Deciphering the “Love Letter”

24 Sep

Amber’s pictures that surfaced One in particular is the “Tonto Photo” Where Amber has written a message to Johnny. The pictures dates to when he was filming The Lone Ranger.

It comes across shortly as a little love letter. Then when you re read the note, it turns. Not so much a love letter as creepy wording that gives a foreboding. Bad Omen. Most flirty love letters written by women do not say “Give me what’s mine”  Or “This blonde Texan bitch will eat you alive.” one could surely see how that may have been a play on aggressive sexual behavior yet when You look at the full picture and the look in her eyes. The look is not one of being sexy or come hither. It’s menacing, and frightening. The very handwriting is disturbing.

This should send up some red flags. Alarm that something isn’t quite right. Not your regular love note people. If nothing else one can easily see a lot from the words that are bolded.



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  1. Guest101 September 24, 2014 at 9:22 pm #

    She’s creepy… Fatal attraction anyone? Depp is a lot more fucked up than I thought.

  2. Guest September 24, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

    She looks so desperate. This girl is not right in the head.

  3. Anon September 24, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    Also, why the fuck are some of the letters backwards? Is stupidity sexy now?

  4. Guest September 25, 2014 at 7:39 am #

    Amen, thank you for showing this. I noticed the N’s, S’s and Y’s are backwards… OoooK, something is off with this girl!!! Where is a handwriting expert when you need one? This letter seemed so threatening, and strangely worded, not sexy at all. I am also disturbed by how young she looks, my husband is 44 and he said “what’s to look at? She looks very young, if I was 25 maybe she would look better because we would be the same age, but being 44 she looks to young to me, does this mean that Johnny likes banging young looking girl’s? Would he bang a 16 year old if it was legal?” I said good question honey. Why would she be bothered by these photos surfacing (I truly don’t think she cares, I mean who has 50 nudes of themselves, like hey I only have 20, just kidding.) after all isn’t this how she “rules her social life, if your going to go naked go all in and go f****** naked!” Anyway thanks for sharing.

    • jambernews October 1, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

      True she did say if you’re going to get naked….. etc

  5. Minnie1 September 25, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    This could be a scene out of a cheap thriller where the (dyslexic trailer trash) blackmailer/psycho killer/stalker sends a sinister demand to the victim’s family. However, in this case I’m interpreting “what’s mine” to actually mean fame, fortune, money, etc. Wonder how Johnny would have interpreted the intent of this note if a fan had sent it instead of his Texas turtledove??

    PS for Amber: I am told that men are somewhat leery of women who voice castration fantasies.

  6. The Mad Man September 25, 2014 at 10:56 am #

    Yeah, you’re right, her handwriting is disturbing and yes, her eyes’ look isn’t sexy, but it’s menacing and frightening, but it must obviously be all a game. A game for her and him, I mean. Some kind of usual game for both of them. Usually women don’t call themselves “bitches” in a love message, BUT they could do it when they experimented some sort of sexual game with men. Some women like to be called bitches by their men during sex and some men like to call bitches their women during sex. Now we don’t really know which one between them likes that this word gets used during sex, maybe, maybe him, or maybe even both of them, but it seems a sort of slave-master sexual game. Now, don’t ask me when and where because I don’t remember it but I read rumours that Johnny liked bondage sex. If these rumours are true, Amber sexy message for him would explain it all. After all, who between us knows what Johnny really likes to do during sex? Nobody! So, everything is possible and I still remember that soon after Johnny and Vanessa’s announcement breakup, it was spread a story that reported that one of Johnny’s friends revealed that Johnny felt bored and senseless with Vanessa and that wanted to experiment new things… uhm… what are these things? Well, I guess that Amber know what they are and that she’s practicing them with Johnny and this is maybe what makes their relationship last. From such a message and photos, we could assume that the most powerful artifice that Amber has to allure Johnny in her coweb is sex. It’s giving him what he wants. It’s evident that Johnny doesn’t like so much women his age, he prefers pretty younger women with a “Lolita” look and watching pictures of Amber without makeup and especially those where she has braiding, yeah, she has a sort of Lolita look.
    I suppose that if Amber was 40 years old, not so much young and pretty anymore and if she didn’t give him (sexually) what he wants, well their relationship wouldn’t exist. Am I trying to say that their relationship is mainly (or maybe totally) based on sex? Yes! The haked photos of Amber could indicate that she collected them on her account just to arouse Johnny. They could have been erotic material that Amber could have sent him when they were apart for work and for whatever reason to awaken or to keep his sexual appetite and desire towards her on AND… if you pay attention, the photos seem to have a chronological order. Just watch her hair’s look… when she had it more blonde, more brune, pink and with braiding… they were all moments when Amber was maybe in a hotel and Johnny was somewhere else and she maybe just takes a sexy photo of herself naked to remind him that she was waiting for him with open legs in the hotel or whenever she was waiting for him to come back and f*ck her so hard… sometimes I wonder if she’s some sort of nymphomaniac who thinks about sex many times in a day. I think the book she really used to read infinite times with Johnny is the Kamasutra.

    What is really disturbing in all this, it’s not that Amber took those pictures of herself to arouse her boyfriend or even herself, and not even the possibiity that she took them because she likes to admire her naked body (it’s easy to notice how narcissist she is) but it’s the possibility that she did it aware of the fact that she risked that they could have been stolen by a hacker as it happened to many celebrities before… so why choose to risk having them there? Uhm, well, let’s see, maybe just because she hoped that someone could have stolen them sooner or later or… because the matter is that she just likes to be watched to turn on even more men (and also women) fantasies? Or because while practicing a sort of auto eroticism she likes people to watch? Don’t know BUT… one thing is sure: if I was him, I wouldn’t let her drag me into mud more than she has already done but no, I’m not him of course because I wouldn’t like or stand to be in the mud while he does, as it may seem.

    • jambernews October 1, 2014 at 3:55 pm #

      Damn he looks miserable for someone in a sexual relationship.

  7. jag September 29, 2014 at 4:57 am #

    Basically she gives JD the shit to eat and he’s gobbling it all up as if it’s all he wants or he has NO OTHER GO….Either way it’s a disaster happening and is waiting to get worse. Disturbing, disgusting, foreboding, bad omen – just about every similar adjective describes it. We all know it. We actually have to thank ‘the Texan’ horseface ‘bitch’ for showing the proof to the world. Also makes it clear that the ‘leak’ is deliberate. That fool Depp tries to make it all sound like another fairytale whereas the bitch has no qualms in telling the world what it’s really all about. And if anyone considers something like this even as sexting, much less a love letter, it’s laughable.

  8. Loved Hatea October 1, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    I let me spell out the meaning of this “love note”:

    Good Afternoon My Beloved Tonto Man: I don’t know you as a real person and don’t identify you as a real person so that I can do whatever I want and have no need for guilt because your are not a person to me, you are a object to possess.

    This Blonde Texan Bitch: Because I too, am not a real person but an image in my own mind. If I believed in a higher being then I would be that higher being. But I lie about myself to try to get people to believe my hype. I’m not naturally blonde, I’m from Texas, so I must be larger than life and I’m a Bitch, so I make demands and make sure that I get everything I want.

    Will Eat You Alive: I’m trying to be salacious but this is just creepy. I possess you and will eat you at will. The next time we mate, I will likely bite your head off and devour you, because you are an object, not a person. Once you have served your purpose that will be the end of you…film at eleven, folks.

    I Want: fame, fortune, power, money, people to wait on me, you to buy me drugs and personal appearances and awards, your plane to transport my friends and I everywhere, your kids to make me look like I’m a good person, your paid makeup artist, multiple engagement rings because one just isn’t enough, your island where I can’t stay for long because I’m not seen there and I crave attention.

    I Need: All of the above, but what she fails to recognize is that what she really needs is TALENT at something. This note alone proves that she doesn’t even have talent at sex. Most seem to agree that the note is the rambling of a sociopath. Depp FELL for this!!!! HIs dick didn’t need stroking, his ego did. But I digress. There is nothing “come hither” about this. This was intended to wet his appetite? Again she has no talent for this or for anything she attempts to do. So far we’ve seen, she can’t act, can’t dance without falling off a stage, can’t model because of her bobble head, can’t drive, can’t give a proper speech or interview, apparently can’t dress herself, can’t walk without someone holding her up. What can she do? Boast about being “blessed with good looks” (which we now know she is not) a good makeup artist and air brushing works wonders, boast about being intelligent then refer to herself as a “high thinker”, so you only think when you are high? She needs brains that would probably help everything for her. Sorry, Blonde Texan Bitch but Johnny is NOT the wizard. But hey! James Franco was! Give it a try!!!

    Give Me What’s Mine: Again all about being possessive. I don’t care what you want. The only thing that matters is what I want whether it’s all that was previously mentioned or what happens between us in the bedroom. I don’t care if I am pleasing you, all that matters is that I, myself am satisfied. You are an object meant for that purpose and when you can no longer do that for me and I get bored, I will move on.

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