16 Jan

In the last 12 hours on an old post here, by people telling me there is no longer a place to read about Jamber. The blog author closed shop. Can’t say I blame the author, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are ridiculous. He’s going to kill over at some point, and I’m confident Amber Turd will be just fine with that. I myself had no need to carry on due to the obvious end to this “marriage” There was other high school bullshit as well, but it’s unnecessary to go into that because those few people that caused such a stir on the forum, are fucking morons. Not worth the time – thus, I shut it all down.

You can see I don’t blame any other person that would close shop. Jamber’s stupidity makes most people roll their eyes.

I would be happy to give a post every so often in the old spirit of Jambernews. I love calling out  ignorance, and Amber Turd is a poster child for ignorance. So be it.

I’ll give a weekly post and you can choose to read or not.


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