A Baby Chupacabra!

25 Jan

Hahahahahaha! -ahem- sorry

A baby rumor huh? This is equivalent to people trying to state Michael Jackson created his kids the old fashion way. By screwing.

I stated before if Chupa looks pregnant you’d better start watching that baby bump to see if its treat and a surrogate isn’t involved. I still don’t believe Depp and Chupa have THAT kind of relationship.

No no, I’ll have to wait and see. There is too much talk about problems in the relationship, she’s been seen drinking VERY recently, and she’s known to lie,manipulate, and use.

This couple has never done anything that tells me it’s love. Not one damn thing. People have babies all the time without falling in love, or being in love. For Amber Heard? She “trips” and  “accidentally falls” onto too many penises, and into too many vagina’s to ever be taken seriously.

If you ask her she’ll just say she’s “Too pretty to get pregnant.” or instead of facing the fact she can’t act, she’d use a child as an excuse. “I’m pregnant and want to take time off.” Code for, no scripts coming in. “Amber Does Dallas” the porn, is beneath her. (pun intended)




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