Another Review- When I live My……

3 May

When I Live My Life Over Again

Jude (Amber Heard) is directionless and drifting through life. She works as a back-up singer recording radio station call signs (which she is usually late to), she’s having an affair with her married anaylst, and although she’s an aspiring singer/songwriter, she is constantly faced with the legacy of her father Paul Lombard (Christopher Walken), a popular Sinatra-like crooner from the ’50s and ’60s. (The film even begins with Jude’s one night stand putting on one her father’s records to get her in the mood.) Even worse, she is being kicked out of her NYC apartment and is forced to move back in with Paul in the Hamptons. Paul is looking to stage a comeback and the film’s title refers to the new song that he has written to help jumpstart his once-successful music career.

Walken, through his work as a tap-dancing pimp in Pennies from Heaven(1981) and the Fatboy Slim music video “Weapon of Choice” has already proven that he’s a talented hoofer, here shows that he might have missed his calling as a big band singer. (The film’s end credits include samples of Paul’s multiple records and part of me hopes that a soundtrack of Walken’s song stylings isn’t too far away.


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  1. Adrienne May 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    My favourite quote concerning a review of AH ‘acting’

    “Granted, 3 Days to Kill never had a shot at being a decent movie, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as insufferable if McG had merely excised a couple of those plot threads, particularly that of Amber Heard’s Vivian. That role could’ve been given to a character actor and disposed of in two or three scenes, but it felt beefed up in order to give Heard more screentime, and lord knows, no one needs less screentime than Amber Heard. She’s hilariously awful, like a giant, sexy thigh bruise on an already mangled leg.”

    I very much doubt she has improved since.

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