15 Jun

This blog was created to post about the contradictions and other bullshit pertaining to Johnny and Amber. Not just Johnny. Not just Amber. If you still have a special place in your heart for Mr. Depp that’s fine. I don’t care, but if you think posting a comment in his defense is going to get posted or win you points with me you’re wrong.

He got himself into this mess and guess what? His mistakes will be posted about, and brought to light as well as Ambers. If you want to defend either of these two pieces of work, do it elsewhere. I don’t give a fuck what kind of reply you leave (cussing me out or otherwise) I won’t post it, so it’s waste of your time. As I’ve said before there are plenty of forums out there that worship Johnny Depp, several you are probably a member of. GO sell that shit somewhere else. Now since you’ve pissed me off:

Johnny Depp has….since Amber Heard

1. Destroyed his family
2. Continues in an even bigger way to poison himself.
3. Drugs
4. Alcohol
5. Allows his children to be used to push an idea
7. Has contradicted his own words
8. HURT MANY people around him.
9. Has no respect for himself.

Now if you want to buy tickets that’s fine, if you want to show up at The Letterman Show, or Kimmel, or stand in line for hours to do that, okay. DO NOT come here trying to defend the bad choices he has made and his actions. Period. This is who you want to admire and be a fan of? By all means its your life and money. I choose to do otherwise. We agree to disagree.

Good, we have an accord.

P.S. Don’t take this post personally unless you’ve been stirring the shit pot,  and please note my wife is a HUGE Depp fan.  I get it. I really do. She owns every movie, interview even buys the mags, tabloids or not. I however just don’t condone his behavior as of late. (the contradictions etc)

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