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1 Oct

This was a comment posted under one of my posts and it deserves it’s own space. I’m still laughing because it’s not only funny but makes sense.


I let me spell out the meaning of this “love note”:

Good Afternoon My Beloved Tonto Man: I don’t know you as a real person and don’t identify you as a real person so that I can do whatever I want and have no need for guilt because your are not a person to me, you are a object to possess.

This Blonde Texan Bitch: Because I too, am not a real person but an image in my own mind. If I believed in a higher being then I would be that higher being. But I lie about myself to try to get people to believe my hype. I’m not naturally blonde, I’m from Texas, so I must be larger than life and I’m a Bitch, so I make demands and make sure that I get everything I want.

Will Eat You Alive: I’m trying to be salacious but this is just creepy. I possess you and will eat you at will. The next time we mate, I will likely bite your head off and devour you, because you are an object, not a person. Once you have served your purpose that will be the end of you…film at eleven, folks.

I Want: fame, fortune, power, money, people to wait on me, you to buy me drugs and personal appearances and awards, your plane to transport my friends and I everywhere, your kids to make me look like I’m a good person, your paid makeup artist, multiple engagement rings because one just isn’t enough, your island where I can’t stay for long because I’m not seen there and I crave attention.

I Need: All of the above, but what she fails to recognize is that what she really needs is TALENT at something. This note alone proves that she doesn’t even have talent at sex. Most seem to agree that the note is the rambling of a sociopath. Depp FELL for this!!!! HIs dick didn’t need stroking, his ego did. But I digress. There is nothing “come hither” about this. This was intended to wet his appetite? Again she has no talent for this or for anything she attempts to do. So far we’ve seen, she can’t act, can’t dance without falling off a stage, can’t model because of her bobble head, can’t drive, can’t give a proper speech or interview, apparently can’t dress herself, can’t walk without someone holding her up. What can she do? Boast about being “blessed with good looks” (which we now know she is not) a good makeup artist and air brushing works wonders, boast about being intelligent then refer to herself as a “high thinker”, so you only think when you are high? She needs brains that would probably help everything for her. Sorry, Blonde Texan Bitch but Johnny is NOT the wizard. But hey! James Franco was! Give it a try!!!

Give Me What’s Mine: Again all about being possessive. I don’t care what you want. The only thing that matters is what I want whether it’s all that was previously mentioned or what happens between us in the bedroom. I don’t care if I am pleasing you, all that matters is that I, myself am satisfied. You are an object meant for that purpose and when you can no longer do that for me and I get bored, I will move on.


2 Responses to “Comment from a Reader”

  1. SuzyQ October 1, 2014 at 6:13 pm #

    I think this reader has the ‘Bitch’ pegged to a ‘T’. Good job!

  2. Loved Hatea October 4, 2014 at 8:25 pm #

    Thank you for acknowledging my post and highlighting it. It seems to me that it is the truth. Now if the stupid dumbass that hooked up with this girl would see that she’s nothing more than a pile of shit, most of his former fans would be happy. Until them he can eat his own shit.
    No, I am not a member of your forum.

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