I KNOW ABOUT YOU JOHNNY DEPP! #doingherhomework

15 Mar

Amber Heard had plenty of time to read about Johnny Depp.
she was born in 1986, and it’s no secret she had a crush on
Johnny since her teen years. I wanted to see what she may have read.
Looking back over what history we have on Amber Heard, the people
she has surrounded herself with before Johnny Depp, old videos,
old interviews from Amber which contain small bits and pieces of
answers she gave, the music she likes (seen in videos which
contradict her loves for blues and clasic country music) I wanted
to find out how she may have found information and used that info
to make Johnny think they had things in common. The following
where things anyone could find.

Amber has stated she likes vintage/antiques etc. She’s made
it obvious through her dress, etc she likes the 1930’s

1993- Knight Rider Newspapers:

Johnny Depp: I mean, I’m finding myself interested in silverware, you know?”

The forks, knives and spoons from the 1930s, made of Bakelite and silver,
beckoned to him from the window of a Los Angeles antique store.

Amber Heard said she doesn’t mind living out of a suitcase, and in
1993 Johnny said, “”Part of me still needs the freedom to wander,
you know? To go anywhere, everywhere and do anything. That’s a strong part.”

Johnny’s love of music was also already out there, yet Amber
can be found in videos listening to the music of her generation,
dancing, actually DJing a party thrown for her (in charge of the music),
and stated in an interview AFTER meeting Depp that she didn’t like
anything from the 1970’s on. ( the very music she was seen delighting
in at the party, yet Depp said in 1993. “Old bebop stuff, old jumpin’ jive,
the swing era. I love it all. Pearl Jam, Booker T. And I love classics.
I can play one Bach piece on the guitar, ‘Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desire’
(‘Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring’). I love listening to Yo-Yo Ma and
Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins.”

Amber said she loved muscle cars, old cars. In 1993 Johnny said, Cars?
“I got a very reliable car which is, like, a Porsche. That’s my pretentious
car. It’s a ’91 Carrera. Black. And I have a 1958 Chevy Apache pickup.
Cobalt blue. And my favorite of all favorites: a 1951 Mercury, chopped
and dropped. Black.” Vanity plates? “I’m allergic to them.”

Johnny answered a question about his silver skull ring, And what about that
ring he keeps fingering, the dull silver skull?

“There’s this group of six guys — not really a club but just a clique of guys
— yeah, some of the names you would recognize but I wouldn’t want to say —
and one of those guys bought these rings for everybody. It’s like a reminder,
that you’re here right now in this moment and that’s all there is.”

Amber Heard has said her motto is, ‘Today is what I have” — hmmm.

She also have a love of books and has been photographed in book stores
that carry rare books. In 1995 for EMPIRE Johnny said,

Q: I know you like to buy antiques, first-edition books, vintage stuff.
So does your place these days look like Charles Foster Kane’s house-full of
treasure in crates?

A: Right on the money. I haven’t bought a home yet and I don’t know if,
when I do, it’s going to be in the States. It may be in France somewhere.
I buy a lot of paintings and drawing and some photographs, shit like that.
It’s good to have things around that feed you. Once of the greatest things
that Vincent Price, really a fucking sweet man, very, very smart, ever told
me was: “Buy art.” That’s a piece of advice I’ll treasure forever.

Has anyone seen Drive Angry with Amber Heard in it? She says she picks
the movies she wants to be in. Vogue 1994, Johnny: “I have large respect
for waitresses. My mom was a waitress when I was growing up. Years and
years I watched her wait tables. I’d count her change at the end of the
night. I used to skip school. She’d feed me, me and my pal. Give us
hamburgers or something . . . ” His voice trails off.

Amber Heard stated she didn’t fit in school and she was an outcast, but from
school mates of Amber’s they said she had friends, had a silver spoon,
and was very happy in school. Johnny however has stated… “I was not the most
popular kid in school. I always felt like an absolute and total freak.”

Johnny said this about modeling(Kate Moss) “It’s an oddball gig,” he says with an uncomfortable shrug.
“I’m nobody to pass judgment. I can only have my opinion. It’s real weird.”
Amber Heard still has a contract with Guess but has stated its a horrible
profession……yet, she still does it.

I’ll find more of these in the near future but for now, let’s read one last thing Depp stated:

Depp pops up and announces, “I have to get [my beard] taken off my face.”
On his way out, he tosses me a book to leaf through called Le Petomane, 1857-1945, the biography of Joseph Pujol, a fin de siecle Moulin Rouge performer
who could play “Clair de tune” out his, er, derriere. “That’s courage,”
Depp says, completely serious. “A guy who says, ‘Here’s my talent—take
it or leave it.’ Blows opera out his butt. That man was a true artist. I mean that.”

Now we know why he can put up with Amber being “talent” less.
Maybe he finds her scraping the bottom, and horrible films funny or….
For all he cares she can blow it out her ……..


3 Responses to “I KNOW ABOUT YOU JOHNNY DEPP! #doingherhomework”

  1. Loved Hatea March 17, 2015 at 10:01 am #

    Here’s an interesting thought, she CREATED Johnny’s mid-life crisis.
    Most of those interviews are from the 1990’s, Johnny was in his 30’s. Those are all things he was interested in at that time. But we all go through changes our tastes and interests. She meets him, starts talking about stuff that he used to like and now he becomes nostalgic for the “fun” days when he was partying heavy, hanging with his buds, having sex with Kate Moss everywhere, basically the more carefree days before he had kids. She’s right there to lead him to it.

  2. Mango March 18, 2015 at 4:27 pm #

    Either she can really act well behind the camera, he was just really blinded , he fell over time but is now rethinking , or maybe he will be able to reap a reward after a certain point……

    Several options could be plausible, but I find it hard to believe he didn’t see any of this, esp with his stature & her fake facade she seems to radiate so well that complete strangers sense it…. I can’t really fathom he would see red flags from early on….

    Even if he was sooo attracted to her at the beginning, by which to me a lot of her beauty is make- up and hair styles…. I’ve seen pretty natural pics, but it’s mostly she’s made- up; he could see her w/ out her getting the part. Why give her the part w/ her having so much trouble delivering the lines?? Idk , I would think the situation would show odd from the beginning.

  3. Liz March 20, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

    Out of curiosity I looked up the Art of Elysuim to see what it was about and honestly I think you can add Amber’s involvement with that to the list of “be Johnny’s Dream woman” plan. The foundation focuses on bringing arts to sick children in hospitals. As we all know, Johnny has often visited children’s hospitals (more privately of course) and it’s clear he cares deeply for children. It’s also something that has big PR in the biz with constant events and awards to a celebrity. Lots of Hollywood glitz and glam. Not saying the foundation isn’t a good thing, just saying it would meet all her requirements for being involved in something that Depp would approve of. I mean, wasn’t she big with the GLADD community before and now, has she even attended anything from them since dating Depp??
    And it’s nothing new for a woman to craft herself into the ideal mate for male attention, that’s kinda the oldest profession in the world. 😉 There is also a pshycological complex for men who basically only want women whom they craft to be their ideal mates. It’s often found in men who date asian women because they are traditionally more submissive. Also this takes form in men like Woody Allen who end up marrying the step daughter he raised. This goes both ways as there are women who will bend and morph to their partners… I’ve known some… they start to like the things they like, dress like them, act like them, vote like them. It all seems fine until one day someone wakes up and realizes they don’t know who the fuck they are!! Or they remain miserable for their entire life. So time will tell…

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