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31 Oct

Submitted on 2014/10/30 at 9:01 pm | In reply to Loved Hatea.

What nonsense are you spewing?? He worked for his money and did good movies which you took your fucking gob to go watch. so when brad and ange blatantly cheated they stole money? I don’t understand the hatred honestly…just because the man is doing what he wants with his life and not doing what you want him to do.

— he led his fans to believe he was of a higher caliber. That’s why people have an issue with his drastic change.

The fact that you are or were a fan of someone does not mean you own them or have the right to dictate what happens in their lives. The world is not as wrapped up in this relationship like all you creeps here. i mean who does this?

—No one is telling him what to do, but its a free country to point out in opinion what we feel is not such a great idea.

Stalkers, creeps, saddos or mad people. I guess you and others like you are all of the above.

— I don’t know who writes A MESSAGE to a grown man that sounds so fucking creepy, and one that comes across as psycho, NOT sexy. Yeah, a creepy woman who planned to meet Depp and date him. Stalk much?

I just see a young woman that is being bullied and having her words twisted.

— Having her words twisted….No, no I don’t think so. You don’t say you were born and raised in Austin, then say you lived in Manor Texas as a kid, and hrough checking the public finds out she never lived in Manor. You don’t say you werw poor and thn schoolmats from elementary school let the world know your family had money. LIES, not anyone twisting things but creepy Amber Heard. She lies. Perios. Stay in denial about it but its out there for anyone to read. FROM HER MOUTH.

She may be young but i don’t think johnny fell for her because of her youth. I guess vanessa would have had a site like this set up in her honour if technology was this advanced during her time. Yes Amber is not perfect but neither are you all. If she was in her forties and has had more experience of life then it may be somewhat fair to be harsh but this is just bullying promoted by an old man in his fifties running this site.

—- you forgot talent. She dosn’t have that either, so age wouldn’t matter. She lacks all the other “things” needed to be taken seriously. OH and she really isn’t that young. She looks years older than her age.

He seems to be an advocate of online bullying hiding away like all online bullies do. You may not like her but she is someone’s child and this level of bullying is wrong.

—-she is someones child and they missed their responsibility as a parent to get this girl help. She acts “off” half the time. UI’m not bullying. Truth is not bullying, eye opening to those that don’t want to see it maybe, but not bullying.

I hope your children or child experiences a high level of bullying too. Did you read about the story of a woman who posted hateful comments online thinking she would never get caught? well she did and she got the same level of hatred but she could not handle it and committed suicide. I hope the same fate does not await ya’ll.

— I hope that fate DOES await you, and if your idols don’t get their shit together that latter could await them too.




PS if you’re not a fan, why are you here reading? Just that dumb? Amber? Johnny? That you?


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  1. Minnie1 November 6, 2014 at 10:56 am #

    A couple of thoughts….

    1) Everyone is someone’s child. Even Hitler had a mother. What is your point???

    2) So, no criticism allowed for a person who has consciously made the choice to be a public figure in the global entertainment arena? To my knowledge, she has not been sold into bondage and forced to do interviews, photo session, movies, etc. Or, did I miss something here? Has Amber been anointed? Is she now a deity who can’t be criticized for fear of retribution from the gods?

    3) Bullying? Since you are morally superior, you now have authority to label people with P.C. du jour catch phrases to ultimately silence them??

    4) Her critics here and everywhere seem to view her as a mediocre, talentless, and arrogant individual who has used her looks and cunning to parlay herself into the spotlight. Maybe people want something better, and I don’t mean for Johnny. If she’s the best that Hollywood can spew up, then it’s time to spend our entertainment dollars elsewhere.

    5) Am I the only one who love, love, loves THAT dress Kate Moss is wearing? I have loved it since I first saw it years ago.

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