Things That Make You Say WTF?!

8 May

Comments please, what things/actions/decisions has Depp made in the last 3.5 years that make you say “What the fuck? Where did that come from? That’s a 180 to what we’ve come to know”

That’s what I want to focus on today. Name those things that have made you do the
“Mortdecai face.”


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  1. phonytexanbitch May 8, 2015 at 1:10 pm #

    The entire relationship with Turdy, but also the PR parade in Japan where Johnny hawked his kids for PR to make Turdy look good. He protected his kids for 14 years, did everything to keep them as private as possible, then used them for this no talent, narcissistic bimbo. I’ve never been more pissed at a person that I don’t even know.

    • Back to normal May 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm #

      That was one of the very few times he’s actually been seen travelling with this kids. Obviously during the years that he spent with Vanessa the whole family traveled a lot and went places but you almost never saw them, and considering how long he’s been in the industry and the resources he has he surely knows how to become invisible and maintain his privacy if he wants to. But on that occasion it was like he specifically wanted the photos of them together taken. Maybe it wasn’t his initiative because he doesn’t seem to be a man with much initiative or, as they call them, balls, but most likely he was influenced or even pressured by her to make this outing with the kids. This is a terrible thing to say and hopefully I’m not right but it really doesn’t look like his kids are the most important thing in his life anymore, I don’t know what it but nothing that he does seems to be in their interest anymore. When they grow older (or maybe it even started happening now) they’ll realise that they have a lot of reasons to resent their dad.

    • Back to normal May 8, 2015 at 6:50 pm #

      And the worst thing is that even if he made an effort now to show that his kids are still an important part of his life, people wouldn’t believe him anymore and it would be seen as just another move in the PR game. He got tangled up in so many lies that he’s lost all credibility.

  2. Back to normal May 8, 2015 at 2:01 pm #

    I was going to say getting together with someone like Heard but on second thought, she is probably just part of the natural course that Johnny Depp’s life was meant to take and which was only delayed by having kids with Vanessa Paradis. I think that actually the most wtf and un-Johnny-Depp-like thing in his life so far was Vanessa, and now he’s just back to normal. He always seemed to look up to people who are the complete opposite of family material and he spent his life trying to get integrated in circles that were anything but family oriented.

    I mean even at his “calmest”, to put it that way, did Johnny Depp really look like the kind of man who would grow old with a woman who is aging at the same rate as him. Did anyone really believe that he and Vanessa would become two cute grandparents together and he would retire somewhere in France with a clean reputation? I don’t think even he believed that, although he made everyone else believe that that’s the kind of person he was. If he’d never taken the family detour he probably would have just continued dating every hot chick in the industry that got him curious until he would have ended up exactly what he is today: a 50-year old bloated man, infused in a mix of drugs and alcohol whose only romantic prospects are girls who love money and fame more than they love their dignity (or stomach).

    A shock would have been to see Johnny Depp become the only one out of his group of friends who would be seen with a 40-year-old woman. What he’s doing now is just the most predictable thing he could have done. And if he was ever honest about wanting to settle down and become a simple dad, he’s lost every chance he had because no woman in her right mind would embark on a serious relationship based on love and commitment and least of all get any children involved in this with a man with such a terrible romantic portfolio. After the whole world has seen what he did to Vanessa, it’s going to be raining Amber Heards on him from now on and even if he can’t stand being in the same room with her, it’s either that or celibacy. I really don’t think that he’s blind to her intentions, I just think he doesn’t have a choice anymore and he can’t wrap his head around being single for the first time ever.

    • Elle May 8, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

      I don’t know… I’ve always thought Winona was his one real love; and in every relationship since that one, he has been looking for Winona. I think he could’ve settled down with Winona and been happy. But I do agree that since then he has been hellbent on this path of self-destruction and it was only delayed by his relationship with Vanessa and his children.

      • R U KIDDING ME?! May 8, 2015 at 4:51 pm #

        He was on a path of self -destruction long before Winona. He started that path before he ever met her. Feet hitting the west coast and it was a spiral down from there. He’s dabbled in many “forms” of self destruction. From pills to alcohol and he’s admitted to doing heroin. These last few years he’s let his façade down and we can see the pressures taking their toll. One would be naïve to think it was only alcohol. Let’s be real, he got into something not because he wanted to, he didn’t want to destroy his image or the man his fans came to know. However it’s evident he has become increasingly unhappy and when he gets that way he self medicates. Alcohol is only one demon. Now he’s full blown into one of the only forms of rebellion he has. “If all else fails, fight back with being a dick, and looking as if your own self is falling apart.
        At some point, someone will cave. Either Johnny, or the “PR” He’s too fucking smart for all this bullshit.

      • Back to normal May 8, 2015 at 6:44 pm #

        She was probably the first one to make him believe that he’d found a soulmate, he always seems to be looking for one. In his early interviews and generally the way he used to act when he was only becoming famous it was obvious that he was less calculated and experienced about what he should say and what not and then over the years he toned it down. I honestly do believe that at one point in his life he was a genuine person, he doesn’t seem manipulative and doesn’t come across as the kind of person who would hatch a plan to get something and walk over everyone in the process, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a spine or the ability to say no.

  3. Liz May 8, 2015 at 4:16 pm #

    I agree about parading his kids around for the cameras and posing for all these photo ops with Amber. It just doesn’t feel right at all. It feels forced and very unlike him.

    Johnny single! yeah that IS a concept that would go against every part of his being. Single and sober would alter the course of reality…Which is probably exactly what he needs to stop this nose dive.

  4. designsondepp May 8, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

    Yes, PTB, you beat me in saying the same thing. It’s about the kids; always about the kids once you become a parent. All the money, the lifestyle, the connections can never be a substitue . I don’t doubt his love for his children, but disappointed in the man that said he would never allow his children to be part of his ‘circus’. I find it hard to believe that he is unaware, but then again maybe he joined the ‘circus’ long ago and no longer can keep up pretenses. This is just a normal celebrity family…? We see enough of it today, but I certainly hope not.

  5. sad for jd May 8, 2015 at 7:36 pm #

    Agreed….parading his children in front the press to make turdy look like a part of his family. ..but is seems like allot of celebrities use their children as an accessory these days. Not that it makes it right but I think people respected Johnny for keeping his children out of the public eye.

  6. sue7725 May 9, 2015 at 8:44 am #

    Once I had thought that he and Vanessa would have stayed together much longer than they did. I now believe he stayed with her that long because of the kids. It is sad to watch him not have true love. Maybe he needs to look away from having love in Hollywood.

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