The Show

20 Jan

At this point Johnny Depp isn’t ranking very high with any fans. Okay, maybe a few hundred at the lame “Johnny can do no wrong” fan forums but the general public view him as a boozed up, drugged loser.

Amber Heard is still viewed as a selfish lesbian who only turned straight to gain a career boost ( which still hasn’t happened) and for money. It’s clear through photos she enables, and supports Johnny’s drinking.  It’s all about what she can gain. At the cost of Johnny Depp.

Its clear Johnny Depp has went downhill.

Now the show appears to be ” see we told you we are in love” it comes across to many as Amber Heard trying to stick it out as long as possible to “prove” to everyone the relationship is real beds pure countless photos showing both Amber and Johnny with lack of  love between them I’m sorry but smiling at the most recent Art if Elysium doesn’t count every bit of body language showing “love” seems forced.

Lily Rose never seems happy around Amber.

Johnny is bloated, fat, drunk, and slurred 90% Of the time. Amber still hasn’t wiped the smug off her face, while STILL blaming not getting her break through huge role on being too pretty. No she can’t act.

They both (Johnny and Amber) have turned disgusting.  Amber has been quoted saying hearing things about their relationship is difficult. Hmmm that’s telling coming from a selfish bitch that stated she doesn’t care about what people think of her

home wrecker, conniving, manipulative, selfish, VAIN, enabling fame whore.

The “relationship” is still doomed. She will cheat, get a large alimony, or inherit some money if Depp dies. At this point no one would be shocked. They see all of those coming. She’s too selfish to get pregnant but desperate enough to do it if he tries to wake up and leave. Worked for Vanessa.

Amber is a modern day Courtney Love. Just a bit more quiet in her demeanor.

Will Johnny live to see 2017?

Cut your loses Johnny. Your kids need their father back.

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