Amber Heard Not The “First”

5 Jan

Here is a review by a member of our forum sent to me about a book written by Peggy Trentini. In the book she mentions sleeping with Johnny Depp. Peggy bed hopped a lot, and tells her stories about the numerous famous men she  supposedly  bedded in Los Angeles. Although…….. it might be a good read for the Amber Heard fans. It could be very informative about the behaviors of women that are star struck over male celebrities, and how they bed them or use them for a life of “ease and glamour”  Below is the review.

Above: Peggy Trentini nude sitting on the edge of a bathtub while Ashlie Rhey touches her breasts and rubs her between the legs as a guy watches before joins them. Porn: Beverly Hills Bordello.



Poor grammar, poor writing. This book didn’t really have a purpose. It was just a girl that was sharing her sexscapades with celebrities. Not sure why someone would even want to publish a book sharing this kind of information because it doesn’t shed her in a positive light at all. Just seems like she wants to hold onto her 15 min of fame (if you can call it that) and makes some money off it.

Girl loves famous guys. That’s what this is. Groupie, start struck, and to top it off, it’s full of made up bullshit because Peggy didn’t get her facts straight. As a matter of fact seeing her basic errors on well known facts it tends to shed light on the truth. The truth is that she makes up a lot of her stories.

I think this book actually deserves 0 stars. Apparently any reader who gave this book 5 stars don’t actually know anything about the stars she tries to get us to believe she was with.

Her story about Johnny Depp also does not follow true facts. She mentions they had sex at the Viper Room, yet anyone that has been there, during that time period knows about the mirrors, and would know Johnny Depp wouldn’t be caught in any area he could be seen fucking someone. There is a VIP area and a downstairs but with the “details” she gives alerts anyone that knows the club realize she’s clearly making things up.

I realized that everything about it is complete bullshit and I refused to finish it. Like I said earlier, those readers with the 5 star reviews were just looking for a juicy story and didn’t know enough about said celebrities to get that this was complete fiction passed off as non-fiction. On principle alone, I think Ms. Trentini should just give people their $2.99 back (luckily I read it for free) because I could have gotten greater enjoyment out of watching it being flushed down the toilet.

Conclusion: Pure mindless summer-beach-read titillating memoir with no redeeming intellectual value whatsoever.


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