Comments on Amber being upset over Johnny’s mishap at HFA

24 Nov

Comments around the web from those chiming in  on the drunk presentation:

“This reflects really badly on her,” said someone completely unaware that everyone on the planet views Amber as some golddigger looking to score a bigger leg up in Hollywood by being with Depp. She’ll deal with anything as long as she gets her parts, which I think is the bigger problem. Haven’t really seen her marketed in anything since this relationship.

He could blow chunks on the front row and she would still be standing there smiling….I call bull shit on this “story”. She’s not letting go of this money making relationship…no sir.


The only thing that reflects badly on her is HER career. C’mon ho.


“This reflects really badly on her”. Bitch please.


What on earth do these two see in each other. I imagine they have contests to see who can go longer without washing their hair.


I thought this trick liked her H. Maybe that’s just a rumor I read, but bitch, until he marries yo’ ass, you better pipe down on your pepaw gettin’ his drink on. Gold digger rule # 1 save the nagging for when the ink is dry on that marriage certificate if you ain’t preggers cuz Pepaw can trade you in for a newer model and not pay you a dime.


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