Candy Coating

18 Sep

As you can see from my posts and my answers to comments I don’t sugar or candy coat. This blog was created to show things aren’t always what they seem and that means for both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. I am not partial to either and I am not a fan of either. It’s clear by reading the posts, some of them are not just my opinion. They have proof within the posts to back up what’s said.

I do notice that as long as I stay my posts with Amber Heard, no one cares but if I post something about Johnny Depp, the little maggots come out of the meat. LOL, too fucking bad. I don’t give a damn. He’s a part of this and therefore he’ll be mentioned. If you don’t fucking like it, go somewhere else where Johnny magically has his pants appear on him without having to put them on.  He’s not infallible and he’s nothing special in the way of making mistakes like other people. He chose a life of being in the public eye. He likes his fame and his perks.

SO DOES Amber Heard and maybe that’s why he chose her as of late. They share that in common. who knows. I don’t care how many times I place a “they will break up by” prediction on the side of my blog, it’ll happen. Either he will get smart and ditch the user, or other things could cause a split as well.  I don’t give a FUCK. So get your fucking panties out of your ass crack and grow up.  Your idol has faults and Amber Heard is nothing special either. Her reputation proceeds her.


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  1. jag September 19, 2014 at 8:28 am #

    Well said…nothing could be more idiotic than accepting that Amber is horse-shit but the man who is playing along with her is as genuine as always. IMO he never was. As far as I’m concerned both of them are on the same level and feed on each other. We know the deal with that gold-digging pile of crap, we may not be sure what exactly is the shit that Depp is so obviously neck-deep into but he’s no better than that famewhore in the eyes of most anyway. Except for the maggots, I mean, the ‘Fans’. It had always been like this – they won’t care a bit when the women take the beating (in this case though it’s deserved) but start frothing like mad horses when you dare touch Depp. Fuck the idol and the fanatics.

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