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4 May

Blind Gossip] Now that this actor/actress couple’s relationship is falling apart, a new contest is about to begin. In it, each contestant will try to throw the other under the bus!

The contest will start soon. This will not be a nice game. Nor will it be a fair game. Even though he is more of a mess than she, he has more money, more fans, and more influence with the press and within the industry. We’ve heard that his team is planning to launch negative articles about her on a regular basis. They will paint him as the innocent, lovable guy who is just trying to make movies, and her as the (gold-digging/ promiscuous/ lying/ cheating/opportunistic/ uncaring/ nagging/ drinking/ dr*g using) woman who is trying to destroy him.

Most of it won’t be true, but that doesn’t matter! As long as YOU think that he is the good guy and she is bad guy, that’s what matters! He wins.

Under The Bus Contest


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  1. phonytexanbitch May 4, 2015 at 10:57 pm #

    As a Depp fan, I don’t believe that he is innocent in any of this, but I do believe that she is more guilty than he is.
    Is his drinking out of control, making him a likely bastard to deal with? I don’t doubt it. But is she the reason his drinking is out of control? Most likely.
    Overall the mud slinging will be good PR for both of them, as there is no such thing as bad PR. Will Hollywood embrace her after this and expect her to carry future projects? In 12 years, she hasn’t proven her worth and shows no sign of improvement so she may be given a few token roles, but my guess is that ultimately she will be seriously marginalized in LALA land. Depp, in the meantime, needs to NOT get tied to another “meaningful” relationship, at least not one that he goes public with. When he is ready, I only hope that the person he is with is not, looking at him with stars and dollar signs in their eyes, I hope they will see him with the pure love he deserves. I think that most people are going to realize that Turdy will have brought all of the bad of this “relationship” down on herself. Again, this mud slinging can go on for months or even years, it’s still going to all be a PR ploy whether the relationship was ever real or not. Depp will drop hints over time in interviews, he always does, because even though he HAS been caught in lies, he’s really not comfortable lying.

  2. Mango May 4, 2015 at 11:11 pm #

    Idk who ,what ,how or why exactly, but someone wants too much attention drawn to this fake fiasco…

    I think there is something different going on behind the curtains that affects him or both to some degree…. I think the relationship is almost a muse to
    not see the true problem….

    All I know is John was gaining ground before her entrance…. His power and influence was growing…
    He was doing great with his work… Then her…

    It may not even fully be her… Maybe it just appeared that way… But to me someone wanted him dragged down … She might just be a small needle on big haystack of lying, deceit, jealousy and or blackmail…

    So getting more to a better point, there is/was no reason for him to tolerate such hypocrisy and humiliation beyond comprehension if this did not back him in a corner some how….

    Otherwise he would have taken care of this before it went public…. I believe the tables turned on him around 2013….. It’s been a three ring circus ever since and he has to ride it through…

    Maybe his family doesn’t fully know the truth…
    May only be him and a select very few… The stress of it all has been a weight the drinking subsided
    to a point….

  3. designsondepp May 5, 2015 at 12:22 am #

    Regardless who is still left standing, or if the relationship was the real deal or not or if this is just pr for both of them, IMO it’s still one hell of a mess for everyone.

  4. Liz May 5, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    Wow funny how so many people on that site guessed Depp/ Heard! The world really isn’t blind to their mess. Frankly I don’t think either of them are innocent as it takes 2 to tango…However, I think Depp’s faults are more of the honest kind in that yes he has a drug/alcohol problem and also he is notorious for being desperate for love and commitment. I do think he was a bit blinded by that and allowed himself to believe Heard could be “that” woman to him. In fact I recall one article where I swear he said something like “I’m probably the last person she’d want to be with and she’s not the kind of person I would want to be with….” Which I thought was really telling and I wish I could find that one again!
    She on the other hand completely seems like someone who has manipulated her way into a man’s life for her own gains. Or she’s simply been “in love” with “Johnny Depp” and didn’t see the man behind the movie star. I predict she will whine and complain about his problems, how the fame caused rifts, how he was jealous and how she was just too strong and independent a woman to stay in that mess. I predict the mud slinging will start with friends and “sources” saying and then eventually Amber won’t be able to keep her mouth shut because she clearly loves to bitch and will be fighting to stay relevant. I think Depp may actually keep mum on this one…unless he mutters something from his drunken stupor.

    • Mango May 5, 2015 at 11:02 pm #

      I read the article you were referring too… IMO I think he made that comment to cover for the fact she had no interest in him whatsoever….

      I think he was trying to make an excuse for the fact she was doing him wrong and he most likely was trying to find a way of making it sound “positive” for “them”….. Him saying she’s not what I need… He knew she wasn’t good for him and I think it was a way for him to make an excuse for it himself.

      I think that’s why they say she is so independent & free spirited… It’s a cover up way of saying she’s not into this “relationship” or being committed…
      So don’t mind all her antics of messing around…. That’s just her free spirit

      And I don’t think he actually was the one that said he likes a fiercely independent woman that does things on her own… I’m not saying he wouldn’t like her standing on her own, but I think he likes a woman that needs and wants him there to a certain extent… Someone else said he likes this… It wasn’t directly him. And again, I think that was all to give Amber’s negative behavior a positive light….

  5. Jas May 5, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

    Any predictions in which tabloid the official split news hits first?
    I wondered how that works when PR wants to make certain news items public. Which publication first?

  6. Liz May 5, 2015 at 10:33 pm #

    I’m wondering if People isn’t sitting on the story they had as part of a deal to really snag the official “it’s over” headline!

    Also, this popped up again and I find this truly telling….”They’ve always been together,” a source tells E! News. “They travel for work then come home. They live together and are very much in love, despite what’s being said about breakup rumors.”
    But, like all couples, Depp and Heard butt heads on occassion. “They are very much in love with each other, but because of their strong personalities and opinions, they do argue a lot,”

    On what logical plan of existence would two people who “argue a lot” think they could live together as a couple for the rest of their lives and have peace and happiness?? That’s just fucked up all the way and would in fact explain ALL their behavior and body language.

    And also the fact that Depp has said his parents fought a lot (which led to their divorce) and ultimately him being a very unhappy kid, why oh WHY would he be in a similar relationship? And then he would DARE to bring children into that mess? No, not right.

    I really do think there is some serious self destruction going on here… “to hell in a hand basket” is right…. but why Johnny? Is that what you think you deserve????

  7. SC May 6, 2015 at 6:30 am #

    Looks like it’s apparent to celeb and industry watchers that this bitch is just Depp’s cover for something else. I’ve never bought the idea that he fell for her so hard that he didn’t care about his image or breaking the family. Did he sleep with her?, maybe. However I don’t think he has ever been monagamous and all settled as sold by the media B.S for that matter. He needed a total famewhore who would be content to be his cover in exchange for the Depp tag. Once Vanessa got tired of his shit he probably decided to let this bitch latch onto him. And she probably thought coat tailing an A-lister is a piece of cake. Both of them turned out to be wrong. An advantageous arrangement turned into complete disaster. He realizes that She can’t keep shit Together while she realizes what it is to be married to a messed up guy no matter who is, that too without gaining most of what she came into this ‘relationship’ for.

    Is this item from Laineygossip?. It seems to insinuate that bitch may not be all that people clearly see her for. Yep Depp is a mess and has turned out to be a douchebag and hypocrite but what a bull to suggest all the bad stories about her are planted by Depp’s PR to show him to be the good guy. Ofcourse they are gonna throw her under the bus, afterall they did it with the mother of his children, but this bitch deserves most of it. She’s a famewhore (for starters how many events did she attend with Tasya?), drinks, promiscuous, gold digger, opportunist (anyone who can’t see most of her ‘work’ comes courtesy of Depp don’t know what they are talking about), attention hogger and a Bitch with cap B…(partying while hubby is in a mess, always arguing, harassing him by sexting) Lainey does agree that she’s pathelogically hungry for fame and hops onto relationships only for gains but seems so vindictive against Depp so as to suggest she may not be all that vile and it’s all because of Depp…hello? most of these tags are from people as a result overwhelming evidence. No one needs Depp’s PR to see that SHE’S A BITCH.

    Also Depp’s PR needs to realize that no one is going to buy him for an innocent guy anymore, no matter who they throw under the bus. The moment he let someone like Amber on the scene it was clear he’s a giant hypocritic mess. No one likes Amber but Depp will not regain his fans by mud-slinging. As someone said he must remain mum and keep all the damage control behind the scene.

  8. Minnie1 May 6, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

    There was another blind item a while ago about Depp sleeping on his friend’s sofa because his “girl” was crazy as hell, and he and all his friends knew it. It said that Depp got involved more deeply than he originally intended, plus his ego was at a very low point given bad reviews for his films, not to mention all his drinking, drugs, etc. I would guess she ( Ms. Narcissistic Sociopath) manipulated him to the hilt during that time when he was really hurting, and wound up with a wedding ring.

    • Liz May 6, 2015 at 9:11 pm #

      ^ This sounds about right to me. I knew a narcissist once, that is indeed how they operate. And the crazy thing is, they see nothing wrong and will even think THEY are the victims.

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