Amber and Marie swap clothes

22 Jun

Marie Part 1


Looking back over previous posts we know that Amber Heard was out, and about with Marie de Villipen back in the summer of 2012. Around the time the first rumor hit that Amber, and Johnny had a break up. Shortly there after we hear that Johnny sent a months worth of love poems to Amber and she took him back.

During the summer Amber was seen around LA with Marie (driving, and going to an acupuncture clinic) Marie was with Amber when Amber was seen wearing Johnny’s T-Shirt.(acupuncture clinic) Here is a pic of them last summer having some fun on a previous day.


After this picture we later have the photos of Amber wearing Johnny’s T-Shirt. That would be during the first part of October. A little later we see that Amber keeps wearing the same sweater over, and over again for a few weeks.(the last of November all…

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