Website Update

24 Nov

Our website has been undergoing some changes. Our Forum as well. In the past our forum has been an extension of this blog and will continue to be. We do not recognize Amber Heard in any kind of positive light. Registration (that enables a person to post) at the forum will be open. You can register to join the discussions. IF you want to consider registering, please keep the following in mind.

1. Most Depp forums do not allow speaking about Amber Heard unless you say you like her or like Amber and Johnny together. No worries about that at our forum.

2. You CAN be a Depp fan and still register, since most of the conversations are about him and him alone.

3. Please be aware when you register to pick a screen name that is easy to distinguish as a real person. All others will be deleted to keep down on spammers.

4. You must post on the forum. You can not just lurk and read. Anyone who registers, and is approved as a member must post in the first 24 hours of approval, or be deleted.

That being said. If you are accepted, please read the member rules.

We have a lot of great Depp fans, who have been fans for years. Come and speak freely if you’re not a Heard fan. Heard fans are not welcome.

Re-Opening in December

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