Happy Mother’s Day

10 May

To My Mother

Thanks Mom you were right. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, mother of our daughter. It is certainly true. “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Love you.


To the readers here. Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s wishing you a much deserved day of recognition.



5 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Mango May 10, 2015 at 4:48 pm #

    Haahaahaa 🙂

  2. Judy Latty May 10, 2015 at 6:34 pm #


  3. janismd May 10, 2015 at 9:19 pm #

    Aww that was so sweet 🙂

  4. sad for jd May 10, 2015 at 11:13 pm #

    Your Mother sounds incredible bright and it sounds like you’re a lucky guy..

  5. sad for jd May 11, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    sorry l thought the comments would copied with the original post.
    a reader asked about the comments in the mags about their divorce. …the answer is as follows;

    @pmd49497280 Don’t believe what the media says, the rumor started with a very unreliable tabloid and all the other small outlets picked it up & are recycling the same story. They have nothing better to write about, so let them talk whatever and when they’re proven wrong, they will start writing about pregnancy! 😂

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