Lurch and Boneifa

10 Sep


You know the funny thing about Amber Heard? She puts on weight in her ass and thighs. Lately she’s been putting away the twinkies. Her legs look like tree trunks. Sorry but she’s not pregnant. It’s just extra weight on her ass and thighs. Not tummy.

Anyway back to why it’s funny, then you get a photo and it looks like the top of her is bony. Thus Boneifa.



This is seriously cut your face bones. If she tilts the wrong way, bends over, or turns too fast you’re gettin’ cut. No way around it. She has to go strapless because she’s ruined and cut through 15 other dresses while trying them on.

THEN there’s Depp.


Not sure here but Lurch comes to mind. WHAT THE FUCK!??  That forehead is ginormous! Bangs bangs are okay. someone tell him please.


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