would get scratches; maybe bruises. When he started talking about leaving her, she started documenting fight evidence and making sure that friends would be witness to her injuries.

    IO saw evidence but it was manufactured evidence. She is another of Heard’s victims.

    Rachel was setup too, but she is more like the high school girl that chirps in support of her bff even though she doesn’t truly believe or support her – mob mentality. She’ll distance herself soon enough.

    Amanda is more useful to Heard, she’ll get played a bit harder. Some effort is being made on this one. Sooner or later Amanda will realize that Heard has created her abuse claims and is using her. When that happens, Heard will realize that she picked the wrong woman to scam. This implosion will be fun to watch.

  12. Chelle July 3, 2016 at 10:49 am #

    Hello! First time posting here, but I’ve been following this blog since Chupa’s slanderous DV allegations came out. As a longtime Depp fan, I recognize that there is a certain bias in my inclination to believe in Johnny over Amber, but I echo the sentiments of you, Andy, and many of your readers here who saw (or heard of) his relationship with her and knew something was off from the get-go. There was just something about this chick that I didn’t trust, and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I wish I had known about this blog then! Alas, I wanted to be a decent, supportive fan, and without having a valid reason for disliking Amber, kept my mouth shut. I think I tried to convince myself that I was bothered by their age difference (Amber is only three years older than me, and Johnny just two years younger than my mother), but I knew that wasn’t it. Celebrities dating much younger celebrities is hardly uncommon. A good friend of mine, also a longtime Depp fan, had the same feeling I did, but made no bones about it. I remember sharing my disappointment with her when I came home from work to find out they’d gotten married. It was a low point in my history of appreciation for his work.

    Anyways, I wanted to thank you, Andy, for your work and writing on this blog. It’s a very brave thing to do to go against the status quo and question someone’s behaviors based on a gut instinct – I was never brave enough to do it (publicly, that is), but after watching this nonsense unfold, watching this woman (if you can even call her that) go out of her way to destroy him while contradicting herself over and over again (even her leech friends can’t speak two sentences without contradicting themselves), I’m feeling a little braver! I could continue to go on and on with all the problems with her story, but that could very well end up taking days.

    The short-and-sweet of it is, this blog is a gem and deserves to be celebrated. Today’s society (internet commenters at-large, the media, etc.) is oftentimes more concerned with political correctness and feminism than with examining facts. (FACT: She has been caught lying on multiple occasions about several different things, and has even admitted to it. FACT: She has a history of DV. FACT: No swelling in any of her abuse pictures. FACT: Amber has two friends – one a makeup artist and one a former boxer, i.e., someone who specializes in hitting people. FACT: Her “bruises” move around her face and then altogether disappear the next day. I digress.) But because she’s a woman and because the allegations she is making are so serious, she is automatically given the benefit of the doubt by the public at large. Only recently have more people started to put the pieces together and question her motives.

    Cheers, Andy, and keep doing what you’re doing. The world could benefit from more people like you who have the guts to stand up and say something stinks when presented with a heaping pile of bullshit, rather than tip-toeing around it because their feet might get dirty. Sorry for the long post!

  13. velma July 3, 2016 at 11:41 am #

    I’m a fan of Depp’s movies. Until this story broke, I knew very little about his personal details, his love life, etc. A few years ago I recall seeing a photo of him with Heard and a headline indicating that they were dating. My gut reaction was that she was sinister in some way. I found my interest perked when she came forward with abuse allegations right after filing for divorce. The timing seemed fishy. My brother married and divorced a person with a high conflict/narcissistic personality and since following this story, I have seen numerous similarities with what I witnessed first hand. My bro’s ex lied, cheated, fabricated, played the victim, committed physical violence, involved the police, used social media to try and discredit…much like the tactics used by Heard. I believe that this blog looks past the he said, she said crap that most magazines focus on and instead digs into Heard’s behavior and motivations. Very refreshing indeed. Thanks Andy! Great work. Please keep it up.

  14. kaibagirl July 3, 2016 at 12:11 pm #

    Andy, I am very proud of you of your hard work!!! I am very blessed and soo glad that I have had the opportunity to find a blog that has the same thoughts and deep heart feelings as me. 😀 😦 Then as through whole 5 years, I was just feeling depressed and just with mixed feelings, my mom was even noticing that something was bothering me.. And my mom had to take me with her friend to pray for me and all of sudden I felt peaceful and better!!! Until right now in this very moment I am so very much happy and in peace that all of Amber Heard behind cover HAS BEEN EXPOSED.

  15. Seapea July 3, 2016 at 12:25 pm #

    Interesting blog, since I’ve often wondered why the interest and concern to such a degree on your part, Andy. I’ve always just assumed that you’re an acquaintance or a friend or relative or relative of a friend of Johnny’s, and not someone who had no connection with him whatsoever. So I was wrong?

    • Andy July 3, 2016 at 4:01 pm #

      I’ve met and talked many celebrities, but I have never spoke or been around Johnny Depp in person. Never met him.

  16. linda July 3, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

    1. You write from the heart. It shows and you know when to call out someone for being an idiot.
    2. I’ve been reading yours and many blogs for 7+ years. Had some time on my hands.
    3. I never posted any comments anywhere, until here, with this story.
    4. I’ve followed Johnny Depp since before Jump Street. Florida to be exact with The Kids.
    5. I feared he would suicide under the circumstances he was amidst. Been where he is, tried it, but it solves nothing. He’s stronger than I could ever have hoped for.
    6. Thanks for putting your thoughts out for us all.

    • BB July 3, 2016 at 12:34 pm #

      Interesting how so many people are bringing up that they were afraid Johnny would commit suicide amidst all this. I’m glad I am not crazy…I was thinking the same thing all along, and it scared the Crap out of me.

      • linda July 3, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

        BB, you mentioned fear and I’ve never felt so scared for someone I’ve never met before this. It has escalated more and more as the weeks, years have passed. My fingers are crossed…

        • BB July 3, 2016 at 1:34 pm #

          Mine, too.

          He’s not out of the woods yet. I pray his family and friends will be there for him.

        • mud6352@gmail.com July 3, 2016 at 3:48 pm #

          I was worried amanda woukd have killed himand make it appear suicide or look,like accidental overdose so she could get more of money belongings and pretend to boo hoo i never liked anything about her bad aura vibes

          • linda July 3, 2016 at 4:28 pm #

            Maybe SHE knows her acting skills aren’t so good to.

    • mud6352@gmail.com July 3, 2016 at 3:42 pm #


  17. strider July 3, 2016 at 12:45 pm #

    I just discovered this blog last month through Mr. Shaw. I wish i would’ve known it before so i could have someone to share my feelings. I too thought there was something wrong from the beginning and was very concerned for Johnny. I care so much for this man though i have nothing to do with his life. I’m thankful that you did this bolg, i agree 100% with everything.

  18. Bex July 3, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

    I love this blog, Andy, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it. I first learned of it reading comments on TMZ about Amber. I’ve always liked Johnny, thought he was very handsome and liked most of his movies but wouldn’t call myself a fan. When I found out he married Amber I thought there was something about her I didn’t like but thought it was because I felt bad for Vanessa. I can’t believe how crazy and spiteful Amber is, how she’s lied and manipulated. She might be an atheist but I’m not, I’m going to pray my backside off the world finds out what she’s being doing to Johnny! Sorry for rambling!

  19. Luna July 3, 2016 at 3:13 pm #

    After reading all of the negative comments about JD on DailyMail, I’m stumbling over here (can you say mimosa & mimosa?) to give my 2 cents about their relationship.
    I think Johnny was ready to “retire” from Hollywood when he hooked up with AH. And I don’t mean that he didn’t want to do movies anymore. I mean that he was ready to pursue his first love: being a musician.
    And Amber wasn’t happy about that. She faked knowledge about music and JD’s interests and then it came back to bite her in the butt. She didn’t like the “scene” with his music stuff: late night jam sessions, unglamorous locales, “old” people (for real… bet she didn’t know who Alice Cooper is, or Perry for that matter).
    I only wish she moved on quietly instead of trying to capitalize on his reputation.
    Even though I’m not a fly on the wall, I believe that JD was provoked by AH. I can totally see her verbally/physically abusing him & him defending himself.
    But what do I know? I’ve never hung out with him. I’ve only see him in countless interviews, movies, co-star interviews… Not one person has EVER said a bad thing about Johnny until now.
    I guess I just want to say to all the haters on DM: Johnny is genuine and he cares about his fans, the people he works with and his family & friends. I can’t say the same about ScuMber.
    P. S.S. Oh & he’s been dressing the same way for forever. It’s who he is! And he definitely doesn’t look like Mickey Rourke.

    • Jo32 July 3, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

      I know right? Comments about he needs to act his age and dress properly and quit the tattoos.. Gosh what a boring life these people have, as if there’s are guidelines how to dress and live your life. Besides that DM spends a lot of time searching for the most unflattering photo’s..

  20. Elevener July 3, 2016 at 3:50 pm #

    Great comments everyone.
    Like many here, I also thought we were going to wake up to another Phillip Hoffman headline or similar. It was terrifying, heart breaking and f**ken frustrating seeing exactly what was going on, but because of the wall of fame around him, not being able a bloody thing about it.

    So I found myself for the first time not only writing here, but writing on mainstream celebrity comment sections – it was like being caught in the stare of the Medusa. I couldn’t look away, it got me by the balls….screaming at me. This man is in an abusive relationship. (And when you have been through something yourself, when you have walked in those shoes – you recognise it). My radar was pinging so loudly it it was deafening.

    This blog is a f**ken Godsend. (For want of a better word!).
    Like his friend Stanhope said, the Emperor was naked – sometimes it just takes one voice to call it out.

    And the voice has become a chorus!

  21. Monkee July 3, 2016 at 4:02 pm #

    Andy, I first saw your blog back during the doggy smuggling fiasco because I encountered someone I thought was making hateful comments about Amber Heard and I went to investigate them. Because of your blog I started to question my initial impression of her. I thought if Depp loved her there must be something about her worth loving, but after reading your blog I had doubts about her. I like Depp, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “super fan”. At first I found the story she told about the dogs to be plausible, but it increasingly appeared that she was lying about that, and I began to suspect she was willing to get people fired to CYA. I became disgusted with her. I understood why he defended her. The Australian government threatened to kill his dogs for what he probably thought was a misunderstanding. I think his anger at that Australian bureaucrat was more about his dogs and threatening to kill them then it was about her. He is an animal lover.

    Basically, your documenting things about her was eye opening to me and it opened my mind as well. I wanted to ask you, have you been the victim of someone like Amber? That might be why you were able to see through her from the start. I have survived a very abusive marriage, I should have seen that Depp was in pain because I’ve been in the same type of pain, but I didn’t see her as abusing him. And you are right, he is lucky to be alive. I have a feeling that if he died she’d be entitled to less than if she just divorced him. He has stuck his vast wealth into trusts for his kids, I am sure he has done that. So if he died she’d basically get almost nothing because it is expensive to be Johnny Depp. Their cash on hand it probably nil. He might be dead if it were otherwise. (of course I am speculating about his money situation, but considering his art sell, etc, I don’t think I am wrong. His trusts are rich, not him).

    • Andy July 3, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

      Long ago yes. It was the ride to hell and lucifee lol was taking the relationship to dark places. I still detest that relationship. But that was a long time back

  22. Jo32 July 3, 2016 at 4:24 pm #

    Discovered this blog through tmz and have read every article in the archives. You were right all along Andy and I’d like to thank you for all the effort and energy you put into this blog till this day.

    Johnny’s been one of my favorite actors since I watched Gilbert Grape. I was 13 back then and now, 23 years later, I still really appreciate Johnny’s work and the way he is living his life.

    I’ve been shaking my head many times in the last few years when I read articles about Johnny and that arrogant woman, and I just couldn’t believe he fell for such a fake human being who tried to be like him. He married her after all but was still working on some great movies… didn’t look very happy on the red carpet though.

    When I watched that stupid dog-smugling apology video I gave up all hope for Johnny and I couldn’t believe how he got himself doing this shit. Why wasn’t she able to sort out her own mess?! Awful vile woman. The divorce was some great news, but what happened a few days later wasn’t and I just KNEW she was lying. And she’s making up stories till this day.

    Karma will get her, eventually.

    • linda July 3, 2016 at 4:34 pm #

      The first time I saw Johnny was an episode of “Hotel.” Does anyone remember that one? Great post, thanks.

  23. Hightop July 3, 2016 at 5:22 pm #

    Thanks Andy, for the blog, for your posts and for letting us comment and interact.
    I follow and read your posts regularly from when only in the PH comments and here pointed out that something didn’t fit in Scamber and in the relationship between her and Johnny.
    But one thing about Scamber still scares me, her supporters. Because all have the same way of trying to break any argument that is not good about her. They seem to use an old type of fascist or Stalinist propaganda that is to alleg negative things about who is making the comment, with for example saying you do not sympathize with Scamber because you are jealous or envious of her.
    And now, you don’t believe Scamber because you are misogynist or homophobic.
    Or you don’t know her personally or you was not there to know who is telling the truth, Scamber or Johnny.
    Trying to create doubts and trying to give Scamber the benefit of the doubt
    BS! This tatic doesn’t work anymore. We can see her true colors.
    Scamber is so in love with herself and with spotlights that she was/is making public all her steps and showing all her lies.
    And we have three neutral eyewitnesses, the three cops. The one who arrested her and the two who went to his home and saw her face and didn’t see any injury.
    So, she is, as you say Andy, a liar.

  24. Look.OverThere July 3, 2016 at 6:05 pm #

    Andy, That was an interesting and surprising read. While many commenters have said that there was something off about Amber, even repellant, they said so only to their friends, while you made a blog for the world. Your dedication to the task over the years shows a persistence that few people posses.
    I had thought that at sometime you must have crossed paths with Amber to want to reveal her so much. In the back story I imagined this was not a major incident just a revealing one such as bad parking that blocked others’ access or pushing to the front of a waiting line.

    • Andy July 3, 2016 at 6:26 pm #

      She stole my parking spot damn it

      • LZ July 4, 2016 at 2:05 am #

        Andy, to be honest, reading about AH, especially after her DV accusations against JD, is pretty energy draining because she is negative. The main subject of your news is negative. And I sometimes wonder how you’re able to release that negativity she’s caused you for the past several years or even before the time you published this blog.

        With that said, and as what I’ve expressed in another comment to your blog post, you cried “Wolf!” when you saw one, and it was real, but nobody listened – or that only a few shared your views. You’ve had experience with someone who’s got the same kind of disorder that AH has, so that probably ticked off your curiosity about her. However, even if you’re like Doug Stanhope who’s in JD’s inner circle, you might end up like him not saying anything to JD prior to their marriage because you’d want to respect his judgment even if you don’t agree with it. Plus, you know how it is when a person is “in love” – i.e. reason takes a backseat, as the libido drives ahead.

        Carry on, Andy. You’re doing fine. Also, none of us has claimed to be a saint, including JD and AH. If ever she sees or reads your blog, she should learn instead of getting mad and vindictive. I bet none of her friends would be as honest as you and the rest of us here when it comes to telling her what’s wrong with what she’s done not only to JD, but to herself.

  25. sadforjd July 4, 2016 at 1:00 am #

    It’s late so short and sweet…
    Andy, as always, you have written a great and honest article. I’ve been here for a couple of years and was sad when you ended your blog but completely understood. Happy as hell when you returned.
    I’m not a huge depp fan…I didn’t read blogs or article other than rags at the doctors office. The only reason why I was reading articles about jamber was the odd feeling I got about turdy in TRD. Then I heard depp left vanessa. ..I didn’t know her …then heard crap about him hooking up with chupacabra. I then started to read articles online, then I read the comments never commenting myself until the red carpet event and the chupa fiasco. All the talk about Johnny calling Heard a famewhore. ..I had see that and a commenter lend me to Andy.
    I was hooked..I went back and read the previous posts and comments. ..joined the forum where I started to slowly participate. ..I wasn’t a fan of Johnny, no more than any other actor, don’t know crap about him other than his movies, he had two children and was living in France. But I kept coming back to this blog I really didn’t go to other blogs, fb or fan sites.
    I really enjoyed Andy style of writing and reporting. …and like minded people who saw thru the turdy’s shit……chupa shit…Bull shit and was thinking what the hell was wrong the depp…mid-life crisis? Holy shit..that’s allot of shit.
    Thanks Andy , love ya and looking forward to the new blog. Happy 4th of July
    PS I was thinking of that hideous photo of the turdy shit you posted a long time back … so gross but so funny. Take care

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