“It reflects bad on Amber”

8 Dec

That is what Amber said about Johnny’s HFA presentation, and I didn’t get why it would reflect badly ON HER.

Then I realized, and remembered all the rumors she was cheating with Channing. If people believed she was, they may tend to think Johnny was on a drinking binge due to Amber cheating on him. She must think, that is what peeps will assume from his behavior after all the cheating rumors.

Well…..let’s see…THE RUM DIARY,and then…rumors of cheating on another movie set (magic mike) <insert sarcasm> “Naaahhh   why would anyone even think it??!”


One Response to ““It reflects bad on Amber””

  1. Judy Latty December 8, 2014 at 7:58 pm #

    Johnny doesnt have his engagement ring on …….I bet her parents are so proud of her!!

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