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14 Apr

I think if you love, you have to love beyond what you think is love or what you’ve experienced love to be. When, let’s say, the shit hits the fan, keep loving. I know it sounds like some sort of a Hallmark card but I don’t mean it to. You cannot abandon ship. You got a couple of kids. You got a woman who’s been good to you. Keep loving, no matter what.(Source: Inquirer Entertainment, June 22, 2013)

If I was given the news that I was going to be smoke in about five weeks, I would celebrate every day. I would celebrate with the people that I love. I would hope that it won’t be some monstrous, maudlin affair but [one] that we could celebrate and laugh about. The fact that you get another morning to take a breath, walk and live – that’s plenty to appreciate. Actually, when it really comes down to it, if one was offered some sliver of immortality,………………..

 I don’t think I would want that. I would much rather just slowly, simply fade away into the air. (Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer Friday, April 11,2014)


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  1. Minnie1 April 14, 2015 at 3:03 pm #

    And you’ve got a chupacabra that you have to wrestle and throw out of a hotel window when it attacks you.

  2. Liz April 14, 2015 at 10:18 pm #

    Wait, is that the right original publish of that first quote Source: Inquirer Entertainment, June 22, 2013??? That’s AFTER the breakup with Vanessa was announced, I feel like it came out in another interview BEFORE and I kinda remember it being in that period where he was probably fucking what’s her face!

    Both of these make me think either “what happened to THAT guy?” or “was THAT guy ever real or just BS?”

    Which is of course is why this blog exists and why so many of us are interested on seeing through the smoke and mirrors…either he’s a fraud OR he’s changed or being manipulated to a point of mastery.

  3. Mango April 14, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

    It seems to me that he Wanted to live by that, but I think they were
    having a hard time being happy on the same page….

    Vanessa does not believe in commitment for the future- that’s why she’s not a supporter of marraige. I read
    she holds the perspective : if someone else comes along that makes you happy , she believes you should explore your options and not “sign” your future on paper… Yes , I realize John has made statements “supporting” this, but I think he was just “trying it out”……more for her benefit. So along with other issues too; my point to the statement above is that I think he was trying to feel
    that way about it & do that, but with them being on a different page quite a bit – on what makes them happy in Their relationship,
    they were stressed….

    I think they wanted to be happy together, but neither wanted to change what they wanted from it & they just didn’t match up on some of their ideals and issues…. when it came to a standstill and got stagnet, they most likely started fighting more on top of that …..

  4. Liz April 14, 2015 at 10:48 pm #

    Or on second thought…. taking into account the time he ran his mouth to Rolling Stone….
    Depp, 50, continues, “Relationships are very difficult. Especially in the racket that I’m in because you’re constantly away or they’re away and so it’s hard. It wasn’t easy on her. It wasn’t easy on me. It wasn’t easy on the kids. So, yeah. The trajectory of that relationship — you play it out until it goes, one thing leads to another. So for whatever reason that ­ceases, it doesn’t stop the fact that you care for that person, and they’re the mother of your kids, and you’ll always know each other, and you’re always gonna be in each other’s lives because of those kids. You might as well make the best of it.”

    Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/johnny-depp-finally-addresses-vanessa-paradis-split-it-wasnt-easy-2013186#ixzz3XLUiEKFF

    Perhaps the truth is Vanessa got fed up and left HIM and he really didn’t want it to end. I always thought Heard was “the rebound” chick and possibly the “mistake” that was the last straw. Maybe since he couldn’t have what he wanted anymore… he settled for Texas trailer trash. LOL

    And when he started to push the “amber’s a great gal and I love her” story down everyone’s throats… perhaps he was also trying to convince himself!

    Also there’s something very interesting about “Upper Limits” that I just read about… basically the principle (that is VERY common) is that everyone will only allow themselves to be SO happy and if things get really really good beyond your “limit” you start to sabotage, retreat, hide, etc. Made me think of Depp… he seems like the self sabotage type for sure!

  5. phonytexanbitch April 15, 2015 at 1:04 pm #


    If Depp were truly happy, he wouldn’t have the need to indulge in his “self-medicating”. The very presence of doing this and the fact that HE CAN’T HIDE IT LIKE HE USED TO, indicates to me that this is a VERY unhappy man and he is more unhappy now than he has EVER BEEN because it is being seen which means he’s doing it a lot. This isn’t just an occasional party night, this is the past 1-2 years of a Johnny Depp bender. He’s not stopping and he has no intention to stop. But why is this happening? For the most part his life is pretty good right now…

    Let’s see: His mom is cancer free. His kids seem to be well. His career is in a slump right now but he was always amused about being box office poison. He has more than enough money that will likely take care of his family for generations. There may be some family turmoil regarding his sister’s family, but that’s also always been present in his life. What was NEVER present before was the FAME WHORE that is bent on making him do the things he NEVER wanted to do, go to high profile events and have his private life splashed on the cover of every tabloid, blazing out from social media headlines and shouted from every entertainment based program.

    Somebody needs to wake up and get his man out of this situation BEFORE he ends up dead. It’s obvious that Heard doesn’t really give a crap about him (she’s playing a dangerous game messing with his life) she just wants him for the fame, but there are still some fans out here that actually DO care. If anything happens to him. Heard, as well as his sister, Christi and his two assistants, Stephen Deuters and Nathan Holmes will all be called on by the fans. And don’t let them fucking white wash it either, crocodile tears won’t work and any fan of Depp had better not stand for it.

    • intohim April 15, 2015 at 4:42 pm #

      I believe that Johnny never wanted to be a part of that Hollywood Film Award event last November. I believe that was all the fame-whore’s idea for PR. It was pretty obvious that Johnny didn’t wanna be there by over ” medicating” himself (drunk)!!

      • phonytexanbitch April 15, 2015 at 5:48 pm #

        True about the HFA but that has not been the only time he has been visibly drunk, though it was the most public. Heard was no where near those awards and Johnny was there because the man he spoke was a good friend and someone he respected, IMO his drinking didn’t have too much to do with what he was doing. I think he misjudged his ability to carry it off. He was obviously “on something” when he was doing the Mortdecai interviews and he looked bloated and wasted at the “Drs” holiday party picture.And the main idea that his hand/arm injury was while he was not working and drinking or some altered state was involved. HFA was only the tip of the iceberg. The only issue with it is that he was openly drinking which indicates he was drinking throughout that day. He was drunk before 7pm Pacific time at that event.

  6. Bee April 15, 2015 at 3:30 pm #

    I think Johnny is a very intelligent and very sensitive guy and he was hurt many times in his life only because he is so.
    And as everyone thus, he always protected himself keeping his feelings of love directed to his mother, siblings, children and the rest including the love he has always been behind a shield.
    In the last years I think he dropped this shield, because of the maturity and the affection that he had been receiving.
    But he stumbled in Amber, lost the family and let himself to be deconstruct.

  7. Mango April 15, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

    She misled him, & now he is miserable with what is…..
    She’s not going to be what he wanted….
    I think he knew that, he probably thought getting older might help…

    But she doesn’t want to change apparently it would be fake if she did…..
    So he’s miserable knowing how she has deceived him and humiliated him.,..
    Now he’s gotta work hard to abandon ship…

  8. Mango April 16, 2015 at 10:55 am #

    I think the FHA was partly to give a big “f” off to her & anyone
    That is trying to control & stress his life…. He knew she probably
    wouldn’t like it, & it looks to bit exaggerated on purpose to some
    degree… Actually just watched it last night again.

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