Johnny Depp & Drugs

28 Apr

“I started smoking at 12, lost my virginity at 13 and did every kind of drug there was by 14. Pretty much any drug you can name, I’ve done it. I wouldn’t say I was bad or malicious, I was just curious. I certainly had my little experiences with drugs. Eventually, you see where that’s headed and you get out.” – Johnny Depp

“[I did] mostly alcohol. There were drugs, too – pills – and there was a danger that I would go over the edge. I could have. I thank God I didn’t.” (2004) -Johnny Depp

“I was never a cokehead or anything like that. I always despised that drug. I thought it was a waste of time, pointless.”(2004) -Johnny Depp

“You never think you’re on the verge of disaster while you’re looking over the edge yourself. It’s your friends and family who are trying to get you to stop destroying yourself and after a while it kind of sank in and I just cleaned up my act.” (2004) -Johnny Depp

“I never wanted to be the guy people looked at. I felt I could only be myself when I was alone, that I turned into some kind of novelty. The only way I could get through that time was to drink. I poisoned myself with alcohol for years but I’ve never been into drugs in the way it was sometimes made out.” (Source: The Boston Globe, December 24, 2008) -Johnny Depp

People have been speculating that Depp is not only using Alcohol in excess, but also drugs. Forums and online comments all of the internet have people asking, “What is he on??”  People discuss ….perhaps it’s cocaine. I can tell you, it’s not cocaine. Cocaine doesn’t make a person slur their words, or their body movements slow down. Those actions are the result of liquor, and / or other drugs. Not necessarily a drug that’s classified as a stimulant, as cocaine is.

There could be some very telling signs if anyone wanted to really look, and I think it’s best to let the readers comment and speculate on that. However, even though it’s pure speculation it’s clear that Depp not only gets intoxicated frequently, but other body language, movements, and strange occurrences are leading people to wonder if indeed he’s using….and what.

EDIT: I want to say that I am in no way stating he doesn’t use cocaine, only that his slurring and stumbling isn’t a cocaine effect, that is alcohol and or other drugs.  Dilated pupils and use of sunglasses due to light sensitivity can be caused from cocaine.

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  1. LaraB April 28, 2015 at 6:56 pm #

    Hi JamberNews! I read your comment to me about this topic the other day.
    I understand your point. I didn’t mean the slurring. I meant the smug air. Look at the pictures of him and Amber at the Iggy Pop award, for instance. It seems they only see themselves and no one else. And when I think of people close to me, I immediately connect moments in which stance changes like Johnny’s to coke use.
    The slurring we leave to alcohol, but he generally is a lot more bashful than that when presenting awards. Even in that famous award presentation when he found the microphone weird, he did not look self-righteous, he was just drunk. Either that or he was sort of performing, which is not impossible either, though not probable.

  2. Liz April 28, 2015 at 9:26 pm #

    My guess is alcohol BIG time and perhaps some prescription drugs thrown in. That was my first thought watching the PR tour for Mortdecai. And sadly, the prescription pills scare me more than any amount of alcohol…and mixing the two together….NEVER a good thing! Come on Johnny, wake the fuck up, you’re in denial man and it’s gonna kill you!

    • jambernews April 29, 2015 at 7:53 am #

      I happen to think he’s self mediating himself not due to denial so to speak (denial he fucked up with Amber Heard.) no no, he has never acted as if he liked her. Rather he’s dong it to cope with all the pressure of this PR circus and fulfilling his part of this shit storm.

      • Liz April 29, 2015 at 2:35 pm #

        Agreed. I think the fame has taken it’s toll and that anxiety is wearing him out. Being with Amber Look At Me Heard is only making it worse! I think he’s denial is that he’s in serious trouble and not coping well. All his statements make it sound like “I can quit any time and I’m in complete control.” They’re typical addict speak. :/

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