Think Outside The Box

13 Aug


I  have said many times, to think outside the box. Don’t swallow everything the media tells you. Look deeper. Sometimes I think it’s necessary to just get rid of the box period.  When nothing is sure, everything is possible. 

The past three years we’ve seen numerous, I mean many things that have not sat right with people. As time went on even more people began to see that Johnny Depp, and Amber Heard were an odd pairing. Nothing wrong with that, many odd couples can be great for each other. What has stayed true are the other facts, and things surrounding the couple. The obvious unhappiness Johnny Depp has displayed. Body language around Amber, expressions, they all say something much different than a happy man.

A man doesn’t make snide remarks in a “funny” way about his significant other, and try to pass it off as just playing around. (Johnny Depp Mortdecai premier Japan)

Johnny has always had an issue with alcohol. Now, it’s very open, and from everything seen, worse. We don’t know if there are other demons at play too.

Amber Heard …there’s not much to repeat, she pretty much crucifies herself any time she opens her mouth.

No one will ever know why he’s went down this road when he has never seemed to be happy around Amber Heard. He becomes a totally different persona when he is with his friends. Happier. More alive.

Never have we seen a truly happy couple together.

I still stand by my feelings; the relationship will falter. They are not in love. They may indeed have an open relationship. Why they are together is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t love.

We (members and readers of Jambernews) have had a great time, and we’ve formed a group of people, and friends. In doing that, we’ve  dissected various particulars, and it’s been eye opening.  Now we see throughout the world wide web on various popular websites, the commenters being very aware this relationship has something that just isn’t right about it.

At this time, the box has been discarded, the insights, and curiosities have been picked.  There isn’t much more to say, and the archives here are full of why. They are filled with thought provoking posts.

Great members, readers, and friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. This has been one incredible fucking ride. My hope is that you don’t forget all the things discovered, and all the great interactions.  Who knows, in time we may convene again, but for now when everything has been said, it’s best to leave it that way.




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