The Bowery Hotel (soho grand)& Photos

3 Oct

It doesn’t appear from the photos that were released she was in the top notch room at the bowery. Ah well…not a mega suite. I couldn’t match the bathroom if anyone can match up any of the baths she was in feel free. LOL

For those of you that remember Amber stayed in the Bowery Hotel during her birthday this year, and I believe Cara Del. Stayed there at about the same time too. Anyway for those of you that actually got to see the naked photos of Amber I just wanted to show you these photos.

Now if you want to stay in the room with the ugly aviary wallpaper,especially during fashion week, like most of the girls do you’ll be staying in the SoHo grand in NYC. Choose the Grand Master suite and make sure you ask for the one with the bird wallpaper. Set you back around $500.00 a night.


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