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22 Mar

I wanted to post this novel of a comment so that the other commenters here wouldn’t miss it. This is posted by

On a scale 1-10 how desperate are you to find something negative about him?Some Fb pages lost a big number of likes so what?You still forget his millions fans who still remain on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Tumblr.It’s a fact that many don’t like Amber but that doesn’t mean they are right or something.These people(with you being the first)need to realize that his personal life is HIS business and no one has the right to judge him on it.He is an actor and not a reality star.I enjoy seeing people leaving the fandom cause of his personal life cause it just shows that these people weren’t real fans in the first place.They just liked his personal life and his family man persona.They were never IN cause of the movies.Otherwise they wouldn’t be leaving.I personally know many fans who don’t like Amber and they simply don’t care for her.They are Johnny’s fans and they keep watching his movies because they love him as an actor and they ignore his personal life.These are what I call true fans and also the ones Johnny calls his fans.Because no real fan will like his love life more than his proffesional work.I’m a fan of him cause I like his movies,his music,his humble character and the way he treats people.I won’t judge him by what’s happening in his bedroom cause that’s what shallow people do.It’s non of your fucking bussiness.The people who are leaving his fanpages because of that were no fans to begin with.Did you ever go to twitter and tumblr to see the support he gets from there?Of course not.You only read gossip sites because you find people like yourself who have nothing better to do in their lives than judging others,It must feel great sitting behind a pc screen and hate on people you don’t even know.But,even if you publish a million posts,even if you spam other websites there are some things you will never get to change:1)Johnny Depp is and will always be a global superstar.Even if some of his movies fail he has earned his seat as an A lister by working non stop for decades.2)He will date,get engaged to and marry whoever he wants cause it’s his fucking bussiness.3)They will always be fans who are dedicated to him and love him for who he is,leaving his personali life aside.You can just sit there writing on your blog the nonsense you always have been.Oh and bully people with different opinions and not publishing the comments that tell you how much of an asshole you are by doing so!You didn’t publish that comment of mine.I dare you to publish this one.



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  1. jambernews March 22, 2015 at 11:02 am #

    SMH LOL okay once I can stop chuckling I may respond to this. Might not, I just can’t help but get amused to see a few people waste their time here if this blog bothers them so much. Almost like Amber Heard sticking around when she isn’t welcomed. LOL

  2. Randie March 22, 2015 at 11:53 am #

    On a scale 1-10 how desperate are you Ellen? I’m going with about a 7 1/2, since you weren’t too overly whiny, but still a dumbass enough to feel the need to post here. Desperate, but not incapacitatingly so.

    Some Fb pages lost a big number of likes so what? Exactly. So…why do you feel the need to post your verdant BS here? True journalism isn’t just reporting what people want to see or hear, the true journalist has an obligation to the reader to report on the things that don’t add up, to challenge the reader to use their minds for themselves. Obviously, you are one of the sheeple in the world. Go back to that, get the hell away from here. You might have a coronary, and that might be bad for you.

    It’s a fact that many don’t like Amber ———- well there you go, you said it yourself.

    These people(with you being the first)need to realize that his personal life is HIS business and no one has the right to judge him on it.———————– Contrary to your warped way of thinking, actually we do. He is a public person, you give up privacy for large paychecks. That’s just how it is. So, yes, the public is well within their right to judge him on anything because he is a public person, unlike you or me, we are private citizens, Johnny Depp and Trash Whore are not, they chose the public life. Err durr.

    He is an actor and not a reality star.—————- Exactly, public vs. private. He has been in the game long enough to know dumbshit. Unlike you, I guess. Jeez, your idiocy is really starting to show asshat.

    I enjoy seeing people leaving the fandom…just liked his personal life and his family man persona.————– because that is what he showed to people for so long you twat. You say persona, but you forget that he was projecting that image for over a decade to his loyal fans so that they would believe he was that way. That is who he was.

    I personally know many fans who don’t like Amber—————–yeah? Join the club. There are a lot of people who don’t like her because she is a liar. she lies about any and everything. Then you will start to understand why those fans left. That is the scumwhore who is going to be around those kids? As a role model? What, she can teach LR how to give head and sleep her way around sets to get those deeply intense girlfriend or highly sexualized teenager roles??? Yeah, that’s just great. On the up side, she might be able to help Jack out when he gets old enough on proper technique for eating pussy too though.

    You only read gossip sites because you find people like yourself who have nothing better to do in their lives than judging others,———————————-pot, meet kettle. Well said crazy shithole.

    You can just sit there writing on your blog the nonsense you always have been.—————so that people like you have something to do on the weekend. How transparent are you? Although it does give me comic relief to point out your obvious fallacies, and something to post back to while I drink some coffee. Thank you for the laughs today, I needed that, ya weirdo.

    Oh and bully people with different opinions—————-again, pot, meet kettle. What do you think your bullying here is going to accomplish? Did it make you feel better to get that off your chest? Must be a small one, I can’t see it anywhere, it must be hiding behind Trash Whore’s big ol ass.

    Why expend the energy to come over here and post when you obviously differ widely in opinion on Johnny Depp and his trashy hooker? Go back over to L-chat, or adoring amber heard, or whatever the name of her “fan” site is. Wherever you go, please just make sure it is somewhere you fit in, because if you were trying to change anyone’s mind about Bridezilla AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  3. Jas March 22, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

    Comments such as that one is posted in vain….in other words, useless.
    If the poster thinks that it will change the opinion of those who do not look through rose colored glasses at Depp’s career and celebrity life, she is sadly mistaken. In fairness, I think she just needed to vent, however, IMO, she is truly blind to the truth.
    I agree that what goes on within his home is private, however, Mr. Depp has given us quite enough clues and outright off PUBLIC behavior to permit his steadfast followers the right to speak our minds about his choices and concern for his well being. As loyal fans, we were able to trace back to when he began to go off track. In walks Amber Heard and out walks the Johnny we once knew.
    He still maintains a very large fan base, IMO, and those of us who choose to stick by him through thick and thin, WILL speak the truth as we see it because we care about the man who remains a brilliant actor and one of the most decent human beings on the planet. It is my opinion that there is more to the story that many do not know or completely understand but in time, I believe it will be rectified in Johnny’s favor in due time.

    No, we will not go away nor change our opinions because a few gullible “Ohhhh Joooohnnny” fans speak out on JamberNews, still refusing to see that he is falling. I am pleased to see a site like JamberNews, where we are permitted to call it as we see it and not be censored. Thanks Captain!

  4. fairytalegonewrong March 22, 2015 at 12:51 pm #

    My dear poster, you say that you love Johnny’s humble character. Well, I have news for you.
    That was the Johnny before Amber Heard. That character and the family man personality is
    why many of us loved him as a public persona and why we loved his movies. What he has become
    since Amber Heard is pitiful, at best. His personality disgusts me now and I just can’t get past
    his current value system. I have a right to express my revulsion. That two bit whore has all but
    destroyed someone I, and many admired. Before her, we l used to find him uplifting. Now he’s just depressing to watch.

  5. fu March 22, 2015 at 12:53 pm #

    re to your image:It’s called having a different opinion but I bet you never heard of that kind of thing or learned to respect it anyway.If my post is a novel then your blog is a whole encyclopedia full of BS and made up stories.Once again you failed to answer to my commnet.But of course when you can’t answer, you insult.You act like a 5 year old.You never managed to have a discussion with anyone excpet the ones who agree with you.You are afraid of different opinions and you are afraid to show all the comments you get.And don’t deny it-you deleting my comment about you being an ashole to another user proves your arrogance.Oh I noticed you published my email address…pity I only use it to write here haha.There was no way I would comment under my serious email address and it looks like I was right doing so.You never know what happens!!!

    • jambernews March 22, 2015 at 6:32 pm #

      No I haven’t commented back. I see no need. There are plenty of others here who did. What that means is this: You aren’t worth the trouble. Your antics will be ignored from here on. Good day crotch critter. : sprays kwell :

  6. Guest March 22, 2015 at 1:15 pm #

    When will people understand that when you SELL YOUR PERSONAL LIFE, you make it the WORLD’S business?! People have the right to judge him for his personal choices because he is selling his once private life to the world. He is a hypocrite and deserves to be called out on it. Remember when he said having his picture taken is like “being raped”? Well, that same guy is popping up and flaunting his personal life on red carpet events at premiers, the MET Gala, boasting about his
    “man-gagement” ring on shows. If you’re a public figure and wish not to be criticized, keep your personal shit to yourself.

    Johnny’s fall from grace should be a lesson to people in the public eye. You can’t sell one image of yourself for years, do a 180 and attempt to sell some bullshit to your fans without repercussions. The fans makes you, buys your product, put money in your pocket and they can take it all away from you.

  7. Guest March 22, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    Oh and if people liked his family man persona, they did because Johnny SOLD THAT PERSONA for 14 fucking years. He made the public believe he was something he now has shown he never was.

  8. Guest March 22, 2015 at 1:33 pm #

    “I enjoy seeing people leaving the fandom cause of his personal life cause it just shows that these people weren’t real fans in the first place”

    No, it shows that people are not accepting being fooled and lied to. He’s still a superstar, so what? Being a global superstar doesn’t mean shit when people are not supporting your career and your films flop one after another. Kim Kardashian is a superstar. That doesn’t mean anything. Twitter and Tumblr likes don’t mean shit. Johnny is tabloid fodder nowadays. People like that poster are blind sheep.

  9. firealarm March 22, 2015 at 5:44 pm #

    A foolish self-deception to believe that faking it until you make it is acceptable.

  10. Bee March 22, 2015 at 8:51 pm #

    I agree with Jas.
    See the world through rose colored lenses or close our eyes to what we see, doesn’t solve any problem.
    I agree that Johnny is a good actor, for me he is the best, he is also a man with good moral values ​​and extremely kind.
    But I also see that Amber is the antithesis of him and doesn’t make him happy, we can see it in their public life. Johnny looks miserable and alienated in a world full of alcohol. And I care to see Johnny as well, because I wish the best for him and to be with Amber has only brought the worst for him.
    I’m a fan of Johnny and I care about him, then I don’t like to see him in this whirlwind called Amber.
    Yes, Amber can be his business, but to be a fan doesn’t mean to support someone who means everything bad as Amber is.
    I support his works, but it’s hard to see him miserable because of a famewhore.
    And since Amber exposed the relationship with Johnny dropping clues about this, she called the public to participate in it, so I’m here participating and saying she is not welcome and I don’t like a famewhore, I don’t like her.

  11. Liz March 22, 2015 at 10:48 pm #

    These fans who keep saying “it’s his personal life so none of our business” or “he’s still a star and his fans will stick by him.” Really do not understand the bigger issues NOR how being a star works. First, his behavior (whatever the cause) is NOW affecting his work, meaning, it’s now not only the business of his “fans” aka his employers but also the ACTUAL employers. There’s a lot of money riding on him showing up and being able to complete his job. Not being able to do so has led to the downfall of many entertainers. As for the second part, he is only a worldwide star because of the massive global success of his Disney films (very few others have done anything for him) and Disney will drop him like a hot potato if his behavior starts to be less than professional. They have very, very, very strict policies about their performers. It’s already likely this will be the last POTC. There may be another Alice In Wonderland or perhaps some other Burton pair up but Depp is likely out the door. SOME people may be happy about that as they hate his Disney work but that just means, Johnny Depp will return to the bottom of the box office barrel where he once was only this time… he’s aging out of Hollywood Heartthrob and if he doesn’t start delivering performances audiences want and keeps up his destructive behavior… he’ll stop working. Maybe he wants to, but I don’t think he’ll fair well if he doesn’t have this creative outlet. It’s either, he cleans up his act OR he is likely done. Maybe he can come back like Robert Downey Jr did, but it’ll be in his later years for sure.

    Not to say we “fans” can really do anything to change the situation…the man has to wake up and realize his own demons and face them. But to stand back and close your eyes pretending nothing is wrong, and claim you CARE about the man. Please. Those “fans” would be the very “yes people” kissing his ass and enabling him to self destruct. Now if we are all totally wrong and he is totally fine and totally has his shit together and is totally happy and everything is fucking wonderful well… I will be happy to say “hey, I had it totally wrong. My apologies Mr. Depp, continue on!”

    However, that is seeming less and less likely.

    • jambernews March 23, 2015 at 10:58 am #

      Thank you for your post.

  12. ck March 23, 2015 at 7:21 am #

    I personally think these ‘Johnny can do no wrong’ fans know deep down we are right. Otherwise why would they get so angry and defensive? Why would they even come here to see what we are saying? If they feel that Johnny is not doing anything wrong, why get defensive? Their actions speak louder than their words!

    These fans are hanging on by a string not wanting to face reality… “If I don’t believe it, its not true” “if I sweep it under the rug its not happening” that is their mentality. I too in the beginning did not want to believe he was like this, but unfortunately I was wrong.

    His personal life does effect us, because I choose not to support AMBER by going to see HIS movies. He led us to believe he was a family man and a faithful loving partner… well… until some young tail comes along, whispering the right words, pretending to have all things in common with him. What a dirtbag, what an idiot. I would not support anyone who behaves like this. I don’t care if he is a superstar, he can’t act like this and not have some consequences.

    I love how someone who comes HERE to comment says you are bullying. Whose the bully?

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