Uh Oh knew this was coming

29 Nov

Reader wrote,


Just wanted to say thanks for the blog, After the last year I couldn’t BE more sick of Johnny Depp. I was a huge fan. Daily google alerts, went to premiers to see Johnny, got an autograph years back,and after all the drama and the fact that he did such an about face I  can’t call myself a fan any more. I don’t know WHO he is, but it  isn’t what he said. I’ve seen enough. The HFA’s was the last straw. Adios Johnny. Best of luck.



Well Kyra there are a lot of fans taking the same road. I can’t say I’m far behind. I was never a Depp fan, but I’ve  said just about all that can be said. It’s more nauseating than anything else anymore.



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  1. desperateasalways November 29, 2014 at 5:46 am #

    You”ll really come across more clever if you publish all the emails you are getting.Are there dumb people who really beileve that you only get this kind of emails?LOL!We all know that there are tons of emails telling you how much of an immature a$$hole you are!If you want to tell the world the truth then you must show them everything and not only what supports your stupid theories.Or maybe your are too afraid to show them.And also,deeply inside you know that Johnny has millions of fans who support him.What exactly are you trying to prove with these two supposed emails?You are desperate Andy(or whatever they call you).Your replies are showing it.

    • jambernews November 29, 2014 at 2:10 pm #

      No, actually I don’t receive any emails telling me, as you said “We all know that there are tons of emails telling you how much of an immature a$$hole you are” I really don’t. Truth be told I don’t get many emails at all. Maybe 20-30 a week. None screaming at me or telling me tons of fans support Johnny.

      I have never said that fans do not support him. Never have I said there aren’t fans that do not support him anymore. What you need to realize and wrap your fucking head around – IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED, this blog isn’t about liking Amber OR Johnny. It’s about johnny making a HUGE mistake, which happens to be quite a lot of people’s opinion. You can keep paying your 10- bucks per movie, and saying that you like Johnny and Amber together. Some of us don’t share that view. If you don’t maybe this isn’t the blog for you to read. So the question is….why ARE you here if you hate this place and Andy the asshole so much? Just can’t stop visiting and reading can you?

      Then my work here is done.

      • desperateasalways November 29, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

        Come on there is no way all the emails you are getting are telling you what a great job you are doing with this site!Who are you kidding?Also it’s just plain stupid to make a whole blog about someone’s supposed ”mistake”.It’s a waste of time!I can respect that you don’t share the same view with me but only if you stop pretending that everyone who likes them is delusional.Also since your blog is public you can’t tell anyone not to come here.If you don’t want different views you better make it private!I’ll probably stop writing here when you stop being so obssesed with people you don’t even know!

        • jambernews November 29, 2014 at 5:37 pm #

          Oh no you’re welcome to come here. Most people that disagree with this blog just don’t bother with it. You seem to be entertained because you keep coming around, so welcome!

          Delusional? Yes. Depp doesn’t look happy and now his behavior is showing it.

          Going private? Nah, no way. Can’t give you what you want. Not an option. I’m thrilled that you like reading and commenting here. Read on ruffled, read on.

  2. Judy Latty November 29, 2014 at 9:52 am #

    Not departing just yet……waiting for the big “dump” !!! I M O I think we are gonna see Johnny depart this world…..

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