16 Jan

Who knows what’s going on. No one really. Johnny Depp seems to be lost. Many people don’t recognize him, and those that do have come to see him as the guy that plays weird characters in movies, but there’s something unsettling. Something that doesn’t seem right. The first time I posted about it was in October of 2013 while he was filming Mortdecai. The man seems lost, and falling fast. Weight loss, weight gain, slurring his speech, public intoxication, and just looking generally unhappy and unhealthy 90% of the time. (Minus a few photoshoots)

What’s going on with this man? Is it just alcohol that’s causing the downward spiral? Is he ill? Is it his lifestyle stresses? Relationship problems? In the past three years Johnny Depp has become a shell of himself. We’re hardly left with anything but how he was once at the top of his game. One tries to start connecting what the common element is. What do you come up with? The same old kinds of movie roles, and a new girlfriend. Since 2012 we’ve seen less and less meet and greets with his fans, something that Johnny always made sure to do. We see less photos of him enjoying himself, more photos of him with Amber Heard looking miserable/sick or both.

Even Amber Heard has appeared strange a few times. The most recent was yesterday at the Jimmy Kimmel show. She looked sedated, tired, bags under eyes, and off in her own world.

Jerry Judge his number one security guard has been absent from his side. Perhaps Jerry is on holiday. No one knows. The only other thing we’ve seen is that Johnny has taken up music more than has in the recent past. One of his escapes. As much as I write about my own opinions on Amber Heard or Johnny, that aside, it’s clear that something is going on in his life that’s damn serious for it to show publically when Johnny has for years and years been careful to not show private things to the public. This showing lately is loud and clear. Something is off. There’s a problem somewhere. It’s pulling him down. Other fans sites can say all day long nothing is wrong, but that goes against many articles on the internet written by people that have taken notice to the change. These people have followed his career from the start. They aren’t trying to make a dig at him, put him down. They are concerned, worried. Maybe it would do good, for others to start paying attention and being worried as well.

It would be a shame to look back if something tragic was to happen to him only to say “Yeah hindsight is 20/20”

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2 Responses to “RED FLAG √”

  1. Lea January 17, 2015 at 7:38 am #

    It is quite sad :-/ It’s over with him and his career.
    He crashes more and more.
    I was a Fan of him, but it is over now. 😦

  2. sol January 19, 2015 at 8:41 am #

    I saw a picture on TMZ where Johnny is with former drug trafficker George Jung, Johnny has between his legs a drink that seems to be alcoholic, and Amber is in the photo ,is clear that she is with a glass of wine. Yo I wonder : What kind of treatment is that?

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