To Help or Harm

20 Jan

Below is an email written by an anonymous reader:

Johnny too away what we came to know. He took away what he gave to us, what we came to see, the person he told us, and showed he was. Late 2011 Johnny Depp started to change. By the summer of 2012 he was gone before some of us noticed. The months turned into years. Photo after countless photo, we saw Johnny Depp looking sad, and at times it was downright disturbing. Fall of 2014 Johnny’s public display of drunkenness confirmed to many there was a problem. Perhaps one he’d had for many years, but now it was catching up with him. It was worse. It was public, and not on a street. It was on television. We’ve seen the constant weight gain, weight loss. Bags under his eyes, he’s looked pale, and those eyes….The eyes were most telling. Vacant. Nothing there. What happened to Johnny Depp?

What changed? He had just spent the last 14 years of his life, looking happy. Was that a lie? Was he not happy? He told us he was happy. Yet people change, they grow apart, and that’s okay. The road Johnny took caught many by surprise. He started to portray himself in a manner that told his fans a very different story than what they had been told by Johnny and come to know the last 25 years of his life.

Enter, Amber Heard. Who filmed The Rum Diary with Johnny in 2009. By 2012 they were dating. The story is that they started dating in 2012. Are we really taken for such imbeciles as to believe they didn’t stay in contact? How else would they have been in touch in 2012 to get together? His career, his photos, his general demeanor has changed since she walked into his life. Not for the good.

From everything that can be seen, minus a very few smiling photos, he looks haggard, tired, sad, and empty. The drinking has escalated, and Amber Heard has been photographed drinking, and partying. This, the very woman who stated, “You’ll never find pictures of me a bar/nightclub” and yet there were already countless photos of that very thing out on the internet. It is RUMORED Johnny is seeking help for drinking excessively. If that is true, why are so many brand new photos (after the Hollywood film awards) showing her drinking alcohol around him?

It doesn’t matter if you like Amber Heard or you don’t. That behavior is not a good one when you’re around someone, who could very well be an alcoholic. How does she, or her fans justify this in their minds? Further more, how does Johnny’s fan accept, and even condone a relationship that very clearly in some respects is hurting the very person they admire, and have dedicated so much to? It’s baffling. It’s as if, as long as he’s alive, and pictures come out every so often they are blind to the damage being done.

Johnny is responsible for his own life, and his own actions, that’s where the problem stands, but if one is forced to be honest, then one must do the math, and add up the time. Starting by looking at why, and where. Fall 2011 he’s seen falling down drunk, and by fall 2014 he makes his most intoxicated public appearance ever at the Hollywood film awards. Amber Heard loves to party and drink. It’s no secret. It’s out there in photos. She’s still drinking with him around her (Art of Elysium 2015, and the meeting with George Jung just this week) Johnny doesn’t seem to be helping himself, and she’s not helping him or the situation at all.

His speech is slurred in almost every interview. Some more , some less. Even Amber Heard has looked “Out of it” in photos with him. You can’t be blind to a few basic, easy things to see. Amber Heard stated at Art of Elysium 2015 she volunteered at hospitals helping sick children. If one has that kind of sympathy and empathy, why would you not do everything you could to try to help your fiancé?

One is that Johnny Depp is in need of help. Two, is that… he isn’t getting that support, or help from his current girlfriend. Pictures full of alcohol are all the proof some people need to see what’s happening. It’s a shame. A true shame to see this happening to one of our best actors, to such a dynamic person. Who are we kidding, it’s a shame to see it happen to anyone.

When you are so drunk you’re falling down, when it’s a frequent thing, when you make public appearances blitzed, and when your health starts to show it’s a very repetitive activity there’s a problem. You either help someone by doing the right thing, or you continue to drink around them which doesn’t help them get better. You are hurting them. Enabling them, if that’s love, I’d cringe thinking about what hate could be, or has been.

‘If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.”

Dalai Lama

 “The word ‘survivor’ carries a weight of remembrance that has broken the minds and bodies of more than a few men and women. It also contains a humbling light of recognition that compels many to do whatever they can to help reinforce the efforts of those who might be ‘at risk’ of not just giving up on their dreams, but of giving up on their continued existence.”


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  1. MHaswell15 April 22, 2015 at 9:09 am #

    She could care less about this man. She married him for the money and prestige. I have never in all the years I have followed his career seen him so unhappy as he has been since he became involved with her. She was a huge mistake and I think he knows it, and it’s driven him to go full bore on his drinking. He has always had the drinking problem, but since they got together his drinking has reached a whole new dangerous level. It’s terrifying to watch.

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