The Crazy “painting”

6 May

In a couple of posts back that Doug Stanhope stated was a painting on a van. Yeah dude a shitty one. The other guy in the picture is Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. A little background on him:

In July 2008, Wood ran off with an 18-year-old Russian cocktail waitress, Ekaterina Ivanova; the pair met at an escort bar at 4 a.m., when Wood was “boozed out of his mind,” according to a Daily Mail article. Wood’s affair with the young woman made headlines. In a statement to the Daily Mail, Wood’s publicist spoke about the relationship: “She is a drinking partner. When you’re an alcoholic and your family are all telling you to stop drinking, you simply find someone else to drink with … He’s fallen off the wagon big time.”  The ITN News Agency reported in 2008 that Wood had checked into rehab for his alcoholism seven times. Karslake divorced Wood in November 2009, despite the end of his affair with Ivanova

Your might ask…..

Isn’t Ron Wood married?


Isn’t Ron Wood old enough to be her grandfather?


Where and how does an 18 year-old meet a 61-year-old?


What do they do together?


Jesus Christ.

Wood’s wife of 23 years, Jo, has stayed with him over the course of his many relapses.Apparently the last time Ron was back on the Vodka drink, he ended up under a table in a posh restaurant biting Kate Moss’s ankles.

When news of the affair first broke on Friday, Wood’s ever loyal wife told reporters that Ron and the Russian were on a painting trip together, and that they are certainly not “boyfriend and girlfriend – in that way.” She did add that she was aware of the wild ways of the young girl. “She is mad – she is a terrible alcoholic,” the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported her as saying. “I know her – she’s been here. I was quite all right that she was hanging around with him. Ronnie told me she was staying there and I said, ‘OK – get on with it and have a drink, go mad. Drink your guts up’.” Ahhh… the words of a seasoned rock wife.

But over the weekend, after young Ivanova claimed via her Facebook page that she and Wood are romantically together, Jo announced she was leaving the legendary guitarist, whose net worth is estimated at $140 million.


Looks like Depp is keeping “good” company. Hasn’t seen Keith in two years but was hanging out with Doug, and Ronnie. Ronnie a known alcoholic, and Doug who loves drugs and orgies.(his words not mine)


Have no idea when the photo below was taken


4 Responses to “The Crazy “painting””

  1. Bee May 6, 2015 at 2:12 pm #

    On the right side of the photo, behind Bingo, there seems to be someone hiding. Could it be Ron?

  2. Elle May 6, 2015 at 3:05 pm #

    Ronnie has at least been able to separate his alcoholism from his working life. As have all of the Stones (with their drugs of choice). None have allowed their personal life to afflict their work; this is where Johnny differs. It’s clear that Johnny’s personal struggles are taking a toll on his work.

    • Mango May 7, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

      I don’t really see that making them
      “Better” from the situation. I’m sure they have their own issues that’s not good & we don’t know about them.

      In his defense, his “personal ” life follows him everywhere & not necessarily because he would want her to…..

      But yes it would be better to Cut Back.
      Definitely agree- wouldn’t hurt anything…

  3. sad for jd May 6, 2015 at 3:53 pm #

    Johnny really has some interesting friends? ?? I can see why people are walking away from him…he is surrounding himself with people who are dragging him down further into alcoholism, drugs,sex and who knows what else.
    Perhaps Amber is a good choice…she likes to party, she sexually free and she doesn’t really care what Johnny does as long as she gets the publicity, fame and cash.
    I’m curious as to what happened at London premiere of Mortdicai, where they are both laughing and then totally opposite at the Japan premiere. Which lead to the ‘ chupacabra story’ to the grand beach ceremony.
    Perhaps extreme drama is what he lusting for and Turdy fits the role.

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