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12 Jan

IF it’s true that Johnny Depp is trying to cut the drinking, because IT’S OBVIOUS the man should. After the Hollywood film awards, and his slurring at the GQ awards, and his slurring when introducing at the Grammys last year, something needs to wake him up, and hopefully the Hollywood film awards did.

SO let’s say he’s doing rehab, at home, like the information out there suggests. We know, and even if you don’t, it’s common sense when your spouse or fiancée, or boyfriend/girlfriend is laying off the booze you do not drink alcohol in front of the, or away from them. (alcohol smells)

At the Art of Elysium two nights ago. Johnny Depp is seen drinking a redbull, but Amber Heard? Her wine glass has a drink in it. Not very supportive there Miss Heard. Way to go for being concerned with your fiancées health, and well being. Let’s be frank drinking excessively, alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone who knows a thing or two about Depp knows he drinks. Amber Heard knows as well. She’d have to. If your fiancée has a problem with alcohol you don’t drink around them, and it’s not a good idea to go out without them, and party it up with alcohol either. That is not being supportive, it’s not taking into consideration anything that is detrimental to your significant other’s problem. It’s selfish, cruel, and doesn’t show an ounce of concern. The wrap party for Magic Mike XXL was before Johnny’s drunken speech at the Hollywood Film Awards. Amber attended the wrap party.


After the Hollywood film awards she was seen out the day of, or after Thanksgiving partying in L.A. at a club. She wasn’t pictured with alcohol, but one can hardly imagine she didn’t have a drink. Why would she drink? The picture above(wrap party) was a short time before Depp made his speech at the Hollywood Film awards. She was drinking, Depp has been seen falling over drunk, stumbling around drunk years before the Hollywood film awards speech. Depp stated in 2013 he went sober for 18 months, yet when he was in Russia for The Lone Ranger premier he was photographed with Amber Heard on a Russian rooftop drinking. (2013)



If he did stop drinking, this is when it started up again. He had just told Rollling Stone magazine a few months before this he was sober. Looking at the evidence in photographs there’s no way Amber Heard is concerned about Johnny’s drinking. Which is sad because his fans, and people around the world can see there’s a problem. Too bad his “fiancée” doesn’t give a shit.


Art of Elysium January 2015

Also at the gala, Depp and Heard also got cozy on a white bed, set up near others, in a room made to look like a “dinner scene,” as part of contemporary performance artist Marina Abramović’s “Heaven” installation. The actress, who sported her engagement ring, was seen holding a glass of wine and putting her arm around her beau, who did not have a drink. – E! online

E! also said the couple danced to “The First Cut it the Deepest” No photos however, and were they dancing or was she holding him up? We’ll never know.


6 Responses to “Support Alcoholism”

  1. sol January 12, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

    I congratulate you on the report !!! I love this place !!!

  2. Mango January 13, 2015 at 1:07 am #

    I think a lot of his drinking has to do w/ relationship problems…..
    I read Vanessa did not fully want to settle & I feel that fueled their issues..
    She does not believe in pre- commitment…..

    I think he escapes his current situation w/ it & I think he showed off @ the award show on purpose….
    It actually looked as if he was dramatizing a little…

    I think he likes to drink, but I think he has tendencies to turn to the bottle under relationship stress…
    But Im not sold alcohol is the problem as much as the “reason” he drinks 😒

  3. Mango January 13, 2015 at 9:15 am #

    Well I think you r right …. It’s not good the amount , obviously… I am concerned for his health…
    It can & will do damage to any1, but I think if he felt more secure and stable I think it would b considerably less…
    Now if not, then I would say…. Yep…. Big problem😔

  4. The view from here January 15, 2015 at 2:23 pm #

    You’re right. She shouldn’t be drinking. It’s a very sad situation.
    Here are a few theories as to why JD is still with her:
    1) he needs to satisfy his sex drive, she’s clearly a sex fiend, and he can tolerate her. If he’s foolish enough to think this is the formula for a happy marriage, it’s done.
    2) she made a sex tape involving him, and he can’t figure out how to prevent her from leaking it.
    3) he is afraid of her father. watch the interview with the Today show. He touches his mouth (body language for lying) while saying the engagement is not a shotgun affair…I was stunned when I saw it. With her father being a gun afficionado, JD may honestly be afraid of breaking up with her and would rather force her to leave him by being miserable, etc.

    • jambernews January 15, 2015 at 10:19 pm #

      Good points

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